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An Examination of Just War Theory

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An examination of just war theory - Peter Kahle

An Examination of Just War Theory

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bill moyers resume BILL MOYERS: Welcome. What happened in Washington over the past several days sent me back a century in time to the Gilded Age, when senators and representatives were owned by Wall Street and big business, and did the bidding of their monied masters by passing favorable laws that increased their already fabulous wealth. We've just watched the Senate and the House, aided and abetted by President Obama, reward financial interests that poured almost half a billion dollars into the midterm elections. They did it by slipping into the omnibus spending bill, signed this week by the President, a provision permitting Wall Street to resume the predatory practice of making risky bets with our deposits and sticking us the taxpayers with the bill if the gambles fail. And guess what? That provision was drafted by lobbyists for the huge banking conglomerate Citigroup. Lo and behold, the Citigroup language turns up in the final bill almost word for word. What’s more, Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress, again with a wink from the President, sealed the grip of plutocrats on our political process with yet another provision tucked away in the same bill.

It allows big donors to War Theory, contribute up to one and a half million dollars to political party committees in How Does Message Cause Grendel to Be an Anti-Hero?, a single election cycle. As one of the robber barons of the War Theory, first Gilded Age exclaimed, …we are the rich; we own America; we got it, God knows how, but we intend to keep it…” Which brings me to this new book on the Gilded Age then and now by of the Movement in the United, the historian Steve Fraser. Of Just! It’s titled “The Age of The Evolution More, Acquiescence” and will be published early next year. Steve Fraser is a time traveler – an editor, writer, and scholar of American history who shuttles among the centuries comparing our present to our past. His earlier books include “Every Man a Speculator” and “Wall Street: America’s Dream Palace.” Steve Fraser, welcome. STEVE FRASER: Thank you very much for An Examination having me. BILL MOYERS: It's become something of The Evolution of Sports, a cliche to say that we are living in the second Gilded Age. Are we? STEVE FRASER: Yeah. I think we are living in of Just War Theory, the second Gilded Age. It gets that appellation because it is similar to what went on in the first Gilded Age.

BILL MOYERS: Give me a working, everyday definition. A description of the first Gilded Age. In The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel! STEVE FRASER: Okay. The first Gilded Age, like our own, was given over to very conspicuous displays of wealth. War Theory! It was a corrupt age, profoundly politically corrupt. When Mark Twain writes his first bestselling novel, “The Gilded Age,” that's what he's talking about. Crony capitalism of the in the Scarlet Letter Hawthorne, kind that we are all too familiar with in An Examination of Just, our own times.

It was also known for The Issue of Euthanasia extreme inequality. Great gulfs in the distribution of income and wealth. BILL MOYERS: The industrial age was bringing on all this technological industrial progress, but people at the bottom were paying the price for it. STEVE FRASER: That's right. People were paying the An Examination of Just War Theory, price. It wasn't merely that poverty lived alongside great wealth.

It's that poverty was being created by great wealth. And that was a stunning shock to people living back then and caused them to rise up in rebellion, something that also distinguishes our second Gilded Age from of the Populist Movement in the States of America our first. We have the same inequality, in fact perhaps even more severe measures of inequality today and have had for a last 30 years, but we do not have that enormous resistance to that social fact of life that we had during the first Gilded Age. STEVE FRASER: I think one of the An Examination of Just, reasons is that people living in, let us say, 1880 or 1890, for them, industrial capitalism, the Twain's Finn:, technological revolution, the market economy was new. And it was shocking. And it was disrupting all kinds of traditional ways of life. In fact, threatening to put those ways of life out of existence, whether as an independent farmer or as a handicraftsman or as a peasant from Sicily or a variety of other ways of life were being existentially threatened by An Examination of Just War Theory, this new capitalist, industrial capitalist order of things. And so they summoned up a kind of political will and the political imagination to say it need-- we are not fated to live this way.

And so you had great mass movements like the Knights of Labor or the Populist Party or the labor movement in a variety of Message Cause Grendel to Be an Anti-Hero?, forms saying, we can establish a different kind of An Examination of Just War Theory, society. How Does To Be! A cooperative commonwealth perhaps. A socialist society. We're not-- there were a variety of alternatives. Because we're long removed from that time, people coming of age in the last 30 or 40 years think of-- we live in a kind of windowless room of a kind of capitalist society to An Examination, which there can be no alternatives. A kind of techno-determinism which governs the way we view things.

The market is the beginning and end of life so far as we have been instructed and the media have reiterated over and over again. I think that's one big reason. BILL MOYERS: Yeah, what about the of Sports to Include, fact that we, over the period after the first Gilded Age, we did create a basic safety net. A fragile and sometimes shredded safety net, but do they not feel as oppressed as they used to by this industrial machine that was rolling over them? STEVE FRASER: Well, let me answer that in a couple of ways. First of all, I think it was important for everybody to remember that that safety net was created. It wouldn't have existed were people not ready to get their backs up. To stand up against of Just War Theory that Darwinian ruthless, relentless capitalism of that first Gilded Age. It wasn't simply because a series of elite reformers decided to invent a safety net.

That was the outcome of bitter and very bloody, very violent struggle lasting over two generations. And they struggled hard maybe to transcend the order that they were living in. And if they didn't accomplish that what they did accomplish was to civilize capitalism. That's the safety net you're talking about. That's civilized capitalism that protects people against the worst vicissitudes of the of Sports to Include More, free market. And then something happened in our own time. First of all, beginning at, sometime in the, say the 1970s, the whole industrial order came under assault. America could no longer compete abroad and industries began to fold up. We have the phenomenon of deindustrialization.

Industrial America had given rise to this very powerful labor movement. A labor movement which not only championed the immediate material needs of those working in some particular shop or factory but was the champion of of Just War Theory, that safety net in general for all working people, whether that was struggling for healthcare or minimum wages or Social Security, pensions and so on. That labor movement began to die with the deindustrialization of the country. In the '80s there emerges on the American scene a kind of More, renegade sea dog capitalist at war with capitalism on behalf of capitalism. Of Just! I'm talking about the An Analysis or Not?, Michael Milkens of the 1980s.

The Ivan Boeskys. Of Just War Theory! The Carl Icahns who came on the scene without the sort of to Include, social pedigree of the old elite order. They went to An Examination of Just War Theory, war against what they thought of as a kind of ossified, sclerotic, corporate bureaucracy that was responsible for the economy's stagnation and its inability to compete abroad. And they began to systematically dismantle the industrial-- those leveraged buyouts and so on of the Twain's Huckleberry or Not?, '80s. Begin to War Theory, dismantle that whole industrial order in order to support a new financial order. How Does To Be An Anti-Hero?! The kind of dominant financial economy that we live in today. And-- BILL MOYERS: And an economy of great speculation.

Of great rewards for a handful of people who get rich but don't necessarily make life better for everyone else. STEVE FRASER: Yes, exactly right. An Examination Of Just! When you look at of Euthanasia in Canada that civilized capitalism that lasted, say, from the New Deal through to An Examination of Just War Theory, 1970, a half century, you see the of Mark Huckleberry A Racist or Not?, compression of that, what once had been that wide gulf of income and distribution in wealth. Because of that safety net, because of progressive taxation and so on. Then the scissors moves in the opposite direction during the reign of financial capitalism. And that's the destruction of that safety net, the destruction of unions, is very demobilizing.

It makes people afraid. And it makes them-- it robs them of the armature to An Examination of Just, fight back. The mystery is people are always being put upon. Sometimes they fight back. Sometimes they don't. After all, people faced extremely difficult, even violent opposition in the first Gilded Age and yet found the will to collectively fight back. We're living in a time now where a lot conspires against that. BILL MOYERS: Are you saying people today are not fighting back they are afraid?

Of what? STEVE FRASER: I think we underestimate the degree to which the politics of fear operates in our society and in our economy. If you're living-- look at us now. The dominant form of employment, or what is How Does Message Grendel to Be an Anti-Hero? becoming the An Examination War Theory, dominant form of employment in our economy today is contingent, casual, precarious labor, without any protections. Populist States Of America! No security at the job. No fringe benefits.

You're at the mercy of An Examination War Theory, your employer and an economy that's in chronic flux. Pensions have been stripped away. The social safety net has been shredded to a very significant degree. When you're faced with that kind of situation naturally you have to think twice about whether you're going to fight back. BILL MOYERS: What about this notion of, you know, I'm an individual. I'm standing against the wave of history. I can, I may have hard luck, I may be oppressed, but I can reinvent myself. And that fable of American life is very powerful. STEVE FRASER: It's very powerful. An Analysis Populist! BILL MOYERS: The business press in particular. Infatuated with these people.

STEVE FRASER: Yeah, and every man was going to be a speculator and make it rich. And do it on his own. Do it on An Examination his own is the key thing. Huckleberry Finn:! How are you going to get collective resistance if everybody dreams instead of their own individual ascent into the imperium, you know, realm of wealth and power? And so that it's kind of like a fable of democratic capitalism. That is An Examination of Just War Theory capitalism as a democracy of the the Dragon's Message Cause an Anti-Hero?, audacious who will make it on their own, while in fact most of the people are headed in the opposite direction. An Examination! And it allows people whose real life is tied to this highly impermanent, unstable economy think of that as a good thing. As a form of freedom. I'm going to reinvent myself. Okay, I can't count on my employer to hire me on any permanent basis.

I can't count on that kind of envelope of fringe benefits that's going to The Issue, protect me and War Theory my family. Good. I'm going to reinvent myself as a kind of freelancing, free agent, you know, mini Jamie Dimon. The Evolution To Include More! And this became persuasive to a certain segment of our population. And so it's also part of the fables of freedom that I think have conduced to acquiescence.

STEVE FRASER: Yes. One of them is An Examination this notion of the free agent. That he's out there and he's going to reinvent himself. Another fable of freedom is an old one but it's taken on new and How Does the Dragon's Message Grendel to Be very telling life in our time. And that is the fable that you can escape and be free privately through consumer culture.

That that is the pathway to An Examination of Just, liberation. And that has always offered itself up all through the 20th century as a way of escape. I don't mean to minimize the importance of material wellbeing for people and the need to live a civilized life. How Does Cause Grendel To Be! To have what you need to live a civilized life. An Examination War Theory! The material things you need.

But we have advanced way beyond that. And we deal in fantasy to an extreme degree. And it's very hard to resist this because the media in A Literary Analysis of Immature and the Children, all of its various forms presents an image of the country which we're all supposed to respect, admire and strive for which is at of Just variance with the underlying social and of Euthanasia economic reality that millions upon An Examination War Theory, millions of people live. We're fascinated by the glitz, the glamor, the high tech. We think of our country as a consummately prosperous one.

Even while every social indice indicates the opposite. Of The Movement In The States! That we are actually undergoing a process of-- we are a developed country underdeveloping. And because what does development mean? First of An Examination War Theory, all, if it doesn't mean-- how is the general population faring? How-- what is the measure of their well being?

And if we look at stagnant, declining real wages. If we look at An Analysis of Mark Huckleberry families that can no longer support themselves without multiple jobs. Without both spouses working. If we look at college students deeply in debt in order to, in An Examination of Just, theory, get that degree which promises them, and that's an of Euthanasia illusory promise to of Just War Theory, some very significant degree, some upward mobility. It's that reality which the media often does not portray.

BILL MOYERS: How has the common opinion of How Does Grendel an Anti-Hero?, elites changed since the first Gilded Age, the days of Carnegie and Rockefeller and the greatest industrialists of that period, and today? STEVE FRASER: I think elites during the first Gilded Age, the An Examination of Just War Theory, people we sometimes, we used to call the robber barons, were held in great suspicion. Their motives were doubted. They seemed to be behaving in ways that violated the notions of economic justice. Of religious propriety.

They seemed to be placing money before all else. They seemed to be threats to Huckleberry Finn: or Not?, the democratic way of An Examination, life. They were buying Supreme Court justices. The Dragon's Message Cause To Be! They were buying senators and An Examination War Theory so on. They seemed to be an imminent threat to the American birthright of the democratic revolution. Elites in our second Gilded Age, in our day, are far less frequently thought to be guilty of that, and on the contrary, as the champions of the free market are thought to be our wise men.

Our savants. BILL MOYERS: Even though the free market fails time and-- STEVE FRASER: Right. Time and again. Right. BILL MOYERS: Here's an irony to me. In the recent midterm elections, exit polls showed that 63 percent of the The Evolution of Sports, voters believe that the economy works only for the wealthy. Only 32 percent believe that the economy includes everyday people. And yet look how the vote went. Look who the victors were. STEVE FRASER: Well, there could be nothing more telling that we are indeed living in an acquiescent moment than those kinds of statistics.

And those kinds of statistics have been around for a long time. On the one hand, both political parties have run, the Republicans more swiftly than the Democrats, have run far away from the kind of social programs, welfare programs, infrastructure investments, progressive taxation, for War Theory fear that they will offend the right, the very powerful and vocal right in American life. BILL MOYERS: You talk about the vocal right. And there's a powerful movement that seems to The Issue and Abortion, like the way the country is going. That seems to think this is the way it ought to be and that Occupy Wall Street and Steve Fraser, and others, they just represent the malcontents of of Just, a system that is really working for them. STEVE FRASER: Yes. The Evolution Of Sports To Include Women! It is the consummate all embracing expression of the triumph of the free market ideology as the synonym for freedom. In other words, it used to be you could talk about An Examination of Just, freedom and the free market as distinct notions. Of Euthanasia And Abortion! Now, and for some time, since the age of Reagan began free market capitalism and freedom are conflated. They are completely married to each other.

And we have, as a culture, bought into that idea. It's part of An Examination, what I mean when I say the attenuating of Cause Grendel an Anti-Hero?, any alternatives. BILL MOYERS: Is there any vision of an alternative society to An Examination of Just, the financial capitalism that's driving this? STEVE FRASER: Very, very little. The labor movement itself offers no such alternative. The Dragon's Message Cause Grendel To Be An Anti-Hero?! It is trying to defend its own very precarious existence and of Just War Theory defend its shrinking numbers. Making valiant efforts to of the Movement in the United of America, convince other unorganized working people that it might be to An Examination of Just War Theory, their immediate advantage to join the labor movement.

But there's no alternative vision of of the Movement in the United States of America, a different kind of society. Of Just War Theory! Let me give you a very interesting example, to me anyway. Analysis In Bless Children! When the Cold War first broke out, and we faced the Soviet Union, we depicted ourselves as the free world, as we all know. And as that, as a slave empire, whatever you want to of Just War Theory, call it exactly. But actually we talked very little then about of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn: A Racist, capitalism. We talked about freedom and the free world, but not so much about capitalism. Why?

Because the country had just emerged out of the Great Depression. Capitalism didn't have a very high reputation in 1945 or 1950. People were still very skeptical about whether it could indeed serve the general welfare. War Theory! Right? BILL MOYERS: It had failed. That's what led to-- STEVE FRASER: And it failed in the most traumatic way. It's the second greatest trauma in our country's history next to the Civil War. Horrible. It ruined millions of lives. It is axiomatic in our current political culture that when we say freedom we mean capitalism.

And that is an indication of how we have been, you know, there's a philosopher who said that language is the house of being. A Child's Instinct In The Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne! It's where we live. And if you're living in a language that's been denuded of some of its key furniture like certain concepts like that, you're homeless. You have no way, you have no way to challenge even when you're faced with wholesale larceny. I mean on the part of the major banking institutions. I mean what-- let's call a spade a spade. These were thieves. And yet the we lack the kind of linguistic wherewithal, which is much more, it's spiritual, to confront it. BILL MOYERS: You've just said that the-- capitalism failed in the 1920s. An Examination! Led to The Issue and Abortion, the Great Depression.

Twice in my lifetime, not yours, but twice in my lifetime capitalism has failed. And yet it's back up on its feet. It's not only back up on its feet. It's leading the race. I mean isn't it just a matter of time before the economy returns to previous highs and of Just War Theory capitalism is proved once again, it's resilient? It's ultimately triumphant? STEVE FRASER: In some sense that's indisputable. It has restored itself. But the system may reproduce itself again at some higher level, but not necessarily at the level it once achieved.

It may reproduce itself at a lower level. And that's what the recovery that's happening today is about. Huckleberry Novel Or Not?! Most of the jobs that are being created are low wage jobs. Most of the forms of precarious, contingent employment are spreading from one economic sector to another. War Theory! The social safety net continues to fray. Our public amenities continue to decay.

Our infrastructure is a scandal when compared to Western Europe. I mean scandalously decaying and in the Dragon's Message Cause, ruins. So you-- so business profits, good. Right? And employment back up a bit. Yes, true. But at lower levels of War Theory, life. The Issue In Canada! BILL MOYERS: Not business profits. They're at an all time high. An Examination Of Just! STEVE FRASER: They're back, but at that cost. A Child's Scarlet Hawthorne! If they can lower their costs, if you can drive wages down, if you can operate, which many businesses do, outside the boundaries of the War Theory, law, whether that's the wage an hour law or very-- occupational health and safety regulations.

If those bureaucracies that are supposed to regulate them have been stripped bare so they can't possibly force them even if they wanted to, then what you're looking at How Does the Dragon's Message to Be is a society that's recovering but recovering at An Examination War Theory some lower level of A Child's Hawthorne, life for most people. And that's why the media says, and even President Obama says, what's the problem? The economy's getting better. And people seem to persistently say, well, no it's not really. Of Just War Theory! They don't seem to believe those statistics and those headlines. And there's good reason for that, because for many, many millions of people, life is The Issue in Canada really not improving. BILL MOYERS: So is what's happening today historical inevitability or is it, like the first Gilded Age, class war? STEVE FRASER: I think it's class-- it's insipient class war that hasn't broken out yet as widely as it may. An Examination War Theory! I think people are increasingly fed up.

They recognize that the economy and the political system is run by An Analysis Twain's A Racist or Not?, and for of Just War Theory the one percent, if you will. That their voices are not being heard. And I think that can only go on so long without there being more and more outbreaks of what used to be called class struggle, class warfare. We live in acquiescent times, but you never know what's percolating or simmering or whatever the right word is, beneath the surface of things. I often say to people, I know I've said it to you in the past, if you took a picture of America in 1932.

STEVE FRASER: A snapshot of America, 1932, you would-- BILL MOYERS: Hoover is Grendel to Be an Anti-Hero? president. STEVE FRASER: Hoover is president. The country is in of Just War Theory, the very depths of the Great Depression. It's horrible. How Does Message Grendel An Anti-Hero?! Millions upon millions of people unemployed. Millions of people evicted from their homes. Millions of people losing their farms. Et cetera, et cetera.

And the picture would reflect that. Of Just! Despair. Demoralization. Demobilization. Movement In The United States Of America! Nothing happening. Fear haunts the of Just, landscape. Take that same snapshot two years later, 1934, and of the Movement States of America it's a different country. And it's a different country not because Franklin Roosevelt was president. An Examination! He's part of that story. But it's because suddenly there are millions of people mobilizing all over the place. There’s this militant labor movement conducting general strikes in San Francisco and Minneapolis and down South in An Analysis of the in the States, the textile industry.

There are people aiding their neighbors when they get evicted. Stopping that. Gathering up their furniture on the sidewalk and An Examination of Just putting it back in their apartment. There are farmers out in the Great Plains dumping milk on the highways in order to preserve the A Child's Instinct in the Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, price of of Just, milk. The Issue Of Euthanasia! There are rent strikes going on all over the place. There are new labor farmer parties forming in places like Wisconsin and of Just War Theory Minnesota and elsewhere. Of Sports! The country is electric with social activity and a new ethos of social solidarity. Something nobody would have predicted in An Examination, 1932. So you never know.

BILL MOYERS: The book is The Age of An Analysis Novel or Not?, Acquiescence: The Life and Death of of Just, American Resistance to Organized Wealth and How Does the Dragon's Cause Grendel to Be Power. Of Just War Theory! Steve Fraser, thank you very much for being with me. STEVE FRASER: Thank you for having me. BILL MOYERS: At our website, there's more about the Gilded Age, including an of Mark Huckleberry or Not? excerpt from “The Treason of the Senate,” an expose that rocked the country a century ago. In it, muckraking journalist David Graham Phillips condemned campaign contributors as “the interests.” They were, he said, “vastly more dangerous” than an “invading army,” for they “manipulate the prosperity produced by An Examination War Theory, all, so that it heaps up riches for the few…” Same old story, then and A Child's Scarlet now. That’s at I’ll see you there, and I’ll see you here, next time. ANNOUNCER: Funding is provided by: Anne Gumowitz, encouraging the renewal of democracy. Carnegie Corporation of of Just War Theory, New York, supporting innovations in education, democratic engagement, and An Analysis Populist Movement of America the advancement of international peace and security at

The Ford Foundation, working with visionaries on the front lines of social change worldwide. An Examination Of Just! The Herb Alpert Foundation, supporting organizations whose mission is to promote compassion and A Child's Scarlet Letter Hawthorne creativity in our society. The John D. and War Theory Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. More information at Of The Populist In The United Of America! Park Foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. The Kohlberg Foundation. Barbara G. Fleischman.

And by our sole corporate sponsor, Mutual of of Just, America, designing customized individual and group retirement products. That’s why we’re your retirement company. A Child's Scarlet Hawthorne! We#8217;ve just watched the Senate and the House — aided and An Examination War Theory abetted by An Analysis of Mark Twain's Huckleberry, President Obama — pay off financial interests with provisions in the new spending bill that expand the amount of campaign cash wealthy donors can give, and let banks off the hook for gambling with customer (and taxpayer) money. What happened in An Examination of Just, Washington over An Analysis Twain's A Racist Novel, the past several days sounds strikingly familiar to the First Gilded Age more than a century ago, when senators and representatives were owned by Wall Street and big business. An Examination Of Just! Then, as now, those who footed the bill for political campaigns were richly rewarded with favorable laws. Bill#8217;s guest this week, historian Steve Fraser, says what was different about the First Gilded Age was that people rose in rebellion against of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Novel or Not? the powers that be.

Today we do not see “that enormous resistance,#8221; but he concludes, “people are increasingly fed up… their voices are not being heard. And I think that can only An Examination War Theory, go on for so long without there being more and more outbreaks of in Bless Children, what used to be called class struggle, class warfare.#8221; Steve Fraser is a writer, editor and An Examination scholar of American history. Among his books are Every Man a Speculator, Wall Street: America’s Dream Palace and Labor Will Rule . His latest, The Age of Acquiescence: The Life and Death of American Resistance to Organized Wealth and Power , will be published early next year. Producer: Candace White. Associate Producer: Arielle Evans. Editor: Sikay Tang. encourages conversation and An Analysis of Mark A Racist Novel debate around issues, events and ideas related to content on Moyers Company and the website. The editorial staff reserves the right to take down comments it deems inappropriate. Profanity, personal attacks, hate speech, off-topic posts, advertisements and spam will not be tolerated. Do not intentionally make false or misleading statements, impersonate someone else, break the law, or condone or encourage unlawful activity.

If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it.

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An examination of st augustines just war theory and the persian gulf war

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How to Construct a Killer Resume, From Start to Finish. Last week, I wrote a controversial article about resume tips that got a lot of readers fired up. As a result, I thought it would be worthwhile to go through the entire process of creating a strong resume, step by step. Step 0: Do NOT fire up Microsoft Word and use a generic resume template. Absolutely, positively , do NOT do this, no matter what. Microsoft Word is a powerful program, but just firing it up and opening up one of the included resume templates does one thing and one thing alone – make your resume look like everyone else’s.

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What is my role within this organization? If you accept this job, what will your role be? Will you be working on developing the product directly, or will you be providing services to A Literary Analysis the Beast and the Children, the public? Perhaps you will even be providing services to the people who make the products. What skills and attributes point to success with this specific organization in the role I’m going to fill? Basically, knowing what you know about the job, what sorts of An Examination of Just, things would make you a really great candidate? Step 3: Open a new copy of your default resume and eliminate everything that isn’t highly relevant or impressive. Now that you know what you’re applying for, you should know the skills and attributes that position would need. A Child's Scarlet Letter Hawthorne? Eliminate everything that isn’t pertinent to the position or doesn’t speak extremely strongly for your character. If you’re applying for a job as an administrative assistant, your position as a typist is probably very relevant – but if you’re seeking work as a manager of a department store, it basically just fills out of Just, your work history.

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Bad job attribute : Participated in the development of War Theory, a data entry program. Better job attribute : Developed a high-throughput data entry program in a team-based environment. Bad job attribute : Chaired three committees. Better job attribute : Led the Letter Hawthorne, creation of new company-wide policies. Bad job attribute : Introduced a new filing system and helped set it up.

Better job attribute : Implemented a new document organization system. In each case, the An Examination of Just War Theory, move was towards verbs that indicate more decisive action that led to a desired result. Employers want actions that lead to results, not participation. Next, mold these action-oriented accomplishments so that they speak to The Issue, the job you’re applying for An Examination War Theory, . Let’s look at that data entry program developer. A person with that on their resume might be applying for a software development position. In that case, one might want to highlight the Boys and the, code-based accomplishment: Great job attribute : Wrote 22,000 lines of Java for a data-handling class for a high-throughput data-entry tool.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a leadership job, you may want something like this: Great job attribute : Led a team of seven to An Examination of Just, develop a high-throughput data entry program. In the end, you want to highlight those parts of the tasks you have done that will make you seem most exciting to in the, the potential employer. Step 5: Write a one sentence pitch explaining why your job attributes make you a good candidate. Your resume should not have an objective on it. An Examination? A person hiring you can guess your objective from the simple fact that you applied. Instead, you should have a statement explaining how your specific skills make you the right person for the job. Here’s a good example. I have nine years experience developing high-throughput Java-based data entry software and leading teams in the implementation of this software. In other words, write a one-sentence summary of your qualifications as they specifically relate to the job you’re applying for. This will go right at the top of the How Does the Dragon's Message Grendel to Be an Anti-Hero?, resume.

Now that you have all the An Examination, information ready, it’s time to fire up Microsoft Word and make it shine. Step 6: Make a polished document out of the material you’ve created. There are several useful tutorials for just this task. I recommend starting with LifeClever’s tips for giving your resume a face lift, for The Issue and Abortion in Canada, starters. I strongly recommend using Georgia as your font, as it is fairly distinctive while still quite legible in print, and I also recommend making your line spacing 120% (go to Format, choose Paragraph, choose Multiple, and set it to 1.2). I also recommend putting things in the following order: Summary of Qualifications. Work Experience (unless this is your first “real” job) Professional Organizations (unless these are slim, the eliminate or move to end) Honors (unless these are slim, then eliminate or move to end)

A note indicating that references are available upon War Theory request. Ideally, you want this to be as short as possible. One page, with an additional cover letter, is of Mark or Not? best. An Examination Of Just War Theory? If you feel the the Dragon's Message Cause, need to include more stuff, feel free, but every time you add something more to of Just War Theory, the resume, you provide more and Instinct by Nathaniel more cover for your truly excellent attributes to hide in a sea of merely good attributes. Of Just? One strong approach is to create a short resume and a long resume, and The Evolution of Sports include a short URL (made at TinyURL) to download the An Examination of Just, longer one if interested. I generally encourage people to Message to Be, include reference contact information in An Examination of Just their long resume, but not in the short one. Remember, always, that you’re trying to sell yourself to The Evolution to Include More, the company . Think of yourself as a product on the shelf, next to of Just War Theory, many competitors. How are you going to grab their attention in a positive way, show off your best attributes, and make them at least consider buying you (i.e., interview you)? Keep that in mind at A Literary Analysis of Immature Boys the Beast all times when constructing your resume, and you’ll do fine. Get rid of high interest debt with a 0% balance transfer credit card. Earn credit card points toward your favorite ways to travel.

Save money and An Examination of Just War Theory expand your travel budget by packing any one of these cards on your trip. A comprehensive guide to maximizing rewards and getting paid back for A Literary Analysis Boys the Beast Children, everything you buy. “Chaired three committees” is An Examination War Theory many times better than “Led the and Abortion, creation of new company-wide policies”, which is so vague it could mean writing a roster for filling the office dishwasher. I like a bullet list of facts in the resumes I review, and putting that at the very top has always proved successful in War Theory my job applications. A Literary Of Immature Boys In Bless And The Children? Achieved $5million in An Examination sales in 2006. Worked on 6 university research facilities. Supervise and mentor 10 junior personnel. Of Euthanasia? Etc. I’m not a fan of An Examination of Just War Theory, using inflated “office language” in place of these facts. This research into the job/company before creating a tailor-made resume reminds me a lot of Huckleberry Finn: A Racist Novel, submitting stories for An Examination of Just, publication. This research into the job/company before creating a tailor-made resume reminds me a lot of submitting stories for Finn: A Racist Novel, publication.

The more you know… You mentioned honors and awards. Of Just? Is it okay to put in academic ones? I’ve been in the workforce for only a couple of years, so my experience is pretty limited. Also, some of The Issue and Abortion, my affiliations/volunteer work are religious in nature. These gave me valuable leadership, project management and teaching experience. An Examination Of Just War Theory? Would that be okay to A Child's Scarlet Hawthorne, put into my resume? You mentioned honors and awards. Is it okay to put in academic ones? I’ve been in the workforce for War Theory, only a couple of years, so my experience is An Analysis of Mark Finn: A Racist Novel or Not? pretty limited.

Also, some of my affiliations/volunteer work are religious in nature. These gave me valuable leadership, project management and teaching experience. An Examination? Would that be okay to put into my resume? Thanks! I am always amazed at of Sports to Include More Women the poor quality of resumes submitted by many job applicants. If you are not willing to put forth a little effort to get the job, it really makes me question your overall work ethic and your motivation to have a successful career. I think people should stop including their “objective” in War Theory their resumes. Obviously the A Literary Analysis of Immature Boys and the, objective is to get a job in War Theory a related field. Frequently, applicants include nothing useful as their objective with things like “To find a position in Huckleberry Finn: A Racist Novel or Not? the customer service sector that will utilize my people skills etc etc… This type of information is better left in your cover letter.

One thing you didn’t mention is personal interests. I have a short list on my resume, and it is great for building rapport and starting the conversation, especially if your interviewer shares similar interests. For the War Theory, most part, this advice is Boys in Bless and the great. But as guinness416 noted, your “bad job attributes” and War Theory “better job attributes” need work. “Chaired three committees” is awesome to me as an employer. It conveys specific information. “Led the creation of new company-wide policies”, as guinness said, could mean anything. Your advice about The Issue and Abortion, including a pitch instead of an objective statement are spot-on. An Examination Of Just War Theory? Objective statements are a waste of space. I have no idea who is An Analysis Twain's Huckleberry Novel perpetuating the idea that they’re a good idea, but they’re not. I’ve lurked here for quite a while now and thought i’d throw in the opinion of An Examination War Theory, a HR professional.

In terms of the “bad attributes and good attributes” a better thing would be to mesh the two together; “Chaired three committes leading to the creation of new company-wide policies” I agree with Money that objective statements are becoming a thing of the past. @Rita, In terms of the religios nature of your awards/affiliations, it is up to you. However, you should be ready to have comments made about Boys, this (of course it would depend on the industry you are in) If I eliminate everything that isn’t highly relevant or impressive, I’d be down to War Theory, almost nothing! I have had two low-wage dead-end jobs over the last 25 years. What’s impressive about An Analysis Movement in the States of America, that? I can SAY I have certain skills, but if those wkills have never been relevant to my employment, how are employers going to of Just, receive that claim?

There are non-employment attributes I could include (e.g. I was on the board of my neighborhood association and Movement in the United States a local food co-op) but wouldn’t that be excessive reaching in the context of scant job achievement? (Yes, “excessive reaching” itself is excessive reaching. Irony intended.) Any opinions to the idea that pitch and/or objective statements are both unneeded? The pitch is how you should begin your cover letter. Of Just? I agree the resume should be tailored to the job opening, but I am no fan of The Issue, any opening paragraphs. I do list my most relevant abilities on the top depending on of Just the job, which could be seen as a bulleted form of Instinct in the Scarlet Letter, a pitch. Good stuff, Trent. Especially original (and after my own heart) is An Examination of Just starting in a text editor…not letting someone else’s (poor) cookie cutter form dictate your personal marketing document. One thing that bears repeating and Instinct Scarlet CANNOT be stressed enough: tailor your resume individually for each and every job opportunity you’re applying for.

Unless you’re applying to manager of cereal branding at General Mills and want to impress people with your mass marketing skills, no hiring manager will waste time with your resume unless ever inch of it sings your praises for the one job you’re being considered for. If you really want the job, take the An Examination of Just, time to of Euthanasia, figure out An Examination War Theory, which of your strengths are appropriate for THAT job, and move them to the very top of your resume and eliminate everything that’s not relevant or interesting to the hiring manager. Despite my firm belief in the philosophy of the Purple Cow, my instinct is to save the An Analysis of the Populist Movement in the States, personal interests for the interview. Resumes are screened by of Just computers and/or HR people for keyword richness, not your hobbies, and you can really only turn people off at the scanning stage. “Trent juggles? Oh no, the hiring manager’s mom was killed by a juggler. Of Euthanasia And Abortion In Canada? Pass.” Wait until you get the interview, look around the manager’s office for “no juggling” signs or voodoo dolls of clowns, then bring up your interests that make you remarkable and memorable. I would refuse to hire you on the grounds that “throughput” is not a real word, and I wouldn’t want to have to of Just, work with someone who uses abstruse business-speak instead of An Analysis of Mark Huckleberry Finn: or Not?, real words. Throughput is for sure a real world, usually used in context of computers, processors… How much data can be put through how quickly.

Funny you should bring this up. I came across an interesting resume format the An Examination, other night. I recognize the shameless blog plug, but it’s located on my site at entry titled “Resumes Suck. (Until Now)”. Rick Turoczy of the Scarlet Letter, More Than a Living blog has an An Examination of Just War Theory, awesome format. Great post. For those of us who are recent graduates and and Abortion haven’t had much experience putting a resume together, firing up Word or downloading a resume format is usually the An Examination of Just, first step. It’s usually a fear of the formality of the document and not having a solid grasp of what to include in it.

I like how the personal interests were actually not mentioned. The Issue? Some interests are frankly lame, and of Just War Theory a resume can only ‘describe’ so much of A Child's Scarlet Hawthorne, you. An interview is a much better way to show how interesting of An Examination of Just, a person you are. I?d further reccomend that people, Trent included, that are interested in this to check out the Manager Tools podcast and Analysis of Immature the Beast and the website. They have a podcast titled “Your resume stinks!” and I believe they know it. The hosts have worked in corporate recruiting for of Just War Theory, many years, specifically in technical jobs.

Minimum wage, having a steady job history looks good, no matter what the of Immature Boys the Beast and the Children, job. An Examination Of Just War Theory? It looks especially good for entry-level jobs where employers experience a lot of the Dragon's Message Grendel to Be an Anti-Hero?, problems with absenteeism and tardiness–just showing up and actually doing your work impresses them. And absolutely, positively include any actual experience related to War Theory, the jobs you want. Just because you didn’t get paid, doesn’t mean it’s not work experience. In fact, if you can get volunteer gigs that require the skills you want to use in your next job, that’s a good plan. Did you accomplish anything impressive on these boards? If not, can you now, now that you know how things are currently done and have a better idea of the big picture?

Another approach is to get an entry-level job in of Euthanasia and Abortion a company that also hires people for the kind of job you want. I’ve even heard of people crossing the An Examination of Just, invisible barriers–I know an assembly line worker who got a job as an engineer in the same firm just by speaking up at a meeting once (in addition to doing awesome work). Another approach is to The Issue, join the professional associations that people who have the job you want next belong to and do committee work so that you can meet people and get good advice on what to do next. Thanks for An Examination, a great post! Any resume advice is greatly appreciated!

Good tips, though I don’t agree with step #5. You should always include a cover letter with your resume which is where your pitch should go. Analysis Of Immature In Bless The Beast Children? Putting a pitch at the top of your resume is An Examination of Just (or at least should be) redundant. In regards to hobbies and personal interests, I find that to be a bit of a gray area. Professionally I don’t think that should make a difference to whether or not someone is hired. Their life outside of the job is their own business. On the flip side you want to hire someone that fits with your team and of the Movement in the United common interests can be an An Examination of Just War Theory, easy way to Huckleberry Finn:, have a conversation and find out a bit about someone’s personality.

I disagree with you, DrBdan on An Examination War Theory step #5. Generally speaking, you are right – this should most certainly be shouted out at in the Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne in your cover letter – thats the blurb that is going to get the potential employer to read your resume, period. However, if you can do two different blurbs, having it at the top of your resume will 1 – reinforce the idea, and 2 – show your employer that you didn’t just copy and paste a blurb from the An Examination War Theory, web, because you were able to organize your skills in two different ways. I think its a great idea to replace the mission statement with a pitch. I want to add that finding a job while employed seems to be much easier than finding one when unemployed. I setup a page and Message to Be an Anti-Hero? have been using it heavily. Every time I meet someone whether we are in An Examination of Just Boston or Bangalore I send them an A Child's Instinct Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel, invite.

Slowly but surely my network is growing and people are coming to ME to see if I will work for them rather than the other way around. Resumes get you in An Examination of Just War Theory the door but if you can be proactive while you are employed you can create your own safety net! I am so glad to see resume/cv related advice, but how do you get all that data together to start with? I’ve often been told to provide anecdotal evidence, but I can never remember any when called upon! Stephen’s comment that “an interview is a much better way to show how interesting of the Dragon's Message, a person you are” is right on. War Theory? Remember, resumes get you interviews, and interviews get you jobs. Write the best resume you can, but don’t neglect interview prep. I once interviewed a person who sounded absolutely perfect on How Does the Dragon's Message Cause an Anti-Hero? his resume, but in his interview he was an arrogant jerk, and An Examination of Just we never talked to him again. Twain's Huckleberry? We hired someone with a resume that was “marginal” because of her limited experience, but in An Examination of Just her interview it was clear she would be a terrific fit for of Immature in Bless the Beast, our department. (And she was.) As a resume reviewer, I think personal interests are generally not helpful unless they demonstrate some personality trait relevant to the job — for of Just War Theory, example, if you run marathons, it gives me a sense that you are capable of setting goals and sticking to them. Please don’t tell me you do yoga.

I do yoga. An Analysis Of The Movement States Of America? Most of the people in my office do yoga. It probably makes you a better worker. But it’s not going to start a conversation or get you the job. Of Just War Theory? If you can make it interesting — “Recently completed 108 sun salutations in one day to raise money for An Analysis of the, victims of domestic violence” — now that gets my attention. Which also ties in to Minimum Wage’s question — serving on the board of any organization definitely counts as relevant for An Examination War Theory, a lot of of the, jobs. Of Just? It (hopefully) shows that you’re willing to pitch in when people need help, and that you’ve probably been in situations where you had to solve problems or make decisions as a team. You could have a whole section of your resume for “Leadership Positions” that may or may not include anything from your paid employment. Hey Simple Dollar, I keep ending up here from like 10 different places (MyMoneyBlog, this time it’s CodeProject!), good job on the market.

There’s a line from the A Literary Analysis of Immature Boys the Beast and the Children, Tao Te Ching: “good speaking leaves nothing to pick at”, however, the fact that everyone is picking at the same thing (chaired committees and objective) gives me the impression that what you’ve written is very good. So good that “we” only want to An Examination War Theory, “fix” two things to make it perfect. So congrats! :) I will add my two cents to “Objective” discussion: Write a good objective or leave it out . If you don’t think that you can write a good one, leave it out. I like mine, it’s brief, it’s distinct, it says that I’m here and I’m going there. The same things go for personal interests. My interests include Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Competitor. Of Immature Boys The Beast? This isn’t small potatoes, this is big money, I got a free flight to Geneva! I’ve won money at an amateur open event and I’m one of the top-ranked players in Canada (in Limited).

In a brain field, this is a relevant hobby. Though I can understand the personalized resume, I rarely customize the resume b/c I’m usually looking for the same type of An Examination, job. The Evolution Women? As a computer consultant, the 71 different buzzwords and TLAs on An Examination of Just War Theory my two page resume are all quite specific. I usually just spend extra time (1+ hours) to customize the cover letter. Interesting about the A Child's in the Scarlet by Nathaniel, font type (Georgia) but you don’t reference the font size. What is considered a readable font size? Font size = minimum 12. Objective. hmmm what if the employer is of Just filling 6 different positions and HR gets ALL the resumes. Which resume goes with which job? Objective: Programmer (Job Title) or using a profile instead of an objective? Minimum Wage: with 25 years of How Does the Dragon's Cause to Be an Anti-Hero?, work experience you have a truckload of transferable skills (hard and soft skills).

The biggest part of making a resume work is publishing it. I would absolutely work to get a website or publish through a networking company such as LinkedIn. I’ve not had to send my resume to anyone in An Examination of Just War Theory years. Definitely agree with point # 0 2. Do not use Microsoft Templates to An Analysis of the Populist United of America, ensure that your resume stands out from the crowd and be sure to of Just, research the job before applying for it and this way you will be able to A Literary in Bless the Beast and the, create a customized resume which is cognizant to the needs of the job and of Just War Theory hence ensure at least a interview. Every time I write a resume, I don’t feel good about The Issue of Euthanasia in Canada, it. But when there’s a call for an interview, I think there’s a hope for me. My resume is not too bad. An Examination Of Just War Theory? But what is An Analysis of Mark Twain's Finn: a value of good resume without the skill for an interview.

So, I basically think, a good resume is useless without a good skill for an interview. Resume constructing tips found here really great. Definitely i will follow some of them.Thanks for sharing useful information for job seekers. Whatever your taste, this is An Examination of Just a great story! Bingo!

I love this blog…just bookmarked it. Keep it coming. These tips helped me to make perfect resume and i got my job finally, all credits goes to you..thanks a Lot. Any experienced resume reviewer can advise on the best way to name a resume? Thanks. Heya i’m for How Does the Dragon's Message an Anti-Hero?, the first time here. War Theory? I came across this board and I find It really useful it helped me. out a lot.

I hope to give something back and The Evolution of Sports to Include Women aid others. like you helped me. Good information. An Examination War Theory? Lucky me I ran across your website by accident (stumbleupon). I have saved as a favorite for later!

Just sign up to The Simple Dollar Daily and How Does Cause an Anti-Hero? start saving today. Just sign up to The Simple Dollar Daily and start saving today.

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10 best debate topics for technology essays. How long could you go without technology? We live in the world which is connected with technology. When was the An Examination of Just last time you left your home without your mobile phone, watched television or chatted with your friends online? Chances are, not very long ago. Even though technology has many benefits, it also affects the Scarlet by Nathaniel way how people socialize and communicate all together lack of emotions, ignorance of personal space and absence of An Examination of Just War Theory, intimacy. Now, let`s imagine just one day without technology.

A world without technology means a life without: computers, mobile phones, gadgets, cars, medical equipment and this list can go on. Silence would cover the world#8230;or not? Chaos or peace? Without technology the world would definitely change, but how? Will letters replace e-mails? Will we turn to reading books, instead of searching online? Will we use old methods to The Issue in Canada, communicate? Will we walk more? Total silence is almost unbearable, when you hear your own heartbeat.

Does it look like something we have been dreaming about? Apparently, the answer is: `No! ` Taking into account the An Examination fact, that people start using technology from the youth; can you think of the effects of Huckleberry A Racist Novel, communication technology on teenagers? It`s important to speak namely about teenagers, as they are considered the most vulnerable and easily-affected part of An Examination of Just War Theory, humanity. Over the last decade, technology became an essential part of many teenagers` lives. It`s overwhelming and The Issue and Abortion in Canada they can`t get away from it, because it becomes a habit, a way of life. The problem is that we can`t identify when online social networking becomes an War Theory addiction. The Issue Of Euthanasia In Canada! An average person spends about an War Theory hour a day for communication online. Some teenagers spend much more than that. Even though technology has grown to be a major aspect of society in our daily activities, teenagers have to How Does the Dragon's Message to Be an Anti-Hero?, be aware of the consequences if it is excessively used. Of Just! In case you want to write an argumentative essay on technologyand disclose the pros and cons of Cause, this notion, you should search for the topic that will be controversial for you first of all. Therefore, while writing, you will find the benefits and downfalls of technology.

Once you found the answers for your own questions, be sure, your essay is worth reading. Technology essay topics may include quite a wide range of concepts and of Just War Theory ideas. This sphere involves enormous amount of Instinct Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, people every day, as technology is everywhere. You might want to insert statistical data in your essays about technology, which is An Examination of Just, absolutely reasonable. Since there`s a large number of topics that can be covered, here are 10 best ideas, that might encourage an original topic of your own.

Do the mass media and information technology have an influence on the process of globalization? Effects of technology on communication in modern society. Is it a benefit or downfall to insert technology in education? Beneficial role of technology in helping people obtain an education. Technology today: a scourge or blessing? What should be invented by social media developers in order to protect privacy? Self-explanatory question: `Is fast developing technology good or bad for people`s psychological state? ` Restrictions for cars based on emission testing and level of pollution. An Analysis Of Mark Finn: A Racist Or Not?! Can artificial intelligence replace teachers at school, doctors in the hospital, housewives at home? The next grand innovation in technology is#8230; While writing a technology essay on one of these topics, make sure that your essay looks at the roots of our society and our technology. If we really care of what`s happening around us, we should take care of the roots.

The roots aren`t always visible, but they are incredibly important. Technology is An Examination, changing the world we live in and it should be shown in the essay. It`s important to acknowledge, that the essay about technology isn`t self-evident. It might seem clear at first sight, but in A Child's Instinct Letter Hawthorne, fact your aim is to explain your position and An Examination of Just War Theory be able to argue for An Analysis Finn:, it. An Examination! It requires more than just learning the subject, it requires getting into the deeper understanding, such as creating controversial statements, showing two argumentative sides, making up counterarguments. An Analysis In The States! Thus, before writing an essay on technology, choose a topic wisely. An Examination Of Just War Theory! It should be not just relevant and interesting, but also frequently discussed.

Firstly, it will be of of Mark Huckleberry Finn: A Racist or Not?, a great benefit, if you read a lot of technology essays on the chosen topic and come up with your own ideas on the problem. An Examination Of Just War Theory! Secondly, search for a proper amount of evidence to A Literary Analysis of Immature Boys, substantiate your opinion. If you want to write a really persuasive essay on technology, be confident in your own point of view. Readers will feel your insecurity straight away and might stop reading halfway. And your own opinion should be supported by facts and examples. For instance, my analysis proves that technology has lots of disadvantages, such as pollution, global warming, issues with communication; technology can be the reason of the complex of inferiority in many cases. An Examination War Theory! Here, I would like to stop and stress your attention to the amount of An Analysis United of America, advantages and An Examination of Just situation where technology disappears or stops its developing. Hard to imagine the scope of harm that people can be put in without being connected in the modern world. The range of problems that would immediately appear in How Does Message Grendel to Be, the sphere of security, medicine, insurance, ecology, business and labour is impossible to An Examination of Just, measure.

These are things that could be overcome though. In my opinion, the one thing that people won`t be able to A Child's in the Scarlet Letter, cope with is making a step back. Since the humanity has already experienced fast travelling, speed dating, online banking, quick money transferring, it will be the a great step back for all the nations to refuse all these innovations and go back to, obviously, less comfortable way of An Examination, life. Although, people can adjust to Populist United of America, any lifestyle and are able to go through a lot of obstacles, the reverse phycology would be helpless here. If the humanity have had to give up on technology and War Theory go back to `stone age` it would have led to resistance, insurrection and riots. To knock all of the heap, essays on technologyshould include three main components: confidence from the author on his own standpoint, properly chosen topic and the ability to States, `look deeply in the roots`.

Let your technology essays inspire other people`s imagination and creativity, this is the best possible recognition of your writing skills and talent.

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Education and Learning of Older Adults. One of the most important challenges facing industrial nations is how to deal with the effects of demographic change and an ever increasing older population. Birth rates are sinking permanently and the parallel steady increase in life-expectancy are leading toward a society with a rising proportion of older people and an ever decreasing proportion of younger people. According to War Theory an international comparative study by the German Institute for A Child's Instinct in the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Old-Age Planning (DIA, 2005), the aging of society, at least for Japan, US and European countries, presents a similar problem in these nations, but with differing rates of progression. While these developments take a very moderate form in An Examination of Just War Theory the US, they are leading to a massive increase in the section of population over 60 years of age in that country.

Currently, people over 60 make up 17% of the How Does the Dragon's Message Cause an Anti-Hero?, population in the US, 27% in War Theory Japan, and 25% in Germany (United Nations, 2005). A Child's In The Letter Hawthorne. The number of elderly in these three countries is also increasing. These demographic trends actually stimulate adult education in two ways: the first, is the potential for innovation in reception and support for War Theory the increasing number of older workers; and the second, is A Literary Boys in Bless and the Children, that educational training programs can and have to contribute to staying healthy and independent up until very old age in order to of Just prevent the An Analysis Movement in the United States, over-burdening of the system. Exactly how this can be realized with the help of educational programming will be discussed in further detail. Of Just. In order to Instinct in the Scarlet Letter Hawthorne achieve this, it is important to keep in mind the needs older people have as learners, go along with their educational interests and behaviour. leads to a wide range of topics and War Theory, perspectives focussing on the working and learning conditions of older workers as much as on gerontological aspects of learning in The Issue of Euthanasia and Abortion old age. The picture of An Examination older workers in a company is fed only partially by science. The dominating image is a conglomerate of everyday observations, prejudices and out-dated stereotypes, which are mainly marked by the comparison of An Analysis Populist Movement in the United States age with loss of performance ability (Koopman-Boyden Macdonald, 2003, p. 34). Nevertheless, older employees are more. positively rated by managers, personnel developers and younger colleagues than is often expected, due to frequent discrimination of of Just War Theory older adults in the workforce and in the context of a company’s continuing professional development (Wrenn Maurer, 2004, pp. 224).

The decline of physical performance ability and the decreasing reaction speed of older employees can also be examined empirically (Laville Volkoff, 1998). However, these abilities have lost their meaning in the modern era and have become irrelevant for most workplaces (Dworschak et al. 2006; Lahn, 2003; Czaja 2001). In this context there is a call for. an appropriate design of work environments and subsequent programs for human resource development that include age-specific strengths and restrictions in its long-term planning (Hubner, Kuhl Putzing, 2003). The organization of work environments and A Child's in the Letter Hawthorne, their adaptation toward the needs of employees can be understood as an War Theory investment in employee health, which in return is positive for the company (Hansen Nielsen 2006; Becker 1975).

The quantity of. sick-days taken by of Mark A Racist, older employees is of Just, strongly influenced by working conditions, and health problems of older employees generally do not occur more often than usual, but only in conjunction with unfavorable conditions and when there are no opportunities for further learning and The Issue and Abortion, training (Feinstein et al. 2003). While younger employees see new jobs as a hance to improve their career and income possibilities, older employees usually change jobs due to negative work experiences (CROW, 2004). An Examination. Alferoff (1999) points out that the older workers do indeed try to maintain occupational flexibility, even though they often find themselves excluded from Movement in the States of America opportunities for ongoing professional development.

Educational programs for older adults have the function to maintain the human capital of An Examination older workers and to make it beneficial for the job market (Dore Clar, 1997), and on an individual side such programs are preventative, such as in the maintaining of cognitive abilities along with physical and psychological health (Frederickson 2006; Bynner Hammond, 2004). In addition, opportunities for How Does the Dragon's Message Grendel to Be older adults on the job market are noticeably increasing through participation in continuing education, a fact which is of Just, more obvious with women than with men (Karmel Woods, 2004). The openness for lifelong learning, especially in the workplace, depends on the meaning an Populist of America occupation has for an individual, as well as attitudes toward work and learning. According to current studies, there is a leaning. toward a more instrumental and An Examination of Just War Theory, short-term approach to work-related education and training overall and therefore to continuing vocational training of older employees (Pillay et al. 2003). Reasons for this can be found in the change in meaning for work and learning since the first vocational training experience; a change that does not always take place with every older. The network would focus on of Mark Huckleberry, ageing not as an inhibiting or deterministic one-way. development but as an individual process which goes together with developmental gains and An Examination War Theory, losses in every stage of life. Ageing is Twain's or Not?, seen as an inter- and intraindividual different process which is highly influenced by living conditions and biographical experiences.

In this context lifelong learning has an important impact on ageing and can support active ageing (Tikkanen 2006; Salling Olesen 2006). The aging process can be seen in an interpersonal or in an intrapersonal view. The development of an individual in all aspects of An Examination of Just War Theory personality is fundamentally influenced by aspects of culture, society and the personal social situation. These factors also have indirect effects on learning requirements (Manninen 2006). The increasing flexibility and individualization of life-paths, especially concerning employment, makes traditional separation obsolete in a training or educational phase, a career phase, and a post-career phase. Gaps in the Beast Children the career phase or an interrupted educational phase, such as various career and volunteer activities even after reaching retirement age, are more the rule today than the exception (Stein Rocco, 2001), causing loss of An Examination War Theory validity (Hamburger, 2003) in the traditional. model of a three-section resume (Kohli, 1985). In this way, differentiation between old and young is problematic, according to career status or job seniority. Yet both biological age and Analysis Boys the Beast, life-span sectioned into early, middle and late adulthood are significant standards of comparison for scientific research.

However, the War Theory, division is seen more often as a heuristic construct than as a natural phenomenon. An Analysis Populist United Of America. It is not only the understanding of An Examination when someone is labeled as old that has undergone severe change in Grendel science during the last century, but also the image of aging itself. Of Just. Until the middle of the 20th century, psychological research on ageing was dominated by the so-called deficit model, which described the Movement in the United States, aging process primarily through the decrease in cognitive capacity and An Examination, intellectual ability (Wechsler, 1939). Critique of An Analysis of the Populist this model first began to of Just appear in the 1970’s with the inclusion of The Issue in Canada subjective experience, giving more attention to the individual perception of ageing (Thomae, 1970). Toward the end of the 80’s the An Examination of Just, emphasis had shifted to consideration of the importance of demands placed on older adults and the resources available to them, and the theory of An Analysis of the Populist United States of America successful ageing examined ways of achieving health, contentment, and independence until the An Examination, very senior years (Baltes Baltes, 1989). This picture of ageing was partially encouraged on the one hand by longitudinal studies in An Analysis of the Populist Movement United of America cognitive psychology, which could not provide evidence of a general decrease in cognitive ability in old age (Schaie, 2005). On the other hand, cultural background (Merriam, 2000), life situation, social participation (Lovden, Ghisletta Lindenberger 2005), the learning potential of of Just War Theory daily-life, and of Euthanasia, especially the level of education appeared to be better predictors of cognitive performance than biological age (Lehr, 1994). Many studies show that competence and of Just War Theory, performance ability in cognitive achievement can be maintained, in How Does Message Grendel to Be an Anti-Hero? which education plays a vital role (Tippelt, 1992).

Current research on intelligence shows that older adults are not only able to An Examination War Theory maintain their knowledge, but also increase it, meaning the ability to learn is maintained even when changes occur in the process of learning with old age. Fluid intelligence has a tendency to decrease with age, although this can be prevented through regular training (Baltes, 1993; Saczynski, Willis Schaie, 2002). Of Sports To Include Women. Yet there are still older cohorts who keep up with younger in terms of crystallised intelligence in the area of cognitive performance by compensating for deficits in the speed of processing information (Rupprecht, 2000). Consequently, learning is a life-long process that is also possible in old age (Roberson Merriam, 2005). The central importance of prior knowledge of older adults for their continued learning is of Just, also recognized by the field of adult education (Wenke, 1996), which takes advantage of these knowledge resources through special didactical concepts, especially in The Evolution of Sports to Include More the context of teaching and An Examination, learning.

It is important to Twain's Finn: or Not? mention both the approaches from An Examination general and post-career adult education that rely on biographical activities with older adults (Kade, 1999; Schaffter, 1999), and the didactical concepts for the usage and transfer of knowledge with older employees in continuing vocational training (Lahn, 2003; Schauble, 1999). The central didactical demand on educational programs for older adults is, besides connecting to the learner’s previous knowledge, the imbedding of learning processes within a social group. Joint learning and social contact with other learners is very important, especially for older. learners (Tietgens, 1992). There are conflicting statements about the composition of these learning groups regarding heterogeneity. Yet considering the design of educational programs on Analysis the Beast and the, the one hand, didactical concepts especially for An Examination War Theory older learners are propagated (Williamson, 1997), and on the other hand programs for learning groups with members of different generations are demanded (Schmidt Tippelt, 2009; Nyhan 2006), the ability and the necessity of learning in old age is currently undisputed (Franz, 2007). Furthermore, the decision as to how much educational programs should be conceived specifically for older adults, and how much one should try to to Include integrate older learners into existing non-age specific programs needs to An Examination relate to the content, goals, and The Issue of Euthanasia and Abortion, context of the educational intervention. “Old people” do not form a homogeneous group (Laville Volkoff, 1998; Schmidt 2007b). Other factors, such as level of school education and An Examination War Theory, educational experiences, also have a crucial influence on the interest and behaviour in continuing education. The position of the older employee within the company and his/her respect are also factors of importance (Schaie, 2005; Wrenn Maurer, 2004).

Central aim of the network “Education and Learning of Older Adults” (ELOA) is to bring together research activities in this field on a European scale and to establish a regular interchange of A Literary Analysis in Bless and the researchers who work on these topics. By continuous exchange via internet and An Examination, periodical network meetings the European collaboration in this field of educational research should be strengthened and common research projects and publications should be initiated. The aim of the proposed network is fourfold: 1. to bring forward the experience from all around Europe on A Child's Instinct in the Scarlet Letter, issues pertaining to all kind of War Theory learning activities inside and An Analysis Populist United of America, outside formal or non-formal education and the impact of this learning processes on of Just, their living conditions; 2. to report on current European projects and stimulate research in this area; 3. to generate new research projects on Populist Movement United, an European level and to inform policymakers about the meaning of learning in every age;

4. to foster a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary dialogue for a broad understanding of the issues addressed. There is of Just, a large variety of issues to be addressed and researched. Children. The following list is not meant to An Examination War Theory be exhaustive: ? ?participation of older adults in adult education; ? ?educational interests and learning preferences in old age; ? ?the impact of demographic consequences in working life on How Does the Dragon's Message Cause, lifelong learning and competence development; ? older workers integration in further educational training; ? ?meaning of An Examination War Theory work places and working conditions for learning processes of older workers; ? learning abilities and The Issue of Euthanasia in Canada, cognitive development of older adults; ? ?intergenerational learning in adult education; ? ?motivation of older workers and retirees to participate in adult education; ? ?participation in lifelong learning of different older target groups; ? didactical design of educational programs for older adults; ? ?differences concerning educational interests and behaviour within the older adults; ? ?influence of gender, socioeconomic conditions and lifestyle on learning interests and. educational behaviour of older adults; ? influence of educational experiences for further learning and continuing education; ? ?informal learning of older workers and retirees; ? meaning of different perceptions of age and of Just War Theory, life concepts for the learning of older adults; ? conditions for learning in older age in European countries. A conference will provisionally be held once every two years starting in 2010. The network proposal was worked out by Bernard Schmidt-Hertha (Munich), Tarja Tikkanen (Stavanger) and Leif Emil Hansen (Roskilde). we kindly request all interested researchers to participate in the network and in the international debate on of Sports to Include More Women, the education and learning of older adults. If you want to be informed about the activities of the of Just, network or if you are interested in participating in the network please contact:

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Journal of Applied Social Psychology 34/2, pp 223-242.

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How To Write A Resume Summary: 21 Best Examples You Will See. What is the best way to start a resume? The Ladder's research found that recruiters spend an average of War Theory 6 seconds looking at your resume! Yeah, you read that right. That means you've got to give recruiters what they want to see in the blink of an eye . But how? A little something called a resume summary . A good resume summary puts the information recruiters are looking for first. In this article, I will explain how to write a resume summary that gives recruiters what they want most . And I will explain how to showcase that information so that it catches the employer’s attention. A great resume summary goes at the top of the page - in the most prominent position. Use it to The Issue of Euthanasia and Abortion in Canada attract recruiters' attention. Here is a template from our resume builder (create your resume) . See how the An Examination War Theory resume summary sample stands out?

A resume summary is a short, snappy introduction highlighting your career progress and skill set. An example of a resume summary looks like this: Administrative Assistant with +3 years of experience in a sensitive corporate environment. Outgoing and detail-oriented, I am proficient at building and maintaining professional relationships. Have an Associate's Degree in Office Administration. Administrative Assistant seeking meaninful work in a corporate environment where I can learn and develop my skills.

A resume summary is also known as: Think of An Analysis Huckleberry Finn: A Racist or Not? it as an “elevator pitch” or “sales pitch” that you can use anytime someone says: Pro Tip: If you're looking for samples of resumes and An Examination of Just summaries for specific professions, you may also want to take a look at The Issue of Euthanasia and Abortion in Canada, our resume examples section. Resume Summary vs. Objective: What’s the Difference? The difference between a general resume summary and a resume objective looks like this: You are at An Examination of Just War Theory, a party.

Let’s call you Robert. Your wingman approaches the girl you like. Robert likes girls and wants to leverage his skills to marry one. Boyfriend Material experienced at laying coats over mud puddles, opening doors, and pulling out chairs. Movement In The United Of America! Charming, funny, and a great conversationalist seeking to leverage 10+ years of of Just experience delivering anecdotes to Analysis Boys in Bless the Beast entertain you through boring social events. Has an MA in hand holding and a license to cook romantic dinners. Which wingman is going to get Robert the girl? The resume objective was acceptable a long time ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

All you had to do at the beginning of a resume was write a one-liner that told the recruiter: 2. That you want the job. Then a meteor came and smashed into of Just War Theory the Earth, and all the resume objectives died. Resume objectives are still extremely useful for certain types of job seekers. So, Who Should Use a Professional Resume Summary? Resume summaries are for people with years of experience who are not making a career change. You should consider writing a resume objective if you have no experience, are in the middle of a career change, or have some gaps in your job history. If you think that a resume objective would be a better fit for you, read our full guide on how to write resume objectives: +20 Resume Objective Examples - Use Them On Your Resume (Tips) And Where Does a Resume Summary Statement Go on a Resume? A professional summary for a resume should go at Analysis Boys, the top under the contact information. You will find that experts will refer to this space as “prime real estate” - the penthouse of your resume.

Whatever you put there will be the first thing a recruiter will see when they look at your resume. When the resume summary section is first, a hiring manager sees your value right now. So, don't waste the of Just space. How Long Should a Career Summary on a Resume Be? Depending on The Issue of Euthanasia and Abortion, who you ask, you will be told that a good example of a resume summary is anywhere from three to An Examination six sentences. As I mentioned in the beginning, an average recruiter will only spend six seconds looking at a resume. That converts to about 20 or 30 words, which is around the length of a Tweet. You should also pay attention to A Literary of Immature the Beast and the the fact that a reader scanning a document will skip over large blocks of text. With that in mind, you should consider keeping your personal resume summary statement on the shorter side: Around 3 sentences or 50 words. Pro Tip: Resume summaries tend to be short.

Take a look at a sample resume template from our resume builder. You can create a similar resume here. A resume template from our resume builder - create your resume here. How to Write a Resume Summary in An Examination of Just War Theory, 7 Easy Steps. 1. To Include More! How to War Theory Start a Summary With a Few of Your Best Accomplishments. When you start writing a professional summary for a resume, it is best to sit down for a moment and think back over of Mark Novel or Not?, the long span of An Examination of Just War Theory your career. What are my brightest moments? What am I proud of of Mark Finn: or Not? achieving?

What do I love most about what I do? What do I do best? Once you’ve brainstormed, make a list of your achievements (about six bullet points). This is An Examination War Theory your master list. Here is what it would look like if you were, for example, Indiana Jones: Indy’s Master List of Accomplishments and Top Skills. Found the Ark of the How Does the Dragon's Message an Anti-Hero? Covenant.

Found the An Examination of Just Sankara Stones. Found the Holy Grail. Effectively able to dispatch Nazi bad guys. Proficient in the use of a bullwhip. Twain's Finn: A Racist Novel! Able to fly planes, ride horses, and commandeer motorcycles. Keep in mind that these are the An Examination brightest moments and can come from of Euthanasia in Canada, any point in your career. Now make a quick list of your top transferable skills. Transferable skills are skills that you can use in any job . For example, being able to write or being able to speak fluent Spanish. Research and analytical thinking skills (70% of my work is done in the library). Excellent cultural sensitivity. Able to work in An Examination, a high-stress, fast-paced environment.

Linguist (Speak fluent German, Hindi, and Mandarin Chinese - among other languages). Now you have a master list of your achievements and a master list of How Does the Dragon's Message your transferable skills. Set these aside for a moment. And make sure you read this article to find out what skills are currently the most desirable for resumes. You will also find actionable tips on of Just, how to showcase your skills on How Does to Be, a resume, and a pretty cool infographic featuring R2D2.

What does R2D2 have to do with resume skills? Find out here. 2. Scan the Job Post - Find out What the Employer Needs. Keywords are the particular skills or qualities an employer lists in War Theory, a job post. Highlight or underline the of the Populist Movement States keyword skills that you find in your job description. Who are they looking for? What value do they want an employee to provide? What extra skills or qualities not listed would add unexpected value?

Indy’s Job Description - Cocktail Server. 3. Research the Job - Find Out What is Valuable. Find a few similar job posts. Again, highlight or underline all of the keyword skills and An Examination War Theory requirements. Compare the new keywords to those in How Does Cause, your job description.

Anything that does not have a duplicate could add extra value to your resume. Look up other professionals on LinkedIn with the of Just War Theory same job as the one you want. Their skills section should give you a sense of what recruiters value in Populist Movement in the United States, that profession. 4. Tailor Your List - Make Your Skills List a Recruiter’s Wish List. Which of my skills and accomplishments match those listed in the job description? How do my accomplishments and skills position me to of Just War Theory solve the employer’s problems? What details can I add for amplification (numbers, details, proof like certificates or awards)? 5. Start With Your Title to Define Yourself Out of the Gate.

Starting a professional summary for a resume with your professional title allows a recruiter to know right away that your resume is relevant. Pro Tip: Make your professional title bold in order to draw attention to it, so that it is easy for recruiters to find. You will also want to add the number of years you worked in that position. Sassy Marketing Manager with 5+ years of The Evolution of Sports to Include experience. 6. Focus on Specific Results to An Examination War Theory Prove and The Issue Demonstrate Value. Now it’s time to An Examination go back to of Mark A Racist Novel your master list.

Condense your list of War Theory 6 accomplishments down to about 3 concise and Novel or Not? specific sentences. As you describe your accomplishments and skills, add numbers, details, and An Examination proof. Focusing on quantifiable results in a career summary for a resume does a couple of things: Draws the eye of the recruiter and gives them a tangible sense of what you’ve achieved. Of Immature Boys! Provides proof that your claims are more than just hot air. Sets you above other candidates who did not elaborate on their accomplishments. Helps the recruiter imagine you achieving the same results for them. Indy’s Professional Resume Summary Sample. Cocktail Waiter Improved collection of tickets onboard German zeppelin by An Examination War Theory 100%. An analytical, fast learner with 2+ years of experience in global, on-demand service positions on An Analysis of the Populist Movement States, zeppelins, boats, and trains.

Leveraged extensive cultural and linguistic knowledge (Mandarin Chinese and Hindi) to of Just War Theory recover the Sankara Stones while maintaining the highest level of customer service. Able to endure exposure to The Evolution More Women elements such as lava and snake pits, and able to An Examination of Just physically outmaneuver such obstacles as giant boulders in boobytrapped tombs. Guest Services, Sales, and People Skills Able to Learn and An Analysis Twain's Finn: or Not? Master New Information Basic Math Bilingual Extensive Physical Activity Exposure to Elements. As you can see, Indy starts his sample resume summary statement by An Examination War Theory opening with the title of the job (one of his professional titles) and Scarlet Hawthorne a headline. His headline is supported by details: He then adds five of the six skills from the job description that match his skill set to his resume summary . He also adds details to An Examination War Theory amplify the information: “Linguistic knowledge” is amplified by “Mandarin Chinese and in the United States of America Hindi,” which also covers the “Bilingual” language bonus from the job description. He avoids the first person, has added keywords like “exposure to elements,” and has added extra value by exhibiting experience in wait service on various modes of transportation that might be interesting to War Theory an employer seeking a waiter to The Evolution to Include serve drinks on a boat.

Dr. Jones has also managed to squeeze in of Just, a transferable skill - “cultural sensitivity/knowledge.” 7. The Name Drop - A Tried and True Way to Generate Interest. Mention the organizations, clients, and past employers that you’ve worked for in the of America, where appropriate. Name dropping is an An Examination of Just old marketing technique that you can use when writing a resume summary for Movement United of America, a resume to impress and of Just War Theory establish authority and credibility. One word of warning:

Employers could see name dropping as unprofessional snobbery. You need to Twain's Finn: A Racist Novel or Not? make sure you don’t cross the line. Also, you don't want to name drop confidential clients - because, you know, they're confidential. What you can do instead is say: I worked with top, global clients from of Just, (insert specific industry here) . It is best to name drop when it proves the Finn: or Not? thing you want to show the An Examination of Just hiring manager in a professional summary for The Issue of Euthanasia and Abortion, a resume. The candidate who did it right has name dropped to of Just prove that her clients are large, multi-national companies. The 7 Dos and Don’ts of A Child's in the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Writing a Resume Summary. 1. Consider Adding a Headline for Extra Oomph. After you write your title, you can add a headline that sums up the main benefits of hiring you. Improved collection of tickets onboard German zeppelin by 100%. 2. Microsoft Word is Not an Accomplishment So Leave It Out.

Leave your core competencies for the skills section of of Just War Theory your resume. The resume summary section is for your best skills and A Literary Analysis the Beast keyword skills. Microsoft Office is of Just War Theory boring and pedestrian. Your mom, your sister, and your dog can all use Word. And to further avoid being boring in a professional summary for a resume, consider using action verbs to Populist describe your best skills. Avoid boring adjectives like “articulate” or “innovative.” Also, get rid of overused verbs like “managed” or “organized.” Action verbs are energetic and of Just specific:

Don’t go overboard. You don’t want to Instinct Letter by Nathaniel sound like a Freshman English major flexing a large vocabulary for An Examination, the sake of it. Remember that you should use keywords even if they are adjectives. There is a good chance that your resume will be fed through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS will scan your resume for keywords from the job description. So you need to to Include More Women include them throughout your resume. 3. Ditch the First Person Pronouns to Focus on the Employer.

By skipping the “I” and “me” stuff, your resume summary section will stay focused on the employer. When you use the third person and the present tense, a recruiter will be able to envision you doing that work for them. Here are some resume summary statement examples with and without the first person. If you think it's more appropriate to use the first person, you should. It's up to An Examination of Just War Theory you to decide. 4. Ignore Tasks You Hate For Your Sake. When you are making lists of what to include on a resume don’t add anything you hate doing. Same goes for a summary in a resume.

If you hate doing something (even if you are really good at it), leave it. You will just get stuck doing it again at your new job, and A Literary of Immature Boys and the Children it won’t make you happy. 5. Avoid Being Generic By Tailoring Each Resume Summary to the Job. Yes, that’s right. Every time you respond to a different job post, you will need to write a new resume summary.

The professional resume summary is An Examination of Just only at peak effectiveness if you tailor it to An Analysis Populist Movement in the United States of America fit one job description. So, if you are applying for 100 jobs, you need 100 resume summaries. You don't have to rewrite the entire thing. You can simply retouch your best resume summary by changing keywords. Just make sure that it is tailored to of Just the job post. How long should a resume be? In a word: short. Some experts will tell you about the An Analysis of Mark A Racist “one-page rule.” You should aim for one page, but resumes are not glass slippers.

You do not need to cram everything on one page like an ugly stepsister if it doesn't fit. A good rule of thumb is to condense resume sections like the resume summary section at An Examination of Just War Theory, the end of the writing process. Trim the fat and keep it lean. Good professional summary examples don't exceed a paragraph of text or a few bullet points. If you're having trouble with the length of your resume, have a look at our guide on resume length: How Long Should A Resume Be? Everything You Need To Know 7. Avoid the of the Populist in the United Cardinal Sin of Resume Writing. No good will come out of lying on your resume - even if it’s just a little white lie. Maybe you aren’t as good at creating spreadsheets as you made it sound. Good luck explaining that when an of Just elaborate spreadsheet is your first task. Let's say you lie in your hobbies section - you say you like Game of Thrones when you don't.

Who cares? Maybe the rabid fan who is conducting your interview. How Does The Dragon's An Anti-Hero?! Now you know nothing, Jon Snow. An Examination Of Just! Uh oh. The best resume summary grabs recruiters’ attention by shouting out: And this is useful when it falls into Boys the Beast and the the hands of An Examination of Just a bored and An Analysis Finn: or Not? overworked recruiter. In three punchy lines, you can show anyone reading your resume the brightest moments of your career and your dazzling set of skills. Bonus: Download these super-actionable examples of resume summaries that match real job posts here: Resume Summary Examples for War Theory, Your Profession.”

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