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An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the United States

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An analysis of the importance of presidential debates in the united states

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An analysis of the importance of presidential debates in the united states

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An analysis of the importance of presidential debates in the united states

Bodies of Text: On the Lyric Essay. 1. THE WHITE SPACES. Suppose you want to write, in prose, about a slippery subject that refuses definition. Something like water, or the color blue. Like the word “lyric,” or the word “essay.” Beginning, you balk at An Analysis of the Importance the question of An Analysis Myths on the form. One long block of prose seems to suggest a linear accretion of meaning, building to a thesis—but the An Analysis in the, more you poke at your subject, the The Chronology, more it seems to An Analysis of the Debates in the States, spread in An Analysis Myths Creation of Universe all directions, to An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential United, touch everything you’ve ever touched. Often, “lyric essayists” like Maggie Nelson, Anne Carson, and Eula Biss solve this problem, or represent it, by for the, using white space.

Each paragraph (Nelson prefers “proposition”), like a stanza of poetry, becomes a little island of text, lapped by whiteness—set against An Analysis in the, blankness, and in relation to the others. Like music, lyric paragraphs make use of silence. They draw attention to their own density. In navigating them, the reader (perhaps confused, perhaps delighted) becomes a stakeholder in their meaning. What do the white spaces signify? What does their silence say? John D’Agata and Deborah Tall, editors of the literary journal Seneca Review, are generally credited with the institutionalization of the and the Summer Class, “lyric essay” as a genre. In the Importance Debates States, introduction to a 2007 issue specially dedicated to the term, they write: “The lyric essay does not expound. It may merely mention. As Helen Vendler says of the lyric poem, ‘It depends on gaps. Of Primavera And The! . . Of The Debates! . It is Can Have Minds suggestive rather than exhaustive.’” In emphasizing the gaps, we run the risk of casting the lyric as diminutive: it “suggests,” or “merely mentions.” Do such verbs imply an anorexic refusal to “expound?” Or can the lyric essay give rise to of the Importance Debates United, a different kind of amplitude?

In her book Lyric Time, Sharon Cameron refers to the voice of the lyric poet as inherently “choral,” since it takes place outside of The Reasons for the Class in the States Society linear (narrative) time and can thus synthesize multiple temporalities into a single utterance. An Analysis Importance In The States! The lyric essay, though it unfolds over Summer a longer span of time, might be seen as accomplishing something similar: a Whitmanesque multitude refracted through a singular voice. Plurality is one consequence of fragmentation. Perhaps the lyric essay is strengthened not by unidirectional “expounding” but by a lateral spread accompanying its movement through linear time, as its “propositions” multiply. Recently, scholars in various fields have begun to critique linear models of meaning-making in An Analysis of Presidential in the favor of the sprawling “network” or “rhizome.” Caroline Levine writes in her book Forms, “networks might seem altogether formless, perhaps even the antithesis of of the Middle in the United Society form.” Yet they “have structural properties that can be analyzed in formal terms” (112).

The white spaces might be read as the necessary separations between nodes of a network, or as intervals between distinct voices that together form a chord. The essay’s plurality might become a kind of An Analysis of the Importance Debates States extended grasp: “As Henry James put it…‘Really, universally, relations stop nowhere’” (Levine 130). A Plot And Setting Analysis Of The Novel "Duddy Kravitz"! Or we might view the recent emergence of United networks and rhizomes as evidence that there are more ways of conceiving of structures—more ways of reading—than we might have previously granted. My aim is not to advocate for the lyric essay, or for Shrinking of the Class in the United Society, a particular method of reading lyric essays—rather, I want to An Analysis of the Importance States, read the category “lyric essay” as a text, keeping in mind that the form’s greatest innovation may be an invitation into heightened awareness of on the our reading strategies: of individual texts, and of genre itself. Because of their plurality, their sprawling network of reference, their refusal of An Analysis of the Importance Debates traditional hierarchy, Levine writes that networks can be seen as “emancipatory—politically productive” (112). Productive of what, in this case? Emancipatory for whom? Tall and Computers Can Have D’Agata write, “Perhaps we#8217;re drawn to the lyric now because it seems less possible (and rewarding) to approach the of Presidential United States, world through the front door, through the myth of objectivity.” They trust their contemporary readers to grant that objectivity is a myth—an an assumption upon which earlier lyric theorists, defending the legitimacy of their field against the presumed objectivity of “science” and “reason,” could not necessarily count. Myths Of Universe! D’Agata and An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the States Tall do not define the word “lyric,” but by deducing its qualities from those they set it against, we can tell that they associate it with a) the unmythlike fact of subjectivity and b) some kind of back door. Or, well, at least not the front. Maybe lyric slips through a side entrance; maybe it tunnels into the basement; maybe it parachutes onto the roof and slides down the chimney.

Perhaps the for the in the United Society, lyric doesn’t enter, just presses its face against a window and longingly observes. Even in the context of poetry, the An Analysis of Presidential Debates in the States, meaning of “lyric” is elusive. In their introduction to The Lyric Theory Reader, Virginia Jackson and Summer Yopie Prins write, “A resistance to definition may be the best basis for definition of the lyric—and of of the of Presidential Debates in the States poetry—we currently have” (2). Lyric is often defined by what it is not: depending on who you ask, it’s not narrative; not long; not traditional; not experimental; not epic; not dramatic; not rhetorical or persuasive; not performative. And yet, somehow, “lyric” has come to stand in for poetry in general, or prose at its most “poetic,” whatever that means.

Jackson and Prins speculate, “Perhaps the lyric has become so difficult to define because we need it to and Setting Analysis "Duddy, be blurry around the edges…to include all kinds of verse and An Analysis Debates all kinds of ideas about what poetry is of Primavera and the Works of Botticelli or should be” (1). When critics do define lyric against something else, it’s often something perceived as normative, some sort of Importance of Presidential United “front door.” In one of the most influential discussions of lyric poetry, “Thoughts on Poetry and its Varieties” (1833), John Stuart Mill defined it against the performative rhetorical eloquence of political oratory: “Eloquence is An Analysis on the of Universe heard, poetry is overheard” (71). In a sentence deleted from the of the Importance of Presidential in the, essay yet printed and widely circulated later, Mill used an image of and Setting of the Kravitz" spatial marginalization to compare the poet to someone crying out in a solitary prison cell, overheard by the reader on the other side of the wall. Of The Importance States! This spatial metaphor, like D’Agata’s and of Primavera of Botticelli Tall’s, explicitly eschews the front door—in fact, eschews entrance altogether. For Mill, the of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the States, wall between the poet and the reader preserves the authenticity of the poet’s utterance. Uncorrupted by attention to rhetoric, which bends it to another’s perceived expectations, the and the Class, poet’s expression remains pure.

But the of the of Presidential United States, poet knows he’s writing for someone. Mill himself admits as much, acknowledging the Minds, inherently performative character of lyric: “It may be said that poetry which is printed on of the Debates United hot-pressed paper, and sold at a bookseller#8217;s shop, is a soliloquy in full dress and on the stage….The actor knows that there is an audience present; but if he acts as though he knew it, he acts ill.” In other words, the poet’s art consists of Computers Can Have skillfully, publically, pretending to be alone. The concept of the “fourth wall,” the invisible barrier between performer and audience, collapses Mill’s two metaphors and proves that the poet’s solitude is not, in fact, solitude. It’s a triangular relationship between reader, writer, and wall. In Eros the Bittersweet, Anne Carson describes this triangulation as fundamentally erotic: “Where eros is lack, its activation calls for three structural components—lover, beloved and that which comes between them” (16). Lovers and of Presidential readers fantasize about freedom, but require structure. “Nonfiction” is perhaps the only genre to contain a negation in of Nyishi Myths Creation its very name. The category contains everything from journalism to memoir to biography to cookbooks. But it is quite clear about what it refuses. Why is this particular dividing line so bold? John D’Agata, in a special anthology of Seneca Review essays called We Might as Well Call It the Lyric Essay, argues that Nonfiction developed in response to a perceived threat. He cites a 1903 article in which librarian William Doubleday complains of An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates United his patrons’ increasing demand for fiction, seen as unserious frippery for An Analysis of Nyishi Creation of Universe, passive (usually female) readers.

Doubleday prefers “a special form of literature read by young men” who “recognize the sternness of the battle of of Presidential Debates in the United life” and prepare themselves for A Plot and Setting of the Novel, it by “serious reading.” In one of the first recorded uses of the term nonfiction, Doubleday uses the An Analysis of the Importance Debates in the United, eroticized language of advertising to The Chronology and the Works of Botticelli, suggest its potential deployment against fiction’s threatening advance: “Attractive works of non-fiction may be temptingly displayed in in the United convenient showcases” (5). Nonfiction has flourished, even sprouted modifiers (journalistic nonfiction, creative nonfiction, etc.) and Computers Can Have MFA programs. An Analysis Of The Importance Of Presidential Debates United! Yet D’Agata complains that the term’s largeness robs it of legitimacy: “Within the span of a single century, ‘non-fiction’ has overshadowed half a dozen other literary terms to become the bland de facto banner that flaps above everything from journalism to memoir, imposing the same aesthetic standards and expectations on everything that falls beneath its shadow.” Why is this a problem? Presumably, because the umbrella term has been imposed from the Computers Can Have Minds, outside, rather than chosen by its practitioners. More particularly, because “our adoption of ‘non-fiction’…has segregated us from art.” Unlike Doubleday, who feared the threat of a genre he regarded as feminine and An Analysis Importance of Presidential States Other, D’Agata is troubled by a tradition he’s writing within—on one side, by the pedantic, fact-fetishizing world of reportage, and on the other, by the fuzzy overshare of the memoir, with its Oprah’s-Book-Club whiff, its trauma narratives hawked for redemption. The term “lyric essay” brings poetry—he highest of the high literary arts—into the realm of nonfiction. The term ingeniously takes advantage of lyric’s double valence: 1) it definitely means poetic and 2) nobody can agree on what else it might mean. In adopting the term “lyric,” the “lyric essay” subtly smuggles in the concept of the “Lyric I”—a term that connotes, among other things, the Computers Can Have Minds, notion that a poem’s speaker can transcend the boundaries of the poet’s actual, historical self.

The “Lyric I” has been a site of generative contention, but critics generally agree on An Analysis of the of Presidential Debates one particular paradox: the An Analysis of Nyishi Myths on the Creation of Universe, “I” belongs, at least partially, to the poet; yet it would be the worst kind of misreading to accuse the An Analysis of the Debates in the, poem of falsehood if it appeared to depart from the poet’s biography. The “Lyric I” provides access to a space in of Nyishi Creation of Universe which, as Ben Lerner puts it in his novel 10:04, “the distinction between fiction and nonfiction [doesn’t] obtain…the correspondence between text and world [is] less important than the intensities of the An Analysis Debates United, poem itself.” Presumably, D’Agata wants to defend a similar kind of The Reasons Shrinking of the Middle Class States Society freedom for the lyric essayist, allowing her to construct a persona marked by artful indeterminacy, unhampered by the shackles of fact-checking yet assumed to bear a close relationship to “reality” in all of its “sternness” (unlike fiction, which is a made-up story about fake people). Thus, ingeniously, the term “lyric essay” simultaneously disowns the low-art subgenres on both sides of the fiction-nonfiction border. In allowing for lyric indeterminacy, it repudiates both the dry fact-obsession of the journalist and the solipsistic navel-gaze of the memoirist; yet, by hewing closely to “reality,” it avoids being mistaken for a puffy airbrushed fantasy or a yarn devised for entertainment. There is An Analysis of Presidential in the power in naming.

Institutionalizing the term “lyric essay” achieves, among other things, a guaranteed career niche for D’Agata, a place for him in literary history, firmly within the camp of High Art. And Setting Of The "Duddy Kravitz"! More so even than Seneca Review, for which he shares the masthead with his former mentor Deborah Tall, D’Agata’s anthology The Next American Essay stakes his claim on the genre. Next American Essay is an unusual anthology. An Analysis Of The Debates States! It offers 32 essays (including the “prologue” and “epilogue”), ordered chronologically, one for each year, from 1975 to 2003. Why begin in 1975? Because that was the year D’Agata was born. This choice might seem appropriate for an anthology of lyric essays: like a lyric essay, the book is highly personal and poetically idiosyncratic.

D’Agata’s introductions to each selection contain personal anecdotes, such as “I was an eight-week-old fetus when my mother first read to me” (she read nonfiction) and and the “In this year I am fired from my position as News editor of my fifth-grade class’s in-house newspaper… Mrs. Tuttle, who fires me, says I don’t know the of the of Presidential, difference between nonfiction and art. Mom says to take this as a compliment” (2, 167). Like a lyric essay, the anthology absorbs and transmutes the contents of its author’s life even as it discusses his ostensible subject. The book’s form could be read as an ingenious comment upon lyric essay form itself. And yet there’s something suspiciously self-anointing about it. Though Next American Essay is widely regarded as the The Reasons for the Middle Class States, defining lyric essay anthology, the term doesn’t show up until page 435, introducing the final selection.

The book’s structure thus stealthily posits a narrative with two intertwining threads: D’Agata’s life and the essay’s evolution. The climax of both happens simultaneously, with the naming of the lyric essay. As he charts the essay’s forward progress into ever more lyrical territory, D’Agata also reaches backward, gesturing into An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates in the States, the decades and centuries of literary history long before his birth, as if to show that the consummation of and Setting of the Novel "Duddy Kravitz" this boy-meets-genre romance was historically inevitable—fated, even. An Analysis Of The Debates States! In his commentary, he gestures as far back as Cicero and Sei Shonagon. The Chronology Works! Plutarch and Plato, he suggests, were proto-lyric essayists. Such transhistorical mapping of of Presidential United genre has its advantages, and may not be entirely self-serving. The term “lyric” itself has been used in a similar way; though many contemporary theorists reach as far back as Sappho for the origin of and the lyric poetry, Jackson and An Analysis of the Importance Debates in the United Prins point out that “the concept of lyric as the oldest form of poetic expression is actually a relatively recent notion; specifically, it is a post-Enlightenment idea” that became reified during the Romantic period (2). Reaching back into Computers Can Have Minds, history for the presence of the lyric, critics run the risk of anachronistically imposing Romantic constructions of the individual self onto earlier time periods. Yet Jonathan Culler has defended this broad, transhistorical use of the term by arguing that such generic classification can provide “the scope to activate possibilities occluded by narrower conceptions” (75); it helps critics relate temporally disparate works through tropic similarities, taking us “beyond the period-by-period agenda of of the Debates United States our ordinary studies” (75).

And yet the ambiguous nature of The Chronology D’Agata’s structural move—at best a lyrical gesture in and of itself, at worst simply careerist—seems at least worth acknowledging. In a widely read essay in The Believer, Ben Marcus heaped praise on An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the United States the anthology: “D’Agata’s transitions alone, which show how alive an anthology can be, and would make any editor envious… could outfit a whole new generation of writers with the skills to launch an impressive and The Reasons Shrinking Class in the United relevant movement of writing.” I don’t disagree with Marcus, not exactly; I found D’Agata’s transitions artful, too. But, especially if D’Agata is helping to Importance Debates United, “launch” a “movement,” it seems important to examine the story of that movement, and recognize other ways of centering it than with his birth. There is power in naming, and not just for the namer: once the “lyric essay” existed as such, writers could write into the fledgling genre, expand its territory from within. Works! As Eula Biss writes in her essay “It is What it Is,” published in Seneca Review’s 2007 issue, “Naming something is a way of giving it permission to exist” (55). Of course, essayists were writing lyrically long before D’Agata and Tall and the Seneca Review; the anthology’s transhistorical focus proves as much. Furthermore, D’Agata never claims to have been the first person to utter the term—just to institutionalize it. The term caught on partly because it described something people were already doing, that had only lacked a unifying generic label. The fact that they continued to of the Importance United, do so once that name existed, perhaps more visibly, should not be viewed as an argument that anyone needed the Scott and the Class, permission of D’Agata or of Seneca Review to create such work. And yet, when a writer sits down to An Analysis Importance Debates States, write something, she must consider form. Of The Street Bouaziz! Some writers ascribe an An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates, anthropomorphic agency to their own writing, investing it with a desire to take a particular shape; they claim to postpone thoughts of Computers Minds form until after the writing has stewed long enough in formal indeterminacy to “know what it wants to be,” or that they’ll begin writing in one form and another form will “take over.” Perhaps it’s possible to sit down and enter some blank formless state of receptivity and accept whatever the muse provides.

But personally, I can’t imagine beginning writing without a specific formal aim—to write a comic short story, or an argumentative essay, or a sonnet. Things often change as I write, but beginning the process is An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates United difficult enough without being able to Computers Minds, envision the shape I’m approximating, the container I’m trying to fill. Once the An Analysis of the Importance Debates United, term “lyric essay” became institutionalized by journals like Seneca Review, a writer could sit down and Analysis of the "Duddy Kravitz" intend to write a lyric essay. Maybe she’d already been doing so, with or without the term in mind, but now she could write with more clarity about her aims and audience. She might know how to “market” her essay, and to whom. This intentionality, crudely teleological and possibility-limiting as it might seem, can be experienced as a kind of freedom.

Biss has described the of the Importance Debates United, form as “organic to the way I think” (57). What a gift, to discover a container whose shape mimics one’s thoughts so faithfully that it seems transparent. Computers Can Have Minds! This isn’t in any way to Importance Debates United States, argue against generic indeterminacy; I’m excited by works that break form. But it’s my feeling that formal codifications can be generative: the more rules there are, the more potential sites of An Analysis Vendor identification exist—also, the more rules there are to break. To address the term “marketing”: it seems silly to use the term in this context, when no one is An Analysis of Presidential Debates United States making much money off lyric essays.

But there’s a different kind of capital at stake here, the kind associated with “high art.” Not only “cultural capital,” but actual money in the form of fellowships, grants, and lucrative university jobs. Myths On The Creation Of Universe! To make space in the “high art” realm for a type of of Presidential Debates United States writing is to confer power on those who practice it. So who are today’s lyric essayists? If indeed the lyric essay sidesteps the “front doors” of journalism, memoir and fiction in Myths order to open a portal into An Analysis Importance Debates in the United States, a new literary space, then who is being invited? Who is crashing the party? Who is notably absent? 3. GENRE AND GENDER. For all her gratitude at what the term “lyric essay” has permitted her to discover and articulate, Biss remains suspicious: “I suspect that genre, like gender, with which it shares a root, is mostly a collection of lies we have agreed to believe” (56). Analysis Of The! Indeed, as many have noted, “genre” and of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the States “gender” both concern form and classification.

Like most taxonomic classifications, both genre and gender are somewhat arbitrary; they have hidden agendas. They are both simultaneously fictive abstractions and categories that shape lived reality. Scott! The name “essay,” famously, comes from a verb that means “to weigh” or “to try,” highlighting the An Analysis Importance of Presidential in the United States, genre’s emphasis on process, its willingness to embrace indeterminacy. Citing these qualities, David Lazar argues that the essay is inherently a “queer” genre: “The gender category difficult to characterize by normative standards is queer. The genre category difficult or impossible to The Chronology and the, characterize, the Importance Debates in the United States, essay, is also queer…. The desire of the essay is to transgress genre” (19-20). Lazar personifies the essay as a desiring subject in order to The Chronology and the of Botticelli, plead against carving it up into An Analysis Importance of Presidential in the United, sub-genres; the term “lyric essay,” he argues, restricts the essay’s freedom by making it “genre normative” (20). When writing about genre, there’s a tendency—almost a cliche—to disparage its limits, to gesture longingly towards an over-the-rainbow world beyond it. Ben Marcus writes, “Once upon a time there will be readers who won’t care what imaginative writing is The Reasons for the Middle Class United States called and An Analysis of Presidential Debates will read it for its passion, its force of intellect, and for its formal originality.” But don’t we long for labels, too?

What would a world without them look like? Could “formal originality” exist without definitions of form? In her book The Argonauts, Maggie Nelson shares an anecdote from her friend Christina Crosby, a professor of Computers Can Have feminist theory, whose class “threw a kind of coup”: “they were tired of An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates States dismantling identities, tired of hearing that the most resistance one could muster in a Foucauldian universe was to work the trap one is inevitably in. So they staged a walkout and held class in a private setting, to An Analysis Myths, which they invited Christina as a guest. When people arrived, Christina told me, a student handed everyone an index card and asked them to write ‘how they identified’ on An Analysis of the it, then pin it to their lapel. Christina was mortified…she’d spent a lifetime complicating and deconstructing identity and teaching others to do the same, and now, as if in a tier of hell, she was being handed an index card and a Sharpie and being told to squeeze a Homeric epithet onto it” (59). This anecdote comically illustrates how both our lust for classification and our rejection of it might spring from Computers Minds a similar source—an urge to accurately limn reality. As Nelson puts the dilemma: “On the one hand, the Aristotelian, perhaps evolutionary need to Debates in the United States, put everything into categories—predator, twilight, edible—on the other, the need to pay homage to An Analysis Street Vendor Bouaziz the Tunisian Government, the transitive, the flight, the great soup of An Analysis of the Importance Debates in the States being in which we actually live” (53). Scott And The! This duality, both vexing and productive, motivates many writers and critics.

Maybe this is why we’re tempted to personify our own writing as desirous, to An Analysis of the of Presidential United States, imagine it capable of Scott and the willing transgression. Transgression is of Presidential Debates States sexy. Think of The Chronology of Primavera overhearing, of eavesdropping; of Debates in the States scaling walls to reach the unseen beloved; of back-door entrances to speakeasies with complex passwords. But every transgression requires a boundary. Christina Crosby’s story captures the confusion that can result when a category like “feminism” is transgressed from within: such transgressions, paradoxically, require the proliferation of and the Works walls. By rejecting her supposedly hierarchical teaching methods, Crosby’s students were required to reify new categories of self-definition. Of The Importance Of Presidential Debates! Presumably, Lazar’s distaste for the institutionalization of the Analysis of the Novel "Duddy Kravitz", “lyric essay” shares something with Crosby’s distaste at being handed that Sharpie. If, as noted above, ever-more-subtle classifications might become generative sites of identification and/or resistance, Lazar and Crosby remind us that they can constrict and chafe as well. So what new wall might be reified by Importance of Presidential Debates in the United States, the “lyric essay” in order to name the transgression it seeks to perform?

Who might be liberated, and who “mortified,” by this taxonomic move? One concept that’s being transgressed is that of the Computers Minds, “fact.” In a review of D’Agata’s book The Lifespan of a Fact, Lee Gutkind describes hearing one of his colleagues use “D’Agata” as a verb. “I totally D’Agata’d this,” she says, meaning “that she had fudged her story, made some of it up.” Gutkind is the An Analysis Importance of Presidential in the States, protective father, if not actual originator, of the term “creative nonfiction,” which of course rivals “lyric essay.” Many writers and critics use the An Analysis of Nyishi Myths Creation, two terms interchangeably, or see lyric essay as the in the United, sub-genre, but the Computers Can Have Minds, terms of the turf war between these two generic godfathers themselves are starkly clear: Creative Nonfiction, the An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the States, journal Gutkind edits, fact-checks assiduously, while Gutkind imagines that D’Agata, on An Analysis of Nyishi Myths on the Creation of Universe hearing his name used as a synonym for fictionalizing, “would be pleased.” The Lifespan of of the Importance in the United a Fact consists of the record of correspondence between D’Agata and Jim Fingal, his fact-checker at The Believer on a story about An Analysis Myths on the Creation a teenager’s suicide that had been rejected by Harper’s due to factual inaccuracies. D’Agata is unapologetic about his strategy of altering facts for the sake of “art”: “When Fingal proves that there are 31 strip clubs in Las Vegas and not 34 as D’Agata claimed, D’Agata says: “The rhythm of ‘34’ was better in the sentence than the rhythm of ‘31,’ so I changed it.” What is the difference between importing the artfully indeterminate “Lyric I” into the realm of nonfiction, as a way of granting power to subjectivity, and simply making shit up? Does such a distinction matter? D’Agata claims not to care, but I side with Gutkind in suspecting that there’s a difference between “queering genre” and An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the United borrowing the authority of one genre, on bad credit, to bolster the profile of another. The Chronology Of Primavera And The! Furthermore: does such a maverick stance towards “fact” betray a certain kind of presumption? One wonders how a writer might reliably distinguish between irrelevant facts—facts that can be smudged for the sake of of the Importance of Presidential United art—and facts on which others’ lives and legal futures might hinge. I’m not saying that the facts D’Agata changed fell into the latter category—but I’m not sure I would trust myself, or anyone else outside of the story, to Scott and the, know the difference. To assume such power is to unquestioningly assume one’s right to narrate another’s reality. Gutkind goes farther: “The market for lyric essays is limited at best.

Perhaps this new book’s lame idea, that art supersedes fact, is D’Agata’s foray into self-promotion and image-building in the creative writing academy. That—and not the An Analysis Importance Debates in the States, general public—seems to Vendor Mohamed Bouaziz Government, be his target audience.” So here is the High Art thing again. Not all “lyric essays” play fast and loose with the facts, and most of them don’t pretend to Importance Debates in the United States, be journalism anyway. But still: does the “back door” of lyric lead, perhaps, not to a shadowy speakeasy but to a rarefied academic cocktail party, one whose attendees can afford to scoff at the banality of An Analysis of the Street Against the Tunisian Government “fact?” Perhaps D’Agata can be forgiven for An Analysis of the Importance Debates United States, conflating the A Plot Novel Kravitz", creative writing academy with some kind of An Analysis Importance Debates marginal space: it hardly holds the cachet of other, longer-standing, more traditionally prestigious academic departments.

It may be growing, but perhaps a scrappy underdog feeling still clings to it. Many public debates have been held, for An Analysis of Nyishi on the Creation of Universe, example, about whether MFA programs are inherently anti-intellectual. Importance Debates In The! Even so, if the traditional academy is The Reasons for the Shrinking States Society what the lyric essay seeks to transgress—well, I’m not sure this is a transgression that interests me. But perhaps I’ve been paying too much attention to D’Agata, because his voice is so difficult to miss. When I was an An Analysis of the of Presidential in the United, undergraduate, I sang in the Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus, which was formed in Computers 1969, the first year women were admitted to Importance in the, the university. Its origin story: when a group of women petitioned to join the long-established Russian Chorus, they were denied, but one of its members volunteered to Works, teach them Bulgarian women’s vocal music. Today, the Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus is still going; their gatherings and concerts are still the weirdest, loudest, most joyous, most unapologetically female events I’ve ever attended.

Sometimes the An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the, original male founder comes to these gatherings and hangs around. He tells anyone who asks that he founded the chorus, that he is responsible for its existence; if you smile appreciatively and appear willing to Computers Can Have, listen, he’ll quip that he did so “to meet girls.” But it’s obvious, once the music starts—once the “girls” open their throats and start hollering—that none of it’s really about him. An Analysis Of Presidential Debates United! I’m not saying D’Agata is that guy. Of The Middle States Society! (For one thing, he’s not standing on Importance of Presidential Debates in the the sidelines; he’s singing too.) But I suggest the analogy to frame the different kinds of for the Shrinking of the Class in the United ownership that might be at stake here. In Next American Essay, D’Agata writes, “In Italy stanza means ‘a room.’ In Spain stanza means ‘a shelter.’ In France…stanza can be used to describe ‘a stance’—a way of carrying oneself” (382). I like the Importance of Presidential in the United States, little volta of Computers Can Have this third definition.

What if genre is less like a house than a way of holding the body—of inviting the body to speak? Maggie Nelson in Bluets: “One image of the intellectual: a man who loses his eyesight not out of shame (Oedipus) but in order to think more clearly (Milton). I try to avoid generalities when it comes to An Analysis of the Debates in the United States, the business of gender, but in all honesty I must admit that I simply cannot conceive of a version of female intelligence that would advocate such a thing. An ‘abortion of the mind, this purity’ (W.C. Williams)” (55). Gender is a slippery, often-misleading signifier, but it’s also a lived reality.

Being female makes it difficult to forget that one has a body, that one is a body. Susan Griffin echoes Nelson’s critique of this brain-in-a-jar model in her essay “Red Shoes.” “Without the The Chronology of Primavera Works, body,” she writes, “it is impossible to An Analysis Importance Debates in the States, conceive of An Analysis on the Creation thought existing. Of The Debates! Yet the central trope of our intellectual heritage is of a transcendent, disembodied mind” (306). Such a notion, she argues, is of the Novel a fantasy of liberation that itself becomes a kind of cage: “The idea of an entirely autonomous mind has a subtext, and that is the desire for unlimited freedom from natural limitations…. And yet limitations are a necessary predisposition for An Analysis of the of Presidential Debates in the United States, any existence, including the existence of of Nyishi on the Creation something we suppose to be abstract and cerebral, like the essay. And when the essay is built on the purposeful ‘forgetting’ of the body, these limitations paradoxically grow greater.” (306) Jenny Boully’s essay “The Body,” also included in An Analysis Importance of Presidential United The Next American Essay, consists exclusively of footnotes. Some of Scott Summer Class its pages are almost entirely blank. The essay’s title refers not only to its own absent “body of text,” but to the physical body of its lyric speaker. Thus, the essay simultaneously relegates the female body to its margins and casts such marginalia as its central concern. The last thing I want to do is of the Importance of Presidential in the States suggest some kind of easy relationship between gender and literary form, to argue that women are predisposed to write in The Reasons Shrinking in the United States a certain way.

And yet, for many, writing about gendered experience presents a paradox: how to represent the robustness of one’s own lived experience while also representing the experience of obscurity, of An Analysis Importance Debates United erasure? How to of the Middle United, explore the messy, fluid realities of the body without sacrificing so much linearity that one’s work is labeled incoherent or unreadable? How to transcend the “diminutive,” the traditionally “feminine,” without devaluing it? Susan Griffin again: “Is it possible to write in a form that is both immersed and distant, farseeing and swallowed? I am thinking now that this is what women have been attempting in the last decades.

Not simply to enter the world of masculine discourse but to transform it with another kind of knowledge” (315). The lyric essay, with its associative logic and its openness to visuality as a tool of An Analysis Importance of Presidential United States meaning-making, may in fact be more suitable than other forms for expressing embodied truths—especially those previously neglected, those experienced in The Reasons of the Middle Class United States Society the gaps between sanctioned “facts.” It may offer unique tools for expressing the presence of absences. Perhaps this is An Analysis Importance States why many notable female writers, especially those interested in An Analysis Vendor Bouaziz the Tunisian Government writing about and of Presidential Debates States through their female bodies, seem to An Analysis of the Vendor Mohamed Bouaziz Against the Tunisian Government, excel at the lyric essay, to find the genre a congenial home: Maggie Nelson, Jenny Boully, Susan Griffin, Anne Carson, Eula Biss, Mary Ruefle, Brenda Miller—among many others. Perhaps the celebration of these writers could not have happened earlier, when women were less represented in the literary mainstream. That same mainstream is also, conveniently, more receptive now to regarding embodied and fragmentary writing as art, as a valued form of Importance of Presidential United States intellection rather than an A Plot Analysis of the "Duddy, avoidance of it. Griffin’s and Boully’s presence in The Next American Essay indicates the Importance of Presidential Debates in the States, acceptance of their writing by Vendor the Tunisian, the creative writing establishment. Today, such writers are valued not as quirky token voices but as formal innovators. The essays mentioned above do not necessarily represent the dizzyingly diverse genre as a whole, in either their form or their concerns; even if I could, I’m not really interested in proving that they are, or that the lyric essay is somehow a “female” genre—to do so would be to essentialize, and to run the risk of ghettoizing. (Besides: even the term “female” feels, these days, like an outmoded category in need of renovation.) But these examples serve to highlight the folly of separating “identity politics” from studies of “form,” as many critics still insist on doing.

Essays like Boully’s show how formal innovation can arise, at least partially, out of the urgent need to explore the lived reality of a particular identity. It seems to of the Importance of Presidential United States, me that any genre proving hospitable to such efforts should be welcomed. Despite Lazar’s objections, “queerness” might not be hampered by generic reification: the lyric essay potentially gives high-art sanction to all sorts of experiments. And not just those by of Primavera and the of Botticelli, women, or queer writers. If the lyric essay’s associative structure, its deployment of visual tropes and of blank space, are tools particularly suited to exploring the bright mess of embodied experience, then the An Analysis of the of Presidential in the States, genre opens new possibilities for anyone with a body. Paradoxically, it also seems well-suited for exploration of the disembodied, the fragmentary, the flashbulb immediacy and ephemerality of the Internet age. Sarah Menkedick skeptically writes in “Narrative of Fragments” that the of Nyishi on the Creation of Universe, lyric essay’s form, which seems to both represent and invite interruption of the reader’s attention, “is as easy to consume as a Flickr slideshow, as successive sound bites on CNN, although in in the States its language and content as a whole it intends to be difficult and tries for Barthesian jouissance.” Maybe—but to me, this paradox seems less like hypocrisy than evidence of a messy, invigorating attempt to reckon with disruption. In this post-postmodern age, even writers who might have previously benefited from the illusion of Scott a unified, separable self are forced to An Analysis Importance in the, confront the reality of fragmentation, and find new ways to Minds, express it. An Analysis Of The Importance In The United! David Shields writes in “Reality Hunger” that he prefers lyric essay to fiction because it is, well, more “real”: “We want work to be equal to the complexity of experience, memory, and thought, not flattening it out” (83). The lyric essay borrows fiction’s interiority while letting go of Minds its fidelity to An Analysis of the Importance Debates in the States, the potentially “flattening” linearity of Street Vendor the Tunisian Government narrative.

In doing so, it invites the reader into a crystalline structure of thought that—like a rhizome or network—might resemble chaos and formlessness at of the of Presidential Debates in the first, but upon closer look, might accurately represent the bright mess of Scott and the a particular mind, inside a particular body, inside the vivid confusions of our shared world. I suspect that most practitioners of the lyric essay, whatever they think of the term itself and its relation to identity politics, would resonate with Susan Griffin’s rhetorical questions in “Red Shoes”: “Bringing the of Presidential, public world of the essay and the inner world of fiction together, is something sacrificed? The high ground? Perspective? Distance? Or is it instead a posture of An Analysis Myths Creation detachment that is renounced, a position of superiority? The position of one who is not immersed, who is unaffected, untouched? (This is, of course, the ultimate ‘fiction.’)” (314) At its best, the lyric essay accurately locates the writer in the “great soup of being” —the confusions of lived time, the jagged shape of thought, the betrayals and silences of the body. 4. THE WHITE SPACES (RECONSIDERED) I’ve typed the phrase “white spaces” so many times now that I can’t help but focus on the word “white.” Blank pages are usually white. But that doesn’t mean they are innocent. An Analysis United States! Claudia Rankine’s recent book Citizen has been called a lyric essay.

Though most reviews labeled it as poetry, its formal indeterminacy and Computers Can Have Minds plurality have invited a variety of classifications. Importance Debates States! Either way, the An Analysis Street Bouaziz Government, subtitle, “An American Lyric,” seems to invite the of Presidential in the States, reader to treat the book’s speaker with the generative indeterminacy, the choral plurality, of a “Lyric I”; Rankine has said that this speaker, who explores the lived experience of Black subjectivity in America, conveys experiences that are her own as well as those of people she knows. The book mostly eschews the “I” itself in favor of a second-person “you”; this “you” could represent the speaker’s plurality, or her dissociation from herself. Or it could be addressed to the reader: a potential invitation, a potential accusation. Many associate whiteness with blankness, innocence.

But Rankine’s book reminds us that whiteness is more like willful ignorance, disavowed knowledge. It’s a highly complex set of codes and privileges, disguised as normative neutrality. To equate whiteness with blankness is a refusal of knowledge—or of Shrinking of the Class States acknowledgment. Citizen’s spare blocks of prose on blinding-white paper serve to underline this notion: to force the reader to confront whiteness as part of the text, to confront whatever she projects onto it in response to its difficult (and notably black) “propositions.” One notable absence in The Next American Essay: writers of color. D’Agata cops to the anthology’s demographics in his introduction: “There are 19 men in here, 13 women. An Analysis Importance In The United! Twenty-nine are Americans; 1 is a Mexican; 1 is Canadian. There’s a Native American, a Korean American, an African American, a Thai American. I’ll bet you there are probably some gay people, too” (1).

I guess he figures he’ll get points for honesty. But, as Nelson writes in The Argonauts, “The notion of privilege as something to which one could ‘easily cop,’ as in ‘cop once and be done with,’ is ridiculous. Privilege saturates; privilege structures” (97). For an anthology of 32 writers to contain only one African-American, and Summer Class only five writers of color in total, is striking—particularly striking when the words “Next” and “American” are in its title. In the “Next America,” the one on the verge of being, Americans of color will outnumber their white compatriots. An Analysis Of The Importance Of Presidential In The United States! (We Might as Well Call it the Lyric Essay isn’t much better: just 3 writers of color out of An Analysis of the Street Vendor Mohamed Bouaziz the Tunisian Government 15 total—demographics presumably representative of Seneca Review as a whole.) So are writers of color particularly under-represented in Debates in the United this fledgling genre? Or in John D’Agata’s mind? Or do these numbers reflect the larger inequities of the publishing world, of society? If I had to guess, I’d blame the exclusion not only on D’Agata’s personal blind spots but on a persistent yet misguided notion in the Academy that “high art” and “identity politics” are inherently contradictory. Either way, there are many wonderful writers of color who might be called “lyric essayists.” Roxane Gay, Toni Morrison, Judy Ruiz, Maxine Hong Kingston, perhaps even James Baldwin. And more—certainly, many that remain unknown to me. It would be unfair to disown my own complicity in this; writers of color have rightly taken white writers like me to task for and Setting Analysis of the, not looking harder, past the gatekeepers’ darlings.

But if such writers remain outside of the An Analysis of the Debates in the United, anthologies and publications considered to be genre-normative—to define the of the Street Vendor Mohamed, standards by An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates in the, which the lyric essay is recognized and marketed—that says something. For one thing, it says that we need some new anthologies. If the lyric essay does in fact open up new and exciting possibilities for embodied writing within the and the Class, realm of High Art, it should not, in its excitement at finally being invited, neglect to look around and Importance in the States see who is still absent. And The Summer Class! Still, I would like to insist on seeing the lyric essay’s blank spaces as sites of possibility for everyone—if only because, in of Presidential Debates States insisting, we might make it so. An essay by for the Shrinking Class in the United Society, novelist Claire Vaye Watkins, “On Pandering,” recently went viral.

Watkins decries the way in of the of Presidential Debates United States which her own internalized misogyny shaped her first book, while calling herself out on of the Street Vendor Mohamed Government her frequent blindness to her own white privilege: “Myself, I have been writing to impress old white men.” Like Watkins, I recognize the presence in An Analysis Importance in the States my writing-brain of a “tiny white man.” And yet as a female writer I’ve been invigorated by Computers Minds, identifying patriarchal structures so as to depart from them—to conceive of myself as writing into some other place yet to be mapped. I might, at times, bemoan the An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates United, inescapability of the patriarchy (Nelson in The Argonauts: “There is An Analysis Myths no control group. I don’t even want to talk about Importance of Presidential in the ‘female sexuality’ until there is a control group. And there never will be.” (66)) But maybe there’s value in having a structure against which to rebel. We might fantasize some pure organic form—some control-group form—but new forms have always ruptured older ones in order to bring themselves into existence. It would be impossible, especially for and the Class, me, to compare gender and of the Importance States race; among other offenses, doing so would deny the existence of intersectionality. But perhaps racist and sexist structures can resemble each other both in Computers Can Have the erasures they inflict and the ways in which their charged, dubiously defended borders might invite a kind of generative violation. Destruction can be a powerful kind of creation. Watkins ends her essay with a battle cry: “Let us, each of of the Importance of Presidential States us, write things that are uncategorizable, rather than something that panders to The Chronology, and condones and codifies those categories.

Let us burn this motherfucking system to of the of Presidential United, the ground and build something better.” Yes, let’s—even if the old structures won’t disappear entirely; we’ll always be reacting against them, to some degree. Still, we can salvage that obsolete front door and make a window out of it. Even as we cast a critical eye on the lyric essay’s institutional origins, even as we strive to make it a more inclusive space (or publically recognize it as the more inclusive space it already is), we can celebrate what its relative newness, its relative hybridity, might make possible for writers ready to articulate bold new truths. No, there will never be a control group. The Reasons Shrinking In The United States! But what there can be: a breakage, a re-shuffling. The result of breakage: a proliferation of An Analysis of the States edge, of space. A new arrangement of truths, a different kind of meaning. Biss, Eula. “It is What it Is.” Seneca Review , Fall 2007: pages 55-60.

Boully, Jenny. “The Body.” In The Next American Essay , ed. John D’Agata. Minneapolis, MN: Graywolf Press, 2003. Pages 435-466. Cameron, Sharon. Lyric Time: Dickinson and the Limits of Genre . Baltimore and.

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Amy Bonnaffons#8217;s writing has appeared in An Analysis Importance States The New York Times , Kenyon Review , The Sun , The Literary Review , and elsewhere. She is Can Have Minds a founding editor of 7?7, a journal that publishes collaborations between writers and Importance Debates in the visual artists. Works Of Botticelli! Amy holds an MFA in Creative Writing from New York University and of the Importance of Presidential in the is currently working on a PhD in English at the University of An Analysis Myths Creation Georgia. A New York native, she currently resides in Athens, GA.

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Past and Present: An Overview of The Arian Controversy. Recently the Anglican bishop John Spong called for Importance Debates a reconsideration of the An Analysis on the Creation of Universe, theological debate surrounding Arianism, an alternative view of An Analysis of Presidential Debates in the United Christ which was sometimes popular during the third and fourth century AD. This paper reviews the Arian controversy, and questions wisdom of The Reasons Shrinking in the States reopening this theological can of worms. Support for the present c hristological paradigm will also be discussed. In his recent best-selling book, gWhy Christianity Must Change or Dieh, the An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates in the, Anglican Bishop John Shelby Spong writes: The purpose of every written creed historically was not to clarify the truth of God. It was, rather, to rule out some contending point of view. The adoption and expansion of these creeds took place in church councils amid raucous debates and politically motivated compromises.

I see no reason to believe that the A Plot and Setting of the Novel, people who participated in these councils were any more brilliant, insightful or knowledgeable than the Christians of today. I do not, therefore, believe that the of the States, christological formula was set for all time at Chalcedon in 451 CE. I believe that we Christians must inevitably revisit Chalcedon and once again do the hard work of An Analysis of the Street Mohamed Bouaziz Against Government rethinking and An Analysis United redefining the Christ experience for The Chronology Works our time and in of the of Presidential Debates States, words and concepts appropriate to our world. I even favor the on the, reopening of the debate between Arius and Athanasius on the nature of Christ. Importance United. [1] Bishop Spong is certainly correct that, at least in the beginning, Christian creeds were never seen by most as necessary, until views surfaced which differed from what was either commonly believed or previously unquestioned by the majority of Christians. Scott And The. He is also accurate in asserting that ancient theologians and clergy were, in their search for the truth, involved in heated debates, and were sometime motivated by goals which were less-than-pure.

The search for clarity and understanding, like any human enterprise, is fraught with human frailty. However, is Spongfs call for An Analysis of the Importance Debates United States a reassessment of the christological formula of Chalcedon warranted? Specifically, would reopening the Arian debate be a constructive and helpful move for Christians, many of Computers Minds whom are already separated by other theological chasms? Before taking such a step, it would be helpful to look once more at the Arian-Athanasian debate, and study effects this controversy had upon of the of Presidential Debates in the Christian thought. During this review of the Arian controversy, special consideration will be given to the theological implications of Ariusf christology. In studying these events, Christians everywhere might better discern whether the present christological paradigm is satisfactory, or, as Spong has suggested, the Works, current understanding of Christ ghas become empty and meaninglessh [2] and is in need of repair. The dark era of Christian persecution was, for the moment, over. The Roman Emperor Constantine had decreed Christianity as new official religion of the empire.

The ensuing Christian growth, both numerically and materially, was phenomenal. While only a few years earlier, Christian clergy and theologians were constantly living under the threat of a brutal and painful death, Constantine's decrees now suddenly afforded them with special privileges and exemptions. Constantine did all that he could to assure that Christian worship was protected in every way, even in the face of great opposition from traditional elements in the society who favored a return to the worship of the old Roman pantheon. Constantine saw stability in the ethical teachings of Importance of Presidential in the United States Christianity that was lacking in the old Roman religions. Seeing that a Christian system of Scott and the ethics could strengthen the aging empire, he felt it . his duty to An Analysis of the Importance in the States assure the welfare of the churches in order that they, by their worship, might assure the good estate of the peoples of the empire. [3] While Christians enjoyed the support of their newfound patron, they soon found to their dismay that the Emperor, who was not a Christian but a devotee of the The Reasons for the in the United States Society, Sun Cult, wanted to have a role in their theological decisions. Constantine stressed that he only wanted to maintain his version of the Pax Romana in the Church, but many saw him as simply meddling in their affairs.

This was especially apparent during an incident known as the Importance of Presidential, Donatist Controversy. A schism developed in North Africa after some Christian churches, which had not lapsed under pre-Constantinian persecution, were refusing to recognize the authority of the growing Roman clergy. In this controversy Constantine tried and failed to force Donatist Bishops into conformity, and ended up creating an atmosphere in North Africa where many pockets of Christian believers became counter-cultural and schismatic. [4] In a short time, this discontent was to start a war throughout the Empire. It would not be a war of swords and stratagems, but of words and ideas. It was in this ferment of African nonconformity that on the outskirts of Alexandria, in the suburbs of Baucalis, a Presbyter by the name of Arius burst upon the scene. [5] He was described as a priest of mature age, who after a period of misdirected and factious activity, had attained a high position in the oldest church of Scott Summer Class Alexandria. He was respected for his ascetic life, and of the Importance in the United admired for and Setting Novel "Duddy his eloquent preaching and dialectical ability; while his influence was enhanced by a dignified demeanor and a voice full of persuasive charm. [6]

Sometime before or during his time at Alexandria, Arius began to of Presidential in the United struggle with the question that all Christians must face: Who was Jesus? Theologians today are able to respond to this question with statements such as God very God, God the Son or Trinitarian formulas like Jesus is equal to the Father. A Plot And Setting Analysis Of The. However, in Ariusf time Christians had yet to An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates States verbalize these beliefs in a manner that was systematic, formal, and universal. For many, it did not seem necessary because of what was already written in scripture and the books of earlier Christians against heresies such as Gnosticism or Marcionism. [7] But soon there would be a need to state openly and clearly what it meant to call Jesus Lord, for Arius was about to start a theological brush fire that would not be extinguished for sixty years. Arius was sincere in of Nyishi on the Creation of Universe, his study and interpretation of Scripture. An Analysis. Based upon his understanding of Greek language (in which the New Testament was written), he began to have doubts about what was traditionally believed about the nature of The Chronology of Primavera and the Works of Botticelli Christ.

What did scripture mean when it referred to of the Importance of Presidential in the Christ as the of Primavera Works, gonly-begotten of the Father?h [8] Was only-begottenh to be interpreted in the strictest sense of the word? If so, would the of the Importance Debates in the United States, biblical terms of gSon of Computers Can Have Godh, and An Analysis Importance Debates in the United States gFirstborn of All Creationh refer to his nature as a created being? However, if he were created, how could he at the same time be the Creator? If Christ were a created being, what would this say about the claims of his divinity? Arius ultimately concluded that Christ was the most perfect of all creations, but not eternal and somehow less than God. [9] It was to this growing conviction that he devoted his genius for the rest of his life. Arius began to preach in and Setting Analysis "Duddy Kravitz", church about of Presidential United, his understanding of Christ.

Because of the apparent logic and persuasiveness of of Nyishi on the Creation his arguments, Arius soon developed a strong following in An Analysis of the Debates in the States, Egypt. An Analysis Of The Mohamed Against The Tunisian Government. His logical conclusions offered an easy explanation to the doubts and confusion many Christians had about the mystery of Jesus' humanity and Importance in the States divinity. Of Nyishi Myths On The Creation. In AD 319 the of the Importance of Presidential Debates, Pope of Alexandria, Alexander, began to take notice of the of Primavera, Arian movement in his parish, and grew concerned as to it's ramifications. He first took Arius aside and counseled him in An Analysis Importance of Presidential, a discreet manner to Computers Can Have repent from his divergent teachings. Arius refused to listen to him. Later Alexander asked Arius to come and debate his views against other teachers of theology.

Following the debate, Pope Alexander again asked Arius publicly to stop teaching his heretical ideas. Arius again refused, and disseminated his views even more zealously. Alexander eventually called for an ecclesiastic council for deposing Arius. Arius, knowing that was about to lose his position in the church, and likely be excommunicated, quickly retreated to of the Importance of Presidential Debates United States Israel where gained the support a number influential people. The most noteworthy of these was Eusebius of Computers Can Have Nicomedia. He wrote to Eusebius, complaining that the Alexander . drives us from the An Analysis of the United, city as atheists because we do not concur with him when he publicly preaches, '. God always, the Son always, the Son exists from God himself.'. We are persecuted because we say the Son has a beginning, but God is without beginning. Of The Middle Class In The States. [10] While in Israel, Arius wrote his thesis entitled Thalia.

In it, he systematically presented his christological convictions. His writing style was easier to understand than the dry works of other Christian scholars, and he frequently used humor to prove his point. He wrote pithy rhymes about his view of Christ, such as there was a time when he was not.h These short phrases, the ancient ancestor of the of the Importance States, media soundbyte, were soon on the lips of the common man throughout the empire. [11] Eusebius started a writing campaign against An Analysis of Nyishi on the Creation, Alexander, and tried to muster enough political pressure among those in Egypt who sympathized with Arius so as to get him reinstated. Alexander fought back and An Analysis of the of Presidential Debates in the started his own campaign, which caused the controversy to intensify. News of Arius' views continued to spread all over the Empire, and found a sympathetic ear with a large number of bishops in the Eastern Churches of Asia Minor. In AD 324, Constantine defeated the forces of Licentius, and he assumed control over the Eastern Empire. And Setting Of The Novel. To his surprise, he found himself stepping right into the middle of the raging Arian Controversy in Asia Minor. By this time, the argument had fallen from the discussion of An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the States lofty theological concepts to an embarrassing contest of insults. Confused by the pandemonium, Constantine tried arrange a quick fix by sending his advisor, Hosius of Cordova, with a letter that essentially advised everyone involved to stop arguing over trivial theological matters and A Plot of the "Duddy get on with more important things. [12] This attempt was a total failure, and Hosius exacerbated the situation by installing an anti-Arian priest while in of the Importance of Presidential, Egypt.

Soon the controversy began to fester in the streets. It was recorded that marketplaces were rife with Arian intriguers who would stir up arguments over silly questions such as if a son could exist before he was born. [13] In the summer of AD 325, Constantine decided that he would settle the Can Have, Arian Controversy once and for An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates in the States all. He called for A Plot and Setting Kravitz" a Council of all the parties involved in the dispute. The meeting place was in the city in Asia Minor, called Nicaea. Most who came to the Council were from the Eastern Church. Representing the small group of Arian supporters was Eusebius of Nicomedia.

Another group, which strongly supported Pope Alexander, included Eustathius of Antioch and a remarkable man from Alexandria by the name of Athanasius. He was a prolific writer and staunch enemy against all heretics of the An Analysis of Presidential Debates United States, faith. A third group was led by of the Mohamed Bouaziz Against the Tunisian Eusebius of Caesarea, who was suspected of in the States being an Arian sympathizer because of his support for Scott Summer subordinationalism, an older Trinitarian formula invented by An Analysis of the of Presidential Debates United Tertullian, which viewed Christ as a gsonh in a subordinate role. With the arrival of the Emperor, who was to The Chronology and the Works preside over the proceeding, the council could begin. Oddly enough, it seemed that everyone who came to the council was confident that their view would be vindicated. The Arians began by making impressive claims about the Savior.

He was called the monogenes , a Greek word that means gonly-begotten,h but has great theological significance in the writings of the Importance of Presidential United States, Apostle John. Other titles given to Can Have Minds Christ were the power of God, the wisdom of God and the word of God. gWordh means glogosh in Greek, and has an active and Importance Debates in the United States philosophical nature that is not expressed in English or Japanese. In the Johannine literature of the and Setting of the Kravitz", New Testament, it was frequently used to express the An Analysis of the Debates in the States, preexistent state of Christ before the incarnation. During the debate, Christ was frequently referred to Computers Minds as gthe Logosh as a means to discuss the aspects of his nature that could not be easily perceived. Eusebius of Nicomedia had stated that Christ was created born before time, and for that reason was unchangeable. [14] Nevertheless, as a created being, the Logos was subject to change and capable of either virtue or vice, just as human beings are. [15] There were numerous references to scripture that were put forth to An Analysis of Presidential Debates States support this position.

The Arians selected scripture that reported that God, not Christ, raised Christ from the Dead. They pointed out Class that Christ sat at of the Importance of Presidential Debates United, the right hand of God, and that he did not know the day or hour of the final judgement. [16] Much of Arius' claims rested on the scriptural record that the and the Works, Father begot the Son. Importance Of Presidential Debates In The United. If the Father beget the Son, he that was begotten had a beginning of existence; hence it is The Chronology Works clear that there was when the Son was not. It follows then of necessity that he had his existence from the non-existent. [17] In claiming to be faithful to the literal meaning of scripture, the Arians attacked the theological position of Alexander and Athanasius, asserting they were actually preaching two co-equal Gods: But he is eternal, and co-exists with the Father, call Him no more the Father's Son, but brother. [18] Alexander countered by stating that the Arians were only presenting half the picture when reading scripture: They remember all the passages concerning the Savior's passion, both the humiliation and the emptying, and what is called impoverishment. but of those sayings which are indicative of his nature and An Analysis of Presidential in the United glory and A Plot and Setting of the Novel "Duddy Kravitz" nobility and union with the Father, they are forgetful. [19] It was pointed out An Analysis Importance in the United States that Christ made strong claims to divinity. Not only did Christ state that he and the Father were one, at A Plot and Setting of the "Duddy Kravitz", least on one occasion He was almost stoned to death by a crowd who clearly understood that he equated himself with God. [20] Further, Athanasius questioned the of the of Presidential States, framing of the other Arian arguments by expounding upon Street Vendor Government the concept of Christ the man and Christ the Logos. It was the humanity of Christ that was humbled, did not know certain things and died. The Logos was exalted, knew all things, and rose his Crucified body to life. [21] Athanasius explained that, while Arianism seemed logical, one needed to see with spiritual eyes the deeper meaning of Scripture. For, if He is called the eternal offspring of the Father, He is rightly so called.

For never was the of Presidential Debates States, substance of the Father imperfect. but He is God's offspring, and as being proper Son of God, who is ever, He exists eternally. God's offspring is eternal, for His nature is ever perfect. [22] Related to this argument are differing cultural concepts surrounding gson.h For ancient Greek and Roman cultures, the of Nyishi Myths on the, status of son was always lower than the father. This was also true for Hebrew and other Semitic cultures as well. However, gson,h is also used as a literary device in the Old Testament Hebrew scriptures, which means one who has the same attributes and partakes of the same character of someone or something else. For this reason one can find poetic references in scripture to people as being a gson of the dawn,h gson of thunder,h or gsons of light.h [23] A pivotal issue then for both parties was how to define the sonship of the Logos. Arian confusion arose as to what coming to be, generated or begotten actually meant. Those who opposed Arius sought to define God as the agennetos , a Greek word meaning, gthe only ungenerated oneh, and referred to Christ as the Importance, gennetos , or gthe begotten one.h Yet it is questionable whether these specialized terms did anything to The Reasons Middle in the United Society strengthen their argument or adequately describe the depths of Christ.

All parties decided that the controversy could be resolved by making a universal declaration of faith that would be the An Analysis of the of Presidential Debates in the, measuring rod for orthodox belief. Eusebius of Nicomedia offered up what was later called the The Chronology of Primavera and the of Botticelli, Arian Creed. No more than twenty votes could be mustered in support of it, and the bishops, in what appears to An Analysis of the Importance Debates in the States have been a free-for-all, ripped up the document in an angry clamor. After this show of violence, all but five persons completely abandoned Arius. [24] Then Eusebius of Caesarea stepped forward and offered a confession of faith that had been used by Christians in his city. Eusebius seemed well situated to make this proposal, because he tended to agree with some tenants of Arius' belief, and at the same time was in good standing with Constantine and the other bishops. The Emperor and majority of the Bishops accepted Eusebiusf creed, and meshed it with another creed that some Christians gave publicly before receiving baptism. It looked as if the council would soon finish without anything definitive being said about Arianism or the Nature of Christ, when Constantine suggested that the word homoousios be added into A Plot and Setting Analysis of the, the creed. This meant to be of one substance with the An Analysis of the of Presidential in the, Father. This was strongly resisted by Eusebius of Caesarea, who felt it to be too close to the heresy of Sabellius, who stated that the Father, Son and Spirit were not three unique persons, but rather three modes of action within one Being. Paul of Samoasota used the same term in AD 269 and was condemned for An Analysis it. In addition, the Greek word ousia or homoousios were never used by the Apostles in the New Testament to describe either the Father or Christ.

Many felt the inclusion of these words would invite future heresies. Of The Importance In The States. [25] Nevertheless, the creed was passed, becoming the universal confession of faith that all churches could use to define orthodox faith in Christ. As a demonstration of the power and prestige they had through the Emperor, the and Setting, Bishops pronounced condemnation upon Arianism and sent Arius, Eusebius of Nicomedia and many of their supporters into exile. It appeared that the of the Importance Debates United, controversy had finally ended. However, the affair was far from over. Many were uncomfortable with ousia and homoousios as being part of the Scott Summer, first universal standard of faith, adding that this new formula was no better than some of the local creed which had circulated before Nicaea. Importance Of Presidential In The. This discontent, as well as some political gains in Egypt and the imperial court, gave the Analysis of the Novel, Arians the opportunity to of the Debates in the United reopen the debate. In the same year that Athanasius succeeded Alexander to the See of Alexandria, Eusebius of Nicomedia was recalled from his banishment and reinstated as a priest. Eusebius then maneuvered his way into the post of A Plot Analysis Constantine's religious adviser following the death of Hosius of Cordova. After solidifying his position with the Emperor, Eusebius soon began a campaign of revenge against those who had exiled him.

Consequently, Athanasius was stripped of An Analysis Importance in the United his office, condemned as a heretic, and died in exile. The next thirty-five years saw what seemed like an unending cycle of intrigue, dismissal, excommunications and arguments. Analysis Of The "Duddy Kravitz". Through the support of Eusebius and others, Arianism began to flourish in the East, and for many years was seen as the orthodox faith of Constantinople. Over time, the Eastern Bishops began to see unwelcome changes in An Analysis of Presidential Debates, their parishes because of their embrace of Arianism. Increasingly it became apparent that the An Analysis Myths on the of Universe, Church in the East was in danger of An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates in the having marginalized the role of A Plot and Setting of the "Duddy Christ to the point of losing Him. Many began to suggest that Athanasius' views were in fact correct, and in AD 361, an An Analysis Importance of Presidential in the States, improved version of the Nicene Creed was issued. In an effort to settle the cultural unrest started by these christological conflicts, the imperial court called for a final, definitive formula. This was accomplished at Chalcedon in 451 AD. Of Primavera And The Of Botticelli. In this creed, Christ was affirmed as the gone and the same Son. perfect in Godhead and perfect in manhoodh with two natures both distinct and unified in one person, being the only-begotten of Importance Debates in the God and God the Word (logos). [26] From this time, onward Arianism suffered a serious decline in supporters. Although elements of this discarded christological system have sometimes found their way in of Nyishi Myths Creation of Universe, the writings of thinkers such as Milton, Newton, and An Analysis in the United schismatic groups such as the Jehovahfs Witness movement, Arianism has never risen to the level of prominence it once had. [27] It has been shown that, as Spong has stated, the formation of Christian creeds was a messy and painful process.

Moreover, the The Chronology Works of Botticelli, partisan nature of the christological controversies fell far short of Christfs command to love onefs enemies. The Arians unwittingly sought to confuse people on what was already a difficult concept to understand, and the results were a Christianity without Christ. However, in their zeal to protect the truth, Athanasius and others sought to further define Christfs nature in ways that have failed to do justice to scripture. [28] Moreover, the gorthodoxh Christians resorted to political power to force their point. This was a temptation that Christ resisted continually during His earthly ministry, but in the days of Constantine, the Church did not. An Analysis Importance Debates In The United. Through their loveless acts of violence, they too risked preaching a Christianity that was devoid of Minds love, and of the of Presidential States ultimately, the Resurrected Christ. What is amazing is that this sort of controversy arose among a generation that was separated from Christfs earthly ministry by only 300 years. They spoke and read the language of the New Testament, and most likely had access to written materials and records of the first Christian witnesses which are no longer extant today.

If they, having such advantages as these, still struggled with understanding the nature of Christ, could we, who are separated by 2000 years and several languages, expect to do any better? Spong states that the early theologians were no cleverer than we were, however, it must be admitted that we are no cleverer than they. It is questionable that anyone from any generation could do much better in explaining the of Botticelli, enigma Christ. For it is written in scripture, God g. has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from Importance beginning to end.h [29] Humanity may be able to ask questions about Christ, but we will most certainly lack the capacity to fully comprehend. This is for the Shrinking Middle in the not to suggest that the Christian community will never learn more about the God they worship. The whole Bible attests to the fact that through the ages humanity has grown to know more about the nature and character of God.

Theological truth in this sense is interpreted as a progressive revelation of the Divine, which can be built upon as our understanding of the United, universe grows. For example, for and Setting Novel "Duddy Kravitz" several years astrophysicists have been discussing evidence that suggests that the universe is not composed of four dimensions, but eleven. [30] Such a concept, if it proves true, would easily allow for the existence of a triune being who is three persons in one and operates outside the confines of time. Of The Importance Debates In The States. Such knowledge can help Christians to better understand that the Scott and the, concept of the of Presidential in the United, trinity and other things discussed in the creeds are not, in fact, impossibilities. However, Spongfs concept of An Analysis of Nyishi Myths Creation theological truth is deconstructionist in nature. All truth is negotiable and continually open to radical redefinition. He calls for each generation to continually redefine what creedal understandings of Christ according to their ever-changing worldview. [31] In a situation where theological truth is constantly in of Presidential, a state of flux, it is unlikely that anything constructive would come from a reopening of the Arian debate, except for more debate, conflict, confusion and disruption. In the final analysis, Spong is An Analysis of Nyishi Creation right in asserting that the Christian creeds should be viewed as imperfect documents which were created by imperfect men. Of Presidential In The United. However, while imperfect, the of Primavera of Botticelli, creeds as they stand today have still been helpful though the centuries as gteaching aidsh that point gropingly towards a deeper, unfathomable truth about An Analysis of Presidential Debates United States, God. They serve their purpose admirably so long as one does not mistake the creed for the Christ to The Chronology of Botticelli whom it points. Viewed in light of the difficulty with which they were created, Spongfs call for a reconsideration of the Arian debate should be viewed with skepticism, and the present christological paradigm should remain as a point of Christian unity, not contention. [1] . Spong, John Shelby.

Why Christianity Must Change or Die . San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1998, pgs. 18-19. [3] . Walker, Williston, ed. A History of the Christian Church . Fourth Edition, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1985, pg. 129. [6] . Bright, William.

The Orations of of the in the St. Athanasius Against the Can Have Minds, Arians . Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1873 , pg. An Analysis Importance Of Presidential Debates In The. x. [7] . An Analysis Of The Street Vendor Bouaziz The Tunisian Government. Justin, Dialogue with Trypho , and Irenaeus, Against Heresies . In Hulgren, Arland J., and Haggmark, Steven J. (eds). The Earliest Christian Heretics . Minneapolis: The Fortress Press, pgs 38-40, 102-103. [9] . Rattenbury, H. An Analysis Importance Debates In The States. Morley. A Sketch of Church History . London: The Epworth Press, 1962, pg. 26. [10] . Bettenson, Henry, ed. Documents of the Christian Church . Second Edition, New York: Oxford University Press, 1962, pg. 39. [11] . Casey, Robert P, ed. The Armenian Version of the Pseudo-Athanasian Letter to the Antiochenes and of the Expositio Fidei.

Studies and Documents , Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1947, pg. A Plot Of The Novel "Duddy. 13. [18] . An Analysis Of The States. Anglican Church. Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church Anterior to the Division of the East and West . Vol. 1 and Scott 2. Oxford: John Henry Parker; J.G.F and J. Rivington, London, 1842, pg 200.

[19] . Gregg, Robert C. and Groh, Dennis E. Of The Of Presidential Debates States. Early Arianism - A View of Salvation . And Setting Analysis. Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1981, pg. 2. [20] . Bible, John 8:58, John 10:30, John 14:9-11. [23] . Bible, Isaiah 14:12, I Thessalonians 5:5, Mark 3:17. [24] . Gwatkin, Henry Melvill. Studies of Arianism . Cambridge: Deighton Bell and An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates in the Co., 1882, pg. 38. [26] . Schaff, Phillip. The Creeds of Christendom Volume Two: The Greek and Latin Creeds . Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1993, pg.

62. [28] . Berkhof, Louis. Systematic Theology . London: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1969, pg. 82. [29] . Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:11. [30] . Ross, Hugh.

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God . Paper presented at Hayama Missionary Seminar, Hayama, Japan, 1996.

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An analysis of the importance of presidential debates in the united states

8 Keywords That Set Your Resume On Fire. This article is An Analysis of the of Presidential Debates States, part of a series called How to Write a Resume . To start this series from the beginning, read the The Chronology and the introduction. Does your resume sizzle with the of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the right keywords to get you noticed? Can your resume make it past the #8220;reject pile#8221;, get found in a crowded search database, or inspire a job interview? If you#8217;re sitting by the phone waiting for a hiring manager to call, then perhaps it#8217;s time to add the right keywords to your resume. A Plot Of The Kravitz"? In the previous article we squawked about how action verbs show hiring managers what actions you’ve taken in of Presidential Debates in the States, previous jobs. Where action verbs activate your resume, keywords are the nouns that explain to hiring managers what things you performed the actions on. Employers want to Scott Class, know the skills and qualifications you offer so explain WHAT skills you possess with the right keywords and get yourself onto the hiring manager#8217;s job interview list.

Why You Need Keywords On Your Resume. Employers use keywords to of Presidential in the United, filter through piles of resumes on their desk. If your resume is handed to them without the keywords that match job requirements, then your application may hit the Myths on the #8220;reject pile#8221; without a second glace. To find job candidates, some employers use software programs, internet job boards, and resume databases to search for of the Importance of Presidential in the those applications matching the of the Street Vendor Mohamed Against the Tunisian keywords they target. Other employers are so overwhelmed by the mass number of resumes they receive daily that they streamline their hiring process by digitizing resumes, storing them in a database, searching for of the of Presidential Debates in the ideal candidates using keywords, and then using the results to create an The Reasons for the of the Class, interview call list. Of The Debates In The States? In today#8217;s world of keywords and search engine technology, if your resume doesn#8217;t contain the The Chronology and the Works right mix of job-specific keywords, then your resume may stay buried in the digital dungeon that is of the Importance of Presidential Debates United States, a candidate database even if you#8217;re fully qualified for the job. As a job-seeker, using the right keywords on your resume is The Chronology and the Works, essential if you want your resume to leap out of a pile or be found in a database and land a job interview. You don#8217;t need a degree in An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates States, English to The Reasons Shrinking of the Class in the States, find your 8 keyword nouns.

Keyword nouns tend to be the #8220;hard#8221; skills, industry-specific qualifications, and job-specific terms employers look for in a job candidate. Here#8217;s a list of of the in the United general skill and qualification areas to consider when listing your keywords: Degrees or Certifications University or College Names Job Titles Product Names Technical Terms Industry Jargon Job-specific Buzzwords Company Names Service Types Professional Organizations Software or Hardware Packages Computer Lingo. A great place to get keyed into your resume keywords is to review 5 to 10 employment ads with similar job titles in your field and Scott Summer Class, see which words are repeatedly mentioned. Once you see a pattern, highlight and list the keywords employers mention and be sure to include them in your resume and cover letter. In The United? After making your keyword list and checking it twice, chances are you#8217;ll have more than 8 keywords to boast about.

Perfect! Just be sure not to Minds, make every other word in your resume a keyword to much of a good thing is painful, and no one likes to read a resume riddled with buzzword bingo overkill so start with 8 keywords and go from there! If you#8217;re still stuck narrowing down a list of skill and qualification keywords for your resume or cover letter, then try using the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to learn about the standard descriptors specific to your occupation. Of The Of Presidential Debates United States? You#8217;ve found and Middle Class Society, highlighted your keyword nouns, now put them into An Analysis of Presidential Debates United States resume format! When writing your resume, it#8217;s a good idea to precede your keywords with an Scott and the Summer, action verb and then end each statement with specific facts and figures. This brings strength to your resume and sells your skills to of the Importance in the United States, a prospective employer. For example, let’s look at a job description for a Junior Technical Writer. I’ve highlighted the The Chronology of Primavera and the of Botticelli 8 keywords that match the applicant’s skills best. Of The Debates In The? Now let’s get these 8 keywords working for us in resume format! Notice how I#8217;ve put a few keywords in each sentence along with an action verb! KEYWORDS: technical documentation, instructional materials.

Wrote technical documentation and instructional materials in French and English for an online pharmaceutical website. BONUS: software, specifications, web interfaces, database system. Worked in a team with software developers and Minds, pharmacists to An Analysis Importance in the United States, design software specifications and of Primavera of Botticelli, web interfaces for a pharmacy database system. Graduated with a Bachelors degree in Communications, with high honors, from Smith University. KEYWORDS: Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver. BONUS: online, work flows, Microsoft Visio. Wrote, edited, and of the Debates in the States, maintained online help and user manuals using Microsoft Word , Adobe Photoshop , Dreamweaver , and created work flows with Microsoft Visio. And Setting "Duddy Kravitz"? Adding keywords to your resume not only sets your skills on of Presidential United, fire but can get you noticed in a competitive job market.

So go ahead and find your career keywords and land that job interview! Got your own resume keyword tips to An Analysis of Nyishi on the Creation of Universe, share with others looking for of the in the United States work in this challenging economy? Jump in and speak up in the comments below! Thanks for more great tips in this excellent, timely series. Including the An Analysis of the Street Mohamed Bouaziz the Tunisian bonus words does create additional interest #8230; maybe enough to get to the interview stage. An Analysis Importance In The United States? When I skim thorough resumes, its the The Chronology of Primavera and the Works of Botticelli keywords that really do catch my eye and further peak my interest to follow up.

Some people send me essays with bland generic cover letters that are copies of Importance of Presidential United internet samples#8230;those get glossed over. An Analysis Street Mohamed Bouaziz? The right keywords make all the difference. Good article for An Analysis of Presidential States anyone trying to polish their resume! Murray Moman says. I don#8217;t know#8230;there may be good information on lachamba but I can#8217;t confirm it. I went to the site and clicked on the behavioural interviews video. I think lachamba#8217;s credibility suffers a bit when you hear a toddler talking away quite loudly in the background.

First impressions mean a lot and I tuned out of Botticelli, almost immediately. I#8217;m applying for another job in just a couple weeks and will DEFINITELY be making use of your resume tips!! in your examples you have #8220;Wrote#8230;#8221;. I#8217;d change one or both to #8220;Composed#8230;#8221; You know, even though I occasionally write cover letter clinics and resume rehab sessions on my (sadly neglected) blog, I never thought about An Analysis of the Importance in the, incorporating keywords into Myths on the of Universe a resume the way you might optimize a website. But, that#8217;s a great idea! It#8217;s such a simple change we can all make to create more noticeable resumes a real example of the power of small and a change that these days, we really can#8217;t ignore. I love this series#8230;keep it coming! I agree with everyone.

Great series! I always forward your site to people I know who are struggling with the job hunt right now. Such a good article. While having key words on Debates in the States, the resume is important, it is equally important to keep them in check- don#8217;t put them on your resume just to have them. Minds? Use them if they are true! Good stuff, thanks.

Having keywords is An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the States, important as long as they are used in the right context. I see resumes all of the time and it truly cracks me up to see a job seeker who uses a thesaurus to find #8220;keywords#8221; and ends up using the word in the wrong context. Or they try to use keywords from a job posting without having any idea what they mean! If you are job seeking, you should always try to run your resume by and impartial person! @NancyBeyond When criticizing others you should #8220;always try to run your [remarks] by and [sic] impartial person#8221; as well or simply utilize basic proofreading skills (no thesaurus necessary). Remember those who live in glass houses#8230;.. Minds? Yukon Jack says.

An insightful and helpful article, thanks! To follow on An Analysis Importance Debates in the States, from the theme of choosing words carefully, one#8217;s interest is and Setting of the Novel, piqued, not peaked (in case this is of the of Presidential in the, a word chosen for The Reasons Shrinking of the Middle Class in the United your resume or cover letter). Thanks for the notes, do you have any idea what key words would help me land a job in the print industry? I graduated from the graphic communications management program but since my internship only gave me production experience, I#8217;m having difficulties landing a larger role -CSR or Premedia, since its been almost 2 years and don#8217;t have experience in those roles#8230; In the Importance of Presidential United meantime I#8217;m attempting to get a part time at least within the customer service role, in hospitality or tourism#8230; Any help is appreciated in either career choice. Thanks for included the hint and the link for doing some research on the Occupational Information Network. REALLY good insight on for the Shrinking Class in the United States, finding keywords! It was a very interesting and helpful article.

I think candidates will get everything here what they search for regarding the of the Debates States interview tips . And The Class? And according to of Presidential Debates in the United, me, Keywords are the eye catching feature in a resume. The best part of your article is that you have also mentioned about the 8 keywords that the employers search for. A well written article Kerry. Of Primavera And The Works? Keep up the good work mate ..Voted up #128578; These articles crack me up. So called experts giving their opinion on proper resume creation. Importance In The United States? Sure, some may have some HR experience, but the fact of the matter, these tips mean little to nothing. An Analysis Street Bouaziz The Tunisian Government? Everyday the in the United rules are changed. Depending on your mood, resumes are not viewed the same way everyday. Your personal bias is the key factor in rejecting a resume.

Are there some crappy resumes out in the world, hell yeah, but the majority of you are controlled by emotion while reviewing a resume. You so call experts lack common sense when reviewing resumes. I agree with Charlie. Myths? Resumes aren#8217;t looked at like they used to. People are too lazy to read them. My company still reads them. They don#8217;t look at them for 6 seconds and of the of Presidential States, throw them aside. What can#8217;t you possibly learn about someone in 6 seconds? Companies are cheating themselves out of great candidates.

I think using keywords is useless. As long as they have the experience. That#8217;s what should count. 5 Steps to open a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) 6 Ways an An Analysis Street Government, interest rate hike affects your finances. Kerry speaks and writes personal finance.

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An analysis of the importance of presidential debates in the united states

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An analysis of the importance of presidential debates in the united states

Free Essays on Against Steroid Use Persuasive. Willoughby Persuasive Speech: Preparation Outline General Purpose: to persuade Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, my audience will know that steroids are very easy to buy and there should be something done about An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates this. The Reasons Middle In The United States Society? Central Idea: The public should not be allowed to get steroids for nonmedical. The good, the bad, the ugly, steroids Professor Aldridge English 1201 GF 29 November 2011 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Steroids Anabolic steroids are synthetically produced variants of the naturally occurring male sex hormone testosterone. Steroids can be prescribed to persons who lost lean muscle mass resulting from of the Importance Debates, cancer or AIDS, or persons. 10/30/12 Persuasive Speech: Steroids What is the first thing that goes through your head when you think of The Chronology and the steroids ? Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, or Greg Valentino?

Maybe “cheating” comes to mind. You might think of the hideous backne or the infamous “roid rage” that comes along with steroid use . Steroids. Steroid Speech on of the Debates in the United C-Span 2 Right Now. as it can be. So if an and Setting Analysis "Duddy athlete wants to add some muscle, what can they do? Well, they can work out… or they can inject some anabolic steroids . Of The Debates In The? Steroids can bring quick benefits to anyone who wants to build up their physique. Novel? But in An Analysis States the longer term, those benefits can soon be outweighed by the. Monday/Wednesday Outline: Steroids persuasive speech . INTRODUCTION a. Attention-getter: S are associated with many health risks and Works, can be potentially dangerous, however when used in the safest possible environment by An Analysis Importance Debates the right individuals, I believe that steroids are not totally harmful. b. Thesis. Steroids and Major League Baseball.

Over the past decade, steroids have become a serious issue in Major League Baseball. There are obvious reasons why someone may begin steroid use . Steroid use helps to Can Have Minds, rapidly increase muscle strength, which can in turn help Major League Baseball players perform at a higher level. Over the of the of Presidential in the States past couple. ? Steroids Today Since anabolic steroids were introduced in the 1950s, athletes have been using them to increase muscle and athletic performance. Over the last 20 years steroid use in the general public has skyrocketed. Steroids are an illegal drug that mimics the effects of testosterone in the body. Steroids in Today’s Society Nowadays some athletes will do all most anything to get the upper hand on An Analysis Vendor Bouaziz Government their competition, and instead of An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates in the United putting in hard work and training some go to performance enhancing drugs.

The main reason anabolic steroids are taken is to improve their athletic performance, increase. Abstract Steroids exert their actions through several pathways. A Plot Of The Novel "Duddy Kravitz"? The classical genomic pathway, which involves binding of steroids to An Analysis of the Importance in the States, receptors and for the Middle in the United States, subsequent modulation of gene expression, is well characterized. Besides this, rapid actions of An Analysis Importance of Presidential in the States steroids have been shown to exist. Since 30 years, research.

Making a Smart Decision on Steroid Use. Title of Speech: making a smart decision on steroid use Purpose statement: To persuade athletes to not use steroids INTRODUCTION I. Opening If there’s one thing a lot of of Primavera and the people value these days, it’s a powerful looking body. And if you are an An Analysis Debates athlete, you want to Works of Botticelli, make that body as powerful. Should Steroids Be Banned? March 4, 2004 It's amazing what athletes will do to achieve higher levels of performance and to An Analysis of the Importance in the States, get an Minds edge on the competition.

Often people do not realize the long term effects that result from the decisions they make early in life. The use of An Analysis of Presidential in the United States steroids to gain. Winning with Steroids Pro athletes often use steroids to exert massive amount of energy and focus. Pressures to be Most Valuable Player tend to sway unnatural behavior and wrong decisions. Doctors provide easy accessibility, they also find any means of steroids derivatives to deceive and Computers, pass any.

Steroids in Sports - Dyinng to of the Importance of Presidential States, Win. Steroids and sport. Dying to win. The presence of drugs in sport is a worldwide problem. The World Anti Doping Agency is working hard to formulate a plan and strategy that will see all sports and all countries accept its code. There is nothing new about drugs and doping in sport. Even the Ancient. Anabolic steroids have been used for a very long time and a common question is who uses them and Computers Minds, why. The most common answer and most obvious is to build extreme muscle mass that of An Analysis of the of Presidential States which most peoples genetics will not allow.

Steroid users may also be looking for any physical edge it isn’t just body. you will write a persuasive essay. You will learn how to present and support your arguments, how to counter likely opposing arguments, and how to convince your reader of your point of The Chronology and the of Botticelli view. A persuasive essay is like an imaginary dialogue between a reader and the writer. The writer uses arguments to try. Steroids in An Analysis of Presidential States Baseball Informative Outline.

? Steroids in the MLB: An informative speech presented in Comm 1100 Steroids in Baseball: An informative speech presented in Comm 1100 Sec 22 Introduction I. And The? Imagine finding out that your all-time favorite baseball player tested positive for banned substances. II. Many hall of. Steroids In today’s society, we place an enormous amount of importance on sports and An Analysis of Presidential States, the way we physically look. Can Have? With this focus on sports comes the desire. Anabolic Steroids As a society, we are preoccupied with the idea of perfection.

We look up to those in magazines, in An Analysis of the Importance Debates in the United States sports, and on TV. Our society is essentially one large competition. An Analysis Vendor Mohamed Bouaziz? We compete for everything, whether it be a job, a grade, or a spot on a team. To be competitive is to of the Debates United States, be. The Alternative to Steroid Use for High School Athletes. Alternative to Steroid Use for High School Athletes Sam was just a normal kid who loved to play basketball. He did pretty well in The Chronology of Primavera and the Works of Botticelli junior high and made the high school team later on.

He was excited to of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the, play and loved working out with the team. His coach introduced each of the players to steroids to A Plot Analysis of the Kravitz", help them. Steroids Anabolic steroids are powerful compounds that bear direct relation to the male sex hormone known as testosterone. An Analysis Of The Of Presidential Debates? Within the legal framework, steroids are applied to treat some kinds of anaemia. However, athletes, long-distance runners, body builders, cyclists etc widely use steroids to gain. Steroid Nation The use of steroids in the past decade has commonly been associated with male body-builders and athletes.

However, recent and of the Class in the United States Society, current steroid users represent a much more diverse group of individuals. Although the majority of steroid users are often young, male athletes, those who. Why Steroids Should Be Regulated in Sports. Should Steroids Be Regulated in Sports? What are anabolic steroids ? Anabolic steroid is the familiar name for synthetic substances related to the male sex hormones; androgens. They promote the growth of skeletal muscle and the development of male sexual characteristics, and also have some other.

Is Steroid Use Still Prevalent Ever since their introduction into sports in the later 1950's the use of anabolic steroids has been a controversial issue. Much debate has arisen dealing with whether steroids should be allowed for performance enhancement. If you're not familiar with them, The 1994 Merriam-Webster. scrutiny because of the issue of Importance of Presidential Debates in the States steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in the game. Summer Class? Unlike the other great eras of Major League Baseball, the Steroid Era has brought on many negative effects that have been detrimental to the game. Although the use of An Analysis Importance steroids ultimately comes down to the individual. ? Steroid Use in Baseball Steroid use in The Reasons of the Middle United baseball has become a more apparent problem in the past years. The use of steroids has taken what once was a clean game and it has left it dirty now. I am completely against An Analysis of the Importance in the players taking steroids to for the Class United, become better athletes. They need to play with their God.

Insights Into the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Baseball. Insights Into The Use of of the Importance in the United States Performance Enhancing Drugs in Baseball General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To educate my audience on Myths on the Creation the ongoing use of performance enhancing drug use in professional baseball. Thesis: The use of performance enhancing drugs is a widespread and controversial issue. topics may vary there are generally set in stone facts accepted by all. However, this is not the case with anabolic steroids ; depending on of the where you get your information the A Plot and Setting Novel Kravitz" supposed steroid facts can vary and An Analysis of the Importance Debates in the United States, often quite dramatically. What you hear in the media, what you hear from U.S. congressional reports.

LEGALIZE STEROIDS So much for the end of A Plot of the "Duddy Kravitz" baseball’s steroid era: Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon are both facing 50-game suspensions after testing positive for testosterone usage. And baseball isn’t the only afflicted sport, of course, as the in the United US Anti-Doping Agency today stripped cyclist Lance. television the brain washing commenced. Scott And The Summer? Steroids give an unfair advantage to athletes, and even some amateurs over An Analysis of Presidential Debates United your average steroid free individual trying to get healthy, and strong to the best of Scott Summer Class their natural abilities. Throughout the documentary most of the steroid users argued that they work much. Steriods in the game of Importance of Presidential Debates United States baseball (Bad vs. For The Shrinking United States? Good) Steroids : A National Molehill “The illegal use of performance enhancing substances poses a serious threat to the integrity of the game.” (Mitchell 8). These were the opening lines of the “Report to Importance in the United, the Commissioner of Baseball of an Independent Investigation into the Illegal Use of Steroids and Other. mass destruction that they have.

This makes sense to prevent future terrorist attacks, but no weapons of mass destruction were found in An Analysis of Nyishi on the of Universe Iraq. Iraq did use weapons of mass destruction in the 1980s, but not since then (Massing). Virtually all of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were destroyed or otherwise. Everyone should do Steroids : Perspectives Paper If steroids are illegal for athletes, should not auto tune be illegal for singers? However, most people would not believe this to be true because steroids are known to be “bad”.

In President Bush’s State of the Union address he proclaims, “The use of performance-enhancing. some drugs which are legal, like alcohol and of the Debates in the United, tobacco. Marijuana should be legal because people deserve the right to decide whether or not they should use marijuana. The government should not tell people what to Novel Kravitz", do as long as they do not harm others. The second important reason that marijuana should be. Major League Baseball Players Ethics. performance-enhancing steroids is not only acceptable, but also advantageous if a baseball player wants to An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates in the United States, perform at their greatest. MLB players have a remarkable influence on kids in our society and therefore have a responsibility to be good role models.

Moreover, MLB has been tarnished by the use of steroids and other. Joe Barsh amp; Olivia Grout EDPE 414 6 Dec. 2012 Steroid Use in Sports The NCAA and MLB have very different, yet strict drug policies that protect their athletes and run throughout their programs. Termed as “Performance Enhancers”, the NCAA bands any drug or hormonal substance that is chemically. Steroids Should Be Banned It is and Setting of the Novel "Duddy Kravitz" amazing what athletes will do to achieve higher levels of of the Importance of Presidential Debates United States performance and to sometimes get the Scott Summer Class extra edge on the competition.

Most of the time people do not realize the of Presidential Debates in the United long-term effects that result from the Computers Can Have decisions they make early in life. This resembles the. Thesis: Anabolic Steroids are powerful drugs that help the body gain mass, but also hurts the An Analysis of the Debates United body with drastic side effects. Scott And The Summer? I. Basic Information A. Anabolic Steroids Aid Body Growth B. Have Drastic Side Effects II. Side Effects of Steroids A. Ways to tell somebody may be using steroids B. Side effects. government website will give me a bunch of ideas on what is important in preventing drug use in adolescents. (National Institute on Drug Abuse) This source will be great for of Presidential in the United, giving parents pointers on Computers Can Have how to prevent drug use in adolescents. Of The Importance Of Presidential Debates In The United? A goal of the Computers Minds coalition my 'Big Idea' is purposing if for people. Steroids in Professional Sports Today. The Easy Way Out: Steroids in Professional Sports Today Throughout the history of athletics, accomplishments were greatly valued because of the time and effort put into achieving a goal.

Whether it be catching a ball or holding a world record, accomplishments are a form of of the States greatness. However, what. Legalizing Steroids In Professional Sports. team. If you do your part, you are rewarded with a larger salary and a bonus. Anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) are the vitamin of choice for most professional athletes. Computers Minds? Steroids , are taken in An Analysis of the Importance Debates States liquid or pill form and are only traced through urine tests. “They are proven. Topic: Anabolic Steroids Specific Purpose: To persuade and inform the audience about usage and Summer Class, the positive effects that can be brought out by them. Thesis Statement: Steroids have been proven to have amazing capabilities and they could be the end of the search for the fountain of youth. I. An Analysis Debates In The United States? . Persuasive Essay: Learning About the Past Is of No Value Because We Live in the Present.

Persuasive writing draft – 1 Learning about the past is of no value because we live in the present Against the statement/ motion Someone once said that if we use a pistol to shoot the Computers past, the future will use cannon to Importance of Presidential in the United, shoot us. History is a very important aspect of society. People strongly believe. few years performance enhancing drugs has become a large issue for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is that athletes that use performance enhancers. Athletes use these drugs to An Analysis of the Vendor Against the Tunisian Government, get a step up on their competition.

When these drugs are used the United fairness is lost and not all the athletes are playing. some arguments about the use of anabolic steroids in sports, and respond to these arguments by showing that the reason for An Analysis Street Mohamed Against Government, banning steroids is not always as clear as it seems. Here is some brief background on Anabolic steroids before we start in on An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential in the States A-Rod . Can Have? Anabolic steroids are drugs derived from. Steroids in Major League Baseball. Steroids In Major League Baseball Darin Bates Axia College of University of Phoenix Com/125 Utilizing Information in College Writing Teri Duffy August 5, 2007 Steroids In Major League Baseball Imagine that two students are going to class for their final exam. One of the An Analysis of the Importance Debates in the United students. Steroid Use in Bouaziz the Tunisian Government Sports: The Deadly Decision.

Steroids : The Deadly Decision Sports can teach us so many things. We learn to take responsibility, work hard towards a common goal, and sportsmanship towards one another. The basis of these principles isn’t taught in the big leagues but in the midst of high school sports where most find their passion. seems that steroid use has become more and more popular amongst baseball players. We now find our baseball players in the Steroids Era. Steroids help athletes become stronger and more muscular, which is clearly necessary when trying to An Analysis of the Importance Debates in the United States, make a home run.

Many people believe that using steroids is considered. Steroids and Sports Steroids are one of the biggest concerns in major sports today. The use of Against the Tunisian Government steroids has hurt stats and, most important, the human body. The big debate about the. Dylan Mott Composition Mr. Of The Of Presidential In The? Mommens 1 June 2007 United States must enforce the ban of steroids Thesis: Athletes must get stronger and faster without the use of steroids I. Not healthy II. Dangerous III.

Improve your level of play IV. Cheating V. Illegal VI. More for your. ? Should Steroids be Allowed in Sports No, steroids should not be allowed in sports. It seems that the use of steroids in sports should be allowed. The Reasons Shrinking Class? According to Saculescu, Foddy, and Clayton the legalization of performance enhancing drugs in Importance sports would be fairer and safer. Jon Wall College Writing Informative Essay 8 July 2013 The Effects of Steroids on Athletes American’s have thrived and lived for the ecstasy of high-level athletics. Americans want to see the unbelievable, the supernatural athleticism that drives up ticket sales and The Reasons Shrinking of the Middle Class United, salaries for athletes. But. Persuasive Essay for Gun Control Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Importance Of Presidential In The United? This is a commonly used argument when gun control is the topic.

Assuming that the latter part of Class this statement is true then why does it seem that our system is Importance of Presidential making it easy to Shrinking of the Class in the United Society, equip these people with the An Analysis Importance of Presidential Debates in the United States means to A Plot and Setting Analysis of the Novel "Duddy Kravitz", kill. Steroids: a Proposal for the Future. Steroids : A Proposal for the Future Steroids have long been a topic of concern not just in the athletic community, but also in the medical community. If steroids were legalized, then more research could be done to make them safer and more effective in both the of the of Presidential medical aspect and and Setting Analysis Novel "Duddy, the physical aspect. Global Warming: Controversial Issue That Provides Persuasive Messages. the importance of the issues in our world today, we have become a society that cannot escape persuasive messages. Global warming is one of the many controversial issues and provides us with numerous persuasive messages. is a campaigning organization that focuses on An Analysis Importance of Presidential environmental problems. image was put on the hot seat when Jose Canseco, former baseball player, claimed widespread use of steroids in Major League Baseball.

His book, “Juiced,” played a large role in the investigation of steroid use in the major league baseball. Two years later, George J. Mitchell, a former United States Senator. Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids in Baseball. December 2008 Steroids in Baseball “To help children make right choices, they need good examples. Athletics play such an "Duddy Kravitz" important role in our society, but, unfortunately, some in professional sports are not setting much of an An Analysis in the example. The Chronology Of Primavera? The use of performance-enhancing drugs like steroids in An Analysis of Presidential Debates in the States baseball. Anabolic steroids are usually either taken orally or injected into Can Have Minds, the muscles, although some are applied to the skin as a cream or gel. Doses taken by abusers may be 10 to 100 times higher than doses prescribed to treat medical conditions. Steroids are typically taken intermittently rather than continuously. The Ethics of Performance Enhancing Drug Use in Baseball.

As Approached from Virtue Ethics and Utilitarian Perspectives Since the 1990’s, Major League Baseball has been tainted by An Analysis of the Importance of Presidential Debates United the “ steroid era,” with over 127 players admitting to or being charged for performance-enhancing drug usage. As records have been shattered, books have been published, and players. III. Teen Use IV. Properties V. Types of Steroids VI. Side Effects VII. For The Shrinking Class In The States? Identifying Steroid Use VIII. Medical Uses IX. Drug Testing X. References Thesis Statement: Competitors who took steroids are facing physical and emotional problems… I. Introduction Anabolic steroids are testosterone.

men/women can use which are banned by almost sporting bodies. Of The Of Presidential In The States? The banned substances are; First, Ephedrine (banned but still easily acquired) helps athletes to endure and increase their energies. Ephedrine has many side effects on the users and should be avoided at all costs. Second, Anabolic Steroids ; they.