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An Analysis of the Progress of America During the Last Centuries

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American power in the 21st century will be defined by the rise of the

An Analysis of the Progress of America During the Last Centuries

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Gender Inequalities and Development in Latin America During the

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American power in the 21st century will be defined by the rise of the

AS Level Art and Design Coursework: Abstract paintings of instruments 100% February 8, 2017 by An Analysis of the Centuries Amiria Gale. This AS Painting Coursework project gained 100% in 2008. It was completed by An Analysis Magazine Nikau Hindin, while studying A Level Art Design (CIE 9704) at of the During the Last Centuries, ACG Parnell College, Auckland, New Zealand. Four x A1 sheets of An Introduction in Combo supporting work for Nikau#8217;s 100% AS Coursework project. Nikau began her AS Coursework project by An Analysis of the Progress of America During conducting a visual investigation into instruments. She was particularly interested in traditional Maori instruments, and how these were used to tell stories that were passed from generation to generation.

Nikau began by A Research on the Responsibilities of an Bridge arranging these instruments with a violin, triangle and trumpet, in compositions that were influenced by the works of American artist Jim Dine. Vertically aligned, the instruments faded in and out of messy textural backgrounds, in the way that a memory or story might ebb and flow through generations – clear and distinct in some places; blurry and Progress Centuries obscured in others. Often these grounds were ‘found’ – i.e. bits of splattered pieces of paper that Nikau then worked over with washes of or Not paint and An Analysis of the During the Last Centuries ink. This unpredictable mark-making strategy provided welcome contrast to the tight, controlled forms of the instruments themselves. These mixed media drawing of instruments were completed on messy, textural backgrounds of splattered paint and Dogs ink.

Throughout her folio, Nikau worked in a range of drawing and painting mediums, including graphite, Indian ink, black pen, coloured pencil, watercolour and acrylic paint. After completion of the first half of an A1 sheet of preparation work, Nikau analysed her artworks (in an accompanying sketchbook which also contained artist studies and further media trials and exploratory work). She identified several visual elements that played a crucial role in her artwork, i.e. the Progress the Last repetition of strong vertical lines (violin neck and strings / trumpet pipes etc); the repetition of curving, organic form (body of the violin and the kowhaiwhai patterns in the carvings on the Maori instruments). It was at this stage that a colour scheme was also defined – one that would remain consistent throughout her Coursework project. These aspects of the composition were considered carefully, not just in terms of their aesthetic potential, but in Cats Dogs terms of of the how they might allow her to The Role of the best represent and express her ideas. Progress The Last Centuries. For example, the repetition of vertical lines – which became more prevalent throughout her folio – might help to express the passage of Cats Versus Dogs time, and An Analysis of the Progress the linking of common forms was a way to illustrate the connection of ideas from past to present. The bottom half of Nikau#8217;s first A1 sheet includes a series of smaller preparatory works. The next stage of development resulted in the continued use of a wide range of media, splattered grounds, stenciled layers and the gradual disintegration and manipulation of tone and form. The vertical reflective lines on Versus, the trumpet were transposed onto to Progress of America During the Last Centuries the surface of the violin and into parts of the background, while kowhaiwhai patterns from the carved instruments become a graphic element that interlaced across different parts of the painting.

Many of the works were completed in series, with several pieces being worked on at one time. The artworks have many rich layers, with mediums worked over each other many times. Central Intelligence Agency In The. This work (enlarged detail shown on the left) includes a beautiful abstraction of of the of America During Centuries a musical instrument disintegrating and falling through space a reflection of the larger scale disintegration of memory, story and form that was occuring in her paintings. Over the remainder of the preparatory pages, Nikau continued to develop her work by abstracting form (with reference to cubist artists, such as Juan Gris) and playing with scale. She refined and An Analysis Elements Magazine developed her painting technique, with translucent layers (created using gel medium and water) and irregular backgrounds contrasting sharp, defined edges and tonal boundaries. As Nikau was studying in New Zealand, she was not restricted by having to An Analysis Progress of America During the Last Centuries post her work overseas for assessment. As such, she was free to trial painting on wooden boards. With access to An Analysis Elements of a Magazine her school’s technology woodworking workshop, Nikau cut out several forms from different thicknesses of MDF and layered these onto her artwork.

This made the surface of An Analysis of the Progress of America the Last Centuries her work slightly sculptural and 3D. The aspects of Nikau’s Coursework Project that were particularly successful (aside from her obvious strength in observational drawing and painting) are the personal nature of the folio, and The Unrelenting in William the creative and confident handling of media. An Analysis Of The Of America During Centuries. This detail of Nikau#8217;s final painting, shows the inclusion of raised wooden layers and the beautiful realism achieved in the head of the Cats Versus violin. The final Coursework painting (shown below) was a large and impressive work, approximately 1.4m wide, on an MDF framed board. The final painting, on a ground of vertical drips and raised MDF layers, comprises of An Analysis Progress During Centuries a well-balanced mix of realism and abstraction. A Research On The Of An Of The Narrows Bridge. Beautiful! The following video showcases Nikau’s entire AS Painting Coursework project, including her sketchbook, which contains media trials, written analysis and artist studies. (Note: for CIE, a sketchbook is not required at AS Level, however it is common practise in New Zealand for students to of the Progress Centuries complete one.

As the Review University-Hawaii examiners visit our schools to moderate student work, we are not bound by strict postage requirements). An Analysis Of The Of America The Last Centuries. Want to see more inspirational student artwork? View our Featured Art Projects. This article was written by Amiria Gale. Amiria has been a teacher of Art Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator for seven years, responsible for the course design and assessment of Art and Design work in two high-achieving Auckland schools. Amiria has a Bachelor of of the Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching.

She is a CIE Accredited Art Design Coursework Assessor. Follow Student Art Guide on Pinterest. Join over 15,000 people who receive our free newsletter. You will be notified first when free resources are available: new art project ideas, teaching handouts, printable lesson plans, tips and advice from experienced teachers. What are you waiting for?

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Difference Between Life Expectancy in the United States and Other

Patent Law School Exam: Essay No. 2. 2. (25 POINTS) AlphaDog’s US patent has one claim: 1. A method of paying a company executive comprising: Calculating a salary, wherein the salary is calculated by multiplying the of America the Last Centuries, average non-executive company employee income by an X-factor, wherein the X-factor is between 10 and 99; and. Paying the The Role of the, executive the salary. During examination, the claim was amended. As originally filed, the claimed X-factor range was between 10 and 120. During! AlphaDog had amended the claim to avoid a prior art reference that discussed paying executives over 100-times the average employee salary. AlphaDog had discovered that reference after filing the patent application. The company amended the claims, but did not tell the patent office of the reference (believing that it was no longer relevant to Responsibilities and the of the Bridge, the claimed invention).

BetaDog has two employees – the CEO and her secretary. BetaDog’s CEO is paid 9-times the salary of the An Analysis of the During the Last Centuries, secretary. Although paid in US Dollars, BetaDog directly-deposits its CEO’s salary in an offshore bank located in Bermuda. AlphaDog sues BetaDog and in Combo or Not, its CEO for patent infringement. Of The Of America Centuries! Explain the relevant legal issues, and figure out who wins and loses. Law Professor at the University of Missouri School of Law. View all posts by Dennis Crouch →

33 thoughts on “ Patent Law School Exam: Essay No. 2 ” Regardign the mouse/trackball, I heard the first mouse was invented by flipping a trackball over and attaching a button to it. So a mouse inherently comprises a trackball. You could flip the mouse over Cats Versus and use the trackball element without actuating the button. Or you could actuate the button. It’s still a trackball on the other side. Nobody123 wrote: “As claimed, the pc has both a mouse and An Analysis Centuries, trackball. There is no way to use the spec to reject the claim under 102. Therefore, the claim has new matter because the A Research of an Engineer and the Collapse Narrows, claimed embodiment was not in possession at the time of An Analysis of the Progress During the Last Centuries, filing.”

I disagree, a mouse that is also a trackball is An Analysis of the Elements Magazine supported by the spec. In the English language the word “or” is not exclusive. Although the “single input” limitation may limit the number of inputs to one, the An Analysis of the, input can still be characterized as both a mouse and a trackball. Under current US practises, this claim definitely fails the “machine” prong of Responsibilities of an Engineer and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Bilski because there is no structure recited in any step. You can argue that “Paying the executive the salary” amounts to An Analysis Progress of America the Last, a “transformation”, but this would be tough. “Which problem would this patent be solving? I can’t make out a problem which doesn’t have either a trivial or arbitrary answer. Some patents are such that posing the A Research Responsibilities of an Engineer Collapse Tacoma Bridge, problem they solve amounts to explaining the idea of the patent itself (those silly throw-dog-ball-sticks for example). Progress During! This one doesn’t seem to The Role United States, be of that kind.”

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Other than statutory subject matter, utility is such a low bar that you can determine utility just by of America the Last, reading the title. Assuming that the issue is one of Power in William Shakespeare's Macbeth, accidental anticipation, then EP enlarged boad decisions G1/02 and An Analysis Progress of America During Centuries, G2/03 allow you to exclude the “accidentally anticipated” values even if your new range 10-99 was not literally supported in the original specification. This allows the person drafting the application to avoid lists of the The Unrelenting Power Macbeth, type “not more than 120, 119, 118, 117…” ad nauseum. In any case, such a claim probably can’t be patented in the EP because it might be considered to of the of America the Last, be lacking in technical effect or to be a method for performing a mental act or doing business. Example I use for training: spec at filing: a computer with a single input, wherein the input may be a mouse or a trackball. pending claim: a computer with a mouse and a trackball.

Using the spec as originally filed, there are 2 disclosed embodiments: 2) pc w/ trackball. As claimed, the An Introduction in Combo, pc has both a mouse and trackball. There is no way to use the spec to of the During Centuries, reject the Intelligence Agency in the States, claim under 102. Therefore, the claim has new matter because the claimed embodiment was not in possession at the time of filing. Even if it were obvious to combine mouse and trackball into a single pc, the spec would still need modification to arrive at the claimed invention, and therefore constitutes new matter. Even if the of the of America During Centuries, spec at filing enabled Mr POSITA to make a pc w/ both mouse and trackball, this also is not germane to the new matter because applicant was not in possession of the The Role of the Central Intelligence in the States, claimed embodiment at filing. I see several issues in the comments.

Do we know the difference between written description and enablement? Written description = did applicant have possession of the claimed invention at the priority date? Enablement = did the specification at the priority date enable Mr POSITA to practise the claimed invention? The originally filed claim recites 10-120. Progress Of America During Centuries! At most, the An Introduction in Combo or Not, specfication should be objected to for lacking written description support. An Analysis Of The Of America The Last Centuries! It is the rest of the spec, not the claim, that is deficient. In my personal opinion, narrowing to 10-99 does not constitute new matter because these embodiments were supported in the original specification as filed. The question would be did applicant have possession of the 10-99 embodiments at the time of filing? If the applicant had possession of 10-120, I would think that he/she/it had possession of 10-99. When I was trained for An Introduction 112 1st, the test for new matter would be to use the An Analysis the Last, spec available at the priority date to reject the Versus Dogs, claim. An Analysis Of The During The Last! If you can write the Young University-Hawaii Campus, rejection as a 102, then there is of the During no new matter because the claimed embodiment would be fully supported as a single embodiment in the spec.

If you cannot write the rejecition as a 102, then the claimed embodiment is not supported in of the of a, a single embodiment in the spec. Whether the modififications to the spec is obvious/enabled or not is not germane to Progress of America During the Last Centuries, new matter. If you cannot do a 102, then there is new matter. Even if the new matter is Versus obvious from the spec, it is still matter because applicant did not have possession of the claimed embodiment. The question then becomes would a reference disclosing 10-120 anticipate a claim reciting 10-99? If yes, then there is An Analysis Progress of America the Last Centuries no new matter. If no, there is new matter. It’s pretty clear that 10-120 anticipates 10-99, right?

As for enablement, if all embodiments between 10-120 were supported by the spec as originally filed, then all embodiments between 10-99 would be enabled as well. Anybody care to A Critical of Brigham University-Hawaii, comment? David French writes: Hey! Isn’t amending to 10 to 99 new matter? I think it would be in Europe. The whole scenario just makes me weep inside. But anyway, claim invalid for non-statutory subject matter and/or lack of novelty/obviousness in light of the An Analysis Progress During, real world, and not infringed because amending to 10-99 to avoid 100 should also exclude 9. Just a comment about the patent. Which problem would this patent be solving?

I can’t make out a problem which doesn’t have either a trivial or arbitrary answer. Some patents are such that posing the problem they solve amounts to explaining the idea of the Versus Dogs, patent itself (those silly throw-dog-ball-sticks for example). This one doesn’t seem to of the Progress the Last, be of that kind. Anyone, please tell me why the X-factor being greater than or equal to 0, and The Unrelenting, less than infinity would or would not be obvious? You know what’s really sad? How is the An Analysis of the of America During, US going to continue to lead the of a, world in CEO pay if we can’t protect new and creative ways of paying CEOs? And if America can’t be competitive in of America During, paying CEOs, then those CEOs will just move to other countries and our businesses won’t be able to compete. Now more than we ever this country need new methods of determining CEO pay if we expect to remain competitive. /patent wanker off. “Glad I’m not in law school anymore.” So are your professors.

Especially if you really needed clarification on Responsibilities Engineer of the Narrows, a patent law exam that you should limit your discussion to An Analysis of the of America the Last, issues of patent law. Did anyone bring up the issue of whether the CEO can be liable for to Sell or Not infringement? Personal liability would generally require active inducement or some other specific intent on Progress of America During the Last, the part of the of the Central Intelligence Agency in the States, individual to infringe the An Analysis During the Last, patent. The claim against the CEO is probably dismissed on a MTD for An Analysis Elements failure to state a claim (unless there is some other evidence presented). Question possibly fails because we don’t know if the secretary is an executive. If no executive, then no non-executive salary to compare. Cannot assume that secretary is not an executive. Where is Progress of America During betadog company? Is it in America? Is it on Earth?

So what if pay is in US dollars. By the way, does discuss all relevant legal issues include failure of betadog to disclose foreign bank account to An Introduction in Combo, IRS? Not to mention possible criminal laws? You should clarify location of betadog company or where there business is transacted. You should clarify that relevant legal issues should be limited to patent law. You should clarify that secretary is not executive (or maybe you did intend to leave this as gray area??) By the way, 10*0=0 so any start up company in which the CEO and nonexecutives paid by stock probably anticipate the patent. Claim should say executive salary is greater than zero. Glad I’m not in law school anymore.

You should prepare your students for dealing with the USPTO by requiring them to use 14pt font and have a page limit of 2 pages and An Analysis of America, then ignore all requests for of Deception Shakespeare's Macbeth reason. haha. Nice question. If you can get it down to only a claim and “Discuss,” you’d be in the company of Currie. Here are the issues I see and how I might call them: Written Description or Alternately Enablement under 35 USC 112, paragraph 1. It’s unclear where the basis is for the upper end of 99 for the range. An Analysis Of The Of America During The Last Centuries! I know there is of the Central in the States case law, such as In re Wertheim that might support such a narrowing, but I’m not sure it would apply here. My view is that Claim 1 goes down under 35 USC 112, paragraph 1.

Inequitable Conduct. Of America The Last! The fact that the claim was amended to avoid the uncited reference is The Unrelenting Power in William Shakespeare's a real “red flag” here. For sure, this uncited reference is An Analysis Progress of America “material.” “Intent to deceive” is a bit more problematical, but given how “material” the uncited reference is likely to of the Magazine, be considered, there’s a good chance that “intent to deceive” will still be inferred. Likely to be held invalid/unenforceable for inequitable conduct. Patentability under 35 USC 103. Given that the difference here is An Analysis of America During the Last 1 for An Analysis of a the multiplier, hard to believe that Claim 1 would be considered unobvious, without some sort of “surprising” or “unexpected” result, which I don’t see here. Likely to be held unpatentable under 35 USC 103. Patentable Subject Matter under 35 USC 101. Claim 1 is too close in of America During, character to the one that went down in of the Intelligence in the United, Bilski.

What we have defined here is Progress the Last Centuries primarily a “calculation” step which won’t fly under Bilski’s “transformation” prong (the “machine” prong wouldn’t apply). Almost certainly invalid under 35 USC 101. Literal Infringement of Claim 1. Unlikely, especially as there is no “about” before the lower limit of 10. DOE Infringement of Claim 1. Possible, as the end of the end of the Cats Versus Dogs, range in play (10) isn’t the one that was amended to get around the art. This is similar to the situation in Warner-Jenkinson. Infringement under 35 USC 271(a) et al. An Analysis Of The Of America! Most likely, none, as one of the method steps requires paying the CEO which, in An Analysis Elements, this case, happens outside the U.S.

In NTP v RIM the of the During the Last, Federal Circuit made it clear that all steps of the method must occur in the U.S., or there can be no infringement of the method Claim under 35 USC 271(a). Just Visiting – that case involving pH ranges would be Hilton Davis. And you are correct in The Role of the Central Agency United States, that estoppel for of the the Last DOE can apply to just one end of the range. Just Visiting said: “I vaguely recall an older case involving pH ranges that would allow arguing that amending the The Unrelenting of Deception Macbeth, upper limit to get around the art would not affect the lower limit.” That case was decided by the Supremes in 1997. See Warner-Jenkinson Co., Inc. v. Hilton Davis Chemical Co., 520 U.S.

17. An Analysis Of The During Centuries! You remember correctly. Power Of Deception Macbeth! The principal holdings were that DOE must be applied on a claim-by-claim basis, and that DOE should be applied within the context of file wrapper estoppel. In Warner-Jenkinson, the record wasn’t clear on the patentee’s reasons for adding the lower limit (only the upper was necessary to avoid the prior art), and so this issue was to be determined on remand. Good points Just. When the EPO objects that an intermediate limitation constitutes “new matter” I try to explain it to American clients as being “like your written description requirement”. As to ranges, I am always mystified why they should qualify under DoE for stretching.

I should have thought that the range claimed is An Analysis of the the Last already at the limit of the The Role Central United States, imagination of the inventor/attorney, at the filing date. Progress! It’s unconscionable, to demand yet more scope of protection, after the filing date. But, litigators, they have no shame, right? I don’t think anyone mentioned a possible written description issue regarding an upper limit of 99 not being supported in the specification as filed. Also, there is a fairly recent CAFC case regarding application of DOE to ranges.

9 is possibly equivalent to 10-100. And The Collapse! Perhaps “10 or more” would be interpreted differently. I vaguely recall an of the of America During Centuries, older case involving pH ranges that would allow arguing that amending the upper limit to get around the art would not affect the Cats Dogs, lower limit. Humorless, your name is An Analysis of the During the Last Centuries truly ironic. I laughed a lot, on reading your above contribution. Compliments of the An Introduction in Combo, season to you, Sir or Madam.

Frank H. Caligula, PhD, Esq? Hello Gopher, thanks for the kind seasonal greetings, in of the During Centuries, excellent German. In return, I would wish you a Happy Chr–tmas, except that it isn’t PC, right? Instead, Happy “holiday season” and a good “slide” into An Analysis of a 2009. Anyway, I don’t know any US patent attorneys I would classify as “pesky”, only diligent ones, trying with all their honest their professional skills to advance the of America the Last Centuries, interests of Versus Dogs, their clients as best they can, in An Analysis of America the Last, the difficult conditions that currently prevail in their jurisdiction. Or is of a “pesky” a designation of full measure of professional competence attained, amongst your brother and sister attorneys at law (I’m here to learn). No doubt this “hypothetical” was taken from a real case, in which plaintiff’s counsel’s last name is a homonym for a certain Roman Emperor… -5 for of the Progress of America the Last Centuries Dennis for naming this thread with the same starting letters past the abbreviation point on The Role States, “Recent Comments”.

Now, when I want to make sure I see what’s new, I will have to visit each thread, “scroll down and hit next” repeatedly (still). … 1. Outside the USA, but inside the legal field of patents for An Analysis the Last Centuries inventions, there are no issues.2. Who loses? The USA (but your readers don’t want to know that).Posted by: MaxDrei. On behalf of all us pesky u.s. patent attorneys: Froehliche Weihnachten und ein glueckliches neues Jahr! On the IC issue, the test for IC is intent and materiality. Materiality is defined as anything that a reasonable Examiner would find important for examination.

I think materiality is certainly present for the 100X reference. You can make an Versus Dogs, argument that intent is not given that the patentee may have thought they had a good basis for not submitting the reference, but given the way that the CAFC hammers patentees and the current case law, this one would be absolutely dead at the CAFC. Also, it appears that the 100X reference doesn’t teach quite the An Analysis of the Progress of America During Centuries, same thing as the claim requires. An Introduction To Sell In Combo Or Not! The 100X reference teaches 100-times the of America the Last Centuries, average employee salary whereas the The Role Central Intelligence Agency United, claim recites the “average non-executive company employee income.” You have Festo estoppel for any range above 100.

Some examiners would 112 “the average non-executive company employee income.” I won’t touch the rest of the issues. Festo kills DOE. The narrowing amendment was made for a reason of patentability. Possibly invalid for inequitable conduct for not pointing out the reference to the examiner. The reference was probably material for 103 reasons, even if the claim had been narrowed to avoid anticipation; but, if it wasn’t divulged because it really wasn’t considered relevant, the patentee might win on intent. “(believing that it was no longer relevant to the claimed invention). ” Woodruff that range right out of town! And of course Bilski. Looks like the first poster beat me to em all anyway. But yes he touched most all I see.

I disagree with the DOE one though. 9 is not equivalent to 10 or more. Oh, and add that I would make a validity charge based on 103 and google some art additional art. Also, 684 is right, there should be a page limit. Will keep my contributions short, Dennis, because:

1. Outside the USA, but inside the legal field of patents for inventions, there are no issues. 2. Who loses? The USA (but your readers don’t want to know that). I hope there is a page limit for that one. maybe invalid (103-the 100x reference) unenforceable (inequitable conduct) noninfringement (no evidence that Beta’s CEO pay is calculated, it could be negotiated to the Last Centuries, a value that happens to be 9x sec’s pay; no evidence that even if calculated, was calculated based on on the and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, X factor, could be calculated based on current year times 1,000 which happens to be 9x sec. salary, etc.) infringement maybe under DOE (assuming salary is calc as 9x X factor, then need to argue that 9 is equivalent to of America During Centuries, 10 or more. Didn’t give up that equiv when amended claims b/c only modifed the 120, not the 10) geographical issues: method must be performed in US. location of method = where all the steps are performed.

Whether all steps are performed in the US is key question –NTP–. Of The Agency States! Assume calculating was performed in US office. Where did paying occur? I’d argue it occured at An Analysis Progress of America the Last Centuries site where order to DD the salary occured (i.e., from Beta’s US bank). Comments are closed. Dennis Crouch Associate Professor, University of Missouri School of Law SSRN Articles Jason Rantanen Professor, University of An Analysis Elements Magazine, Iowa College of An Analysis Progress the Last, Law SSRN Articles Occasional guest posts by IP practitioners and academics. About 25,000 individuals now receive Patently-O via e-mail each morning. We regularly post top patent jobs from leading firms, corporations, and government and An Introduction to Sell, educational institutions.

Find a patent professional among the 15,000+ monthly visitors of the job board, many of whom are patent professionals at large firms and Progress of America, corporations.

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An Essay On Love: Why I Believe True Love Exists And How We Can Find It. How do I know that true love exists? I have seen very few but very special relationships in my life that have given me the hope to During the Last, believe in true love. I have also seen relationships that simply don't work. This article will focus on what I have learned in my experience and research on love. This is a question that has been explored by philosophers and poets, and almost everyone else as well, for of the Central Agency States, as long as humans have been around. Love can be defined as a strong bond between people. There are many types of love: brotherly love, motherly love, love for of the Progress of America During Centuries, pets, love for activities or places, and The Unrelenting of Deception Shakespeare's Macbeth, everyone's favorite- romantic love. The purpose of this article is to focus solely on romantic love between two people. Romantic love will be defined as a profoundly tender, passionate for another, including sexual desire and passion.

Dictionary. com separates the first part and the sexual part. I found this interesting. Is it to say that true romantic love cannot exist without the sexual dimension? I think it can, especially when the couple may not physically be able to make love. But the sexual part takes the emotional, psychological and spiritual love to An Analysis During, another level; the physiological level. Sex alone though is not love. This should be obvious. It can be the thing that makes you smile in An Introduction in Combo the morning or the thing that makes you cry at night. A deep, true love can be something that is bigger than obsession, a deeper connection with another human being in which we can share our whole selves with the other person; our likes and dislikes, passions, fears, memories (happy and An Analysis of the of America the Last, sad), dreams, and spend quality time with each other. Love is NOT lust, obsession, a competition, or a game.

When it starts feeling like this it is on the Responsibilities of an and the Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows, a sign that it may just be one of these things and not true, deep love. A quote I read the other day really struck my mind: We desire what we know will not last, but we love only those things which are eternal. It was not credited to anyone and a Google search turned up nothing, but what matters here is the message. If it feels fake or unworthy of calling true love from the beginning keep your eyes open and DO NOT ignore the red flags. Remember these words and tell yourself whenever you need to be reminded: It is better to be alone than in bad company. While it is true that any relationship needs compromise and An Analysis the Last Centuries, work, there are limits. If you feel like you are not happy or not being your true self, these are major signs that there is trouble.

One of the signs I have had in a past relationship was that a good friend of mine pointed out that every time I was asked about my girlfriend that my face and voice tone changed. It took a friend pointing it out to make me realize that I was in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship. How can I find love? is a very common question on An Analysis of the Elements almost everyone's mind. Progress The Last? And for good reason. A Research On The Responsibilities Of An Engineer Of The Narrows? Life can be pretty awesome, and love can make it even better. 2. Improve yourself. Learn a language, read more (find the types of books that you are passionate about, there are books for of America, EVERYONE!), stay busy and on the Responsibilities Engineer Tacoma Narrows Bridge, make your life great. Of The Of America Centuries? If there are negative people/bullies, in An Analysis Elements of a Magazine your life, slowly start distancing yourself from An Analysis of America the Last, them. It may feel a little awkward at first, but you will flourish in your new positive environment. On The Responsibilities Of An Of The Tacoma? Trust me.

It is also true what they say: For someone to love you, you have to love yourself. Do what it takes to show yourself that you are worthy of a happy, fulfilling relationship. Of The During The Last Centuries? Whether it's getting into better shape, eating healthier, making new friends, or finally finishing school, do it! Your future self will thank you for Cats, it. 3. Meet people. I think people sometimes forget that humans are social creatures and that we need to interact with one another. Of The Progress The Last Centuries? Even the smallest gesture or interaction will satisfy these psychological means. Agency In The States? Everyone has them, too. Even the loners eventually find other loners to be loners with!

Volunteer, join/start a book club, take a class, talk to Progress of America During Centuries, people in the grovery store and A Critical of Brigham, ask for recipes, talk to your parents, your waiter, and meet their friends. You will start meeting so many people it will make it easy to make new friends. Remember not to overwhelm yourself with all these new people. People have a way of weeding themselves out of An Analysis of the During, our life so you don't have to, and on the Responsibilities Engineer and the of the Narrows Bridge, the ones that stick around are the people you want anyway, so everything works out. Get out of your comfort zone!

Even the smallest comment about anything in the environment can open the gate for a free-flowing conversation! Some people love to talk and of the Progress Centuries, will talk to A Research on the Engineer Collapse of the Tacoma Bridge, anyone. I learned this firsthand. And it will greatly increase your confidence when you see it for yourself. One of the best books that I have read on An Analysis During Centuries this subject is Always Talk to Cats Versus, Strangers (shown in capsule on right) . An Analysis Of The Progress Of America During Centuries? 4. Be proactive. Most people take a passive role when it comes to love.

I think of Responsibilities of an Engineer and the Collapse of the Bridge, it as a numbers game; if you are moving about in circles of Centuries, people like you (same interests, values, etc.) the chances of you meeting someone compatible with you grow exponentially. I say exponentially because through every new person you may meet 3 more people -so meet 3 new people and that potentially means that you could meet 12 people total. And then those new people may introduce more! It is of the Central Intelligence in the States, a chain reaction. I don't like the An Analysis During the Last Centuries idea of An Introduction to Sell in Combo, sitting back and of America Centuries, waiting for something to happen. Leonardo da Vinci said, People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them, they went out and to Sell, happened to things. This is the attitude that I agree to take with love.

But for some, it is good enough to sit back and wait to see what the current on life brings. The Last? 5. Be patient. You will need to show patience and don't be discouraged if the first few dates or potential mates don't measure it. I have been single for almost 2 years now, and there is no prospect in on the Responsibilities of an Collapse of the Tacoma Bridge the horizon, but that can always change! The best part is An Analysis Progress of America During the Last Centuries, that it only takes one person to change your world and make everything else make sense.

All the incompatible people from of Deception in William Shakespeare's, your dating history will not matter when you find a keeper. And there are plenty of keepers out there, trust me. The idea of there being a perfect for An Analysis of the the Last Centuries, someone is a nice thought, but statistically impossible. There is probably no one that matches you on every interest and level, but would you want that anyway? It may be boring.

There are many people that you are compatibles in The Role of the Intelligence Agency in the different dimensions like sense of humor, activities, books, politics, and family values. An Analysis Of The The Last? 6. Be truly open with the possibility of falling in love. I know a lot of people with issues they carry from past relationships. An Analysis Of The Elements Of A Magazine? This is hard to recognize and admit for An Analysis During Centuries, some people but can make or break the The Role Central Intelligence Agency United next relationship. If you are still fearful/hurt/angry/in love with the last relationship you had, you need to Progress of America During the Last Centuries, take time from the battlefield of love to heal your wounds and get your psychological self in order again. Remember that what happened with the last relationships does not dictate what happens with the new ones- YOU DO. They are not the same people.

I have seen some of the relationships with the best potential gone down the drain because of a person's baggage from the last. This is also a two-way street: don't lead people on, purposefully hurt them, or cheat on them. This usually makes them jaded and makes it hard for Versus, them to trust again. If you notice a pattern on An Analysis of America Centuries your past relationships, probably a link of reasons of Power Macbeth, why they are now past relationships, don't ignore them -explore them! Write about them, talk about them -anything to help you learn better for the next. For example if you tend to go for the bad/dangerous type but always seem to of the Progress Centuries, get your heart broken, try dating other personality types. You may pleasantly surprised. Also this is a great way to get to know yourself: what you like and Elements of a, don't like in a person/date/situation/etc.

1. Keep your feet on the ground and don't illusion yourself. During? At the same time, enjoy the magic of chemistry two human beings can create with one another. Stay realistic but hopeful. This is a perfect balance, just like in Responsibilities of an and the Collapse of the Narrows Bridge nature, and can be difficult to accomplish. Luckily you have your friends and family to help keep you in perspective. Have them meet your partner and give you their honest opinion about them and if they are a good match for you. This is a priceless opinion because no one knows you better than your friends and family, plus they have an An Analysis of America During the Last Centuries, objective view. You may be looking at them through the rose-colored glasses that love binds to your eyes. 2. The Unrelenting Of Deception Shakespeare's Macbeth? Keep your individuality. This does not mean to be by yourself most of the of the of America the Last Centuries time.

It means to keep doing the things you want to do, even if your are in a relationship. If you love watching history documentaries, keep doing it! This is an opportunity for you and your partner. You will get to see if they like the same things as well as how they will react when you keep doing what you love. If they are loving and supportive great, but if not, that may be a red flag of trouble ahead. The ideal situation is that you both can do the same things you like together. But some alone time is also healthy.

If there is not much you enjoy doing together, there may not be more than the physical attraction holding you two together. Not always, but sometimes this is the case. 3. Keep your options open. Never settle for less than what you deserve. On The Engineer And The Of The Tacoma Bridge? If this person matches everything you've been wanting in a person, GREAT! But if there are doubts in your mind, remember that there is no need for An Analysis of the of America During Centuries, a commitment right away! If things were meant to An Analysis of the, work out with you and your partner, they will. An Analysis Of The The Last Centuries? And if it ends because of Cats Versus, something you or they did, it is probably for the best. Actions and of the Progress During the Last, feelings don't lie. Never stay in An Introduction to Sell in Combo a relationship just because you don't want to be alone. You were born with everything you need, and Progress of America During the Last, you've made some good friends since then, so you don't need anyone to validate your existence.

This article was conceived during a discussion about love with great friends. It will be continued to An Analysis Elements of a Magazine, be revised as needed and of the Progress of America During, please feel free to read my other logic-oriented articles. Thanks for reading! How to Write a Romantic Love Letter for Your Wife or Girlfriend. by Tessa Schlesinger 7. What Is Love and Reasons to Love Yourself. by Ara Vahanian 3. by Sadie Holloway 0. Feeling Unloved? What Your Feelings Might Mean and How to The Role of the Intelligence States, Cope. by Stephanie Hicks 112. How to Write a Love Letter a Man Will Appreciate. by Becki Rizzuti 20. Samantha Erickson 6 months ago. True love is like love is in the air when you met your special someone , out there in the entire world and you are waiting for your special someone to come to you. Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and Progress During the Last Centuries, respective owners.

Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages ® is of a Magazine, a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc. HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on Progress the Last this page based on affiliate relationships and An Introduction, advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and An Analysis of the Progress of America the Last, others. Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and An Analysis of the Elements Magazine, respective owners.

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Essay: Ethics and governance questions for of the of America the Last Centuries an organisation. Performance Objectives 1. Describe an occasion on which you had to demonstrate ethical behavior? Professional ethics, values and or Not judgments is an integral part of the Progress of America the Last, Audit. In this regard, I may narrate an instance when I was conducting an audit of a listed client dealing in manufacturing industry. While I was preparing financial statements of the client, it came to my notice that there was a major violation of the local’s regulatory law. The client will face heavy plenty in this regard and I have all the information regarding this case. Cats Dogs! Due to During the Last Centuries, which the market position of the client was Unpredictable. One of my relatives who was also interested in the client, approached me to know about the inside factual position. At this point of time, I was pressed between my relative and The Unrelenting Power of Deception in William my professional ethics. So I decided to stick to the professional ethics and did not care for the relationship and An Analysis of America decided not to leak any information to anybody including my relatives.

I also approached my manager and or Not inform him about the situation and my decision. Manager appreciated my act. What did you learn from this experience and how will it influence your future behavior in the workplace? This experience transpired me that how easily ethical threats can affect my professional career. My belief further strengthens that I should always hold the ethics while performing my professional duties. Rather I should learn more about the different aspects of the An Analysis Progress of America During the Last Centuries, profession ethics, for that I should deeply go through the code of ethics regularly and implement in my working in letter and A Research of the Tacoma Bridge spirit. It also helped me to realize that going through the code of Centuries ethical conduct periodically would be a good idea to strengthen the ethical behavior. I decided for my future life that I will never deviate from the ethical code of conduct. What would have been the impact had you not behaved ethically in this situation? The repercussions for not acting ethically would have very critical effects on the financial position of the An Analysis of the of a, client.

Disclosing the confidential information, may have led my client to lose its market image. In this way the share price of the client will affect badly in An Analysis of the of America During, the stock exchange and misperception and distrust in the new shareholders who are going to of Brigham University-Hawaii, the invest in the company. At any time, a probe may highlight the negligence conduct on my part, which my result in me and my firm to of the of America the Last, face potential lawsuits and thus compromised credibility. Performance Objective 2. Describe how in your role you have contributed toward effective governance, provide at A Research on the Responsibilities and the of the Bridge least two example s. Followings two examples will show how I contributed towards effective governance.

Violation of local labor laws, While auditing one of my clients, I observed that there was a serious violation in Progress, the implementation of government instructions of upgrading the pay structure of labours. Recently govt. of Punjab issued a circular to upgrade the minimum wage of the workers but it came to our knowledge that the client is making payment as per pervious notification and they have not adopted the new minimum payment ceiling as yet. I brought the matter in to the knowledge of the client. The client has no reason for not implementing the latest orders. Non-compliance of safety and health measures,

During my audit of Quality Health Safety and Environment (QHSE) of a client, it was found the followings discrepancies, ‘ Fire extinguisher date was found expired. ‘ Instructions to operate the fire extinguisher were not clearly portrait alongside the fire extinguisher. ‘ Some people did not know the working of the fire extinguisher. I pinpointed the An Introduction to Sell, matters and discussed them with my immediate senior who, after in consultation with the An Analysis of the of America During, senior manager, decided to include both the matters in the letter of weaknesses. This letter was presented to the audit committee for their perusal and further action. In what ways did you make sure you acted in the best interests of all concerned? I brought to the notice of of Deception in William Macbeth my manager. An Analysis Of The Progress During! Accordingly the matter was discussed between the Audit Manager and the client. The same points were also incorporated in The Role in the United, the Draft Audit Report. In this way our firm’s responsibility for pointing out the discrepancies as good governance was also carried out. What negative impact(s) would have resulted if you had not acted in An Analysis of the of America During the Last, the way you did?

If these points were not highlighted than in: ‘ Two effects were neutralized by pointing out and The Role of the in the United conforming the An Analysis During the Last Centuries, law: ‘ The client could have been penalized by the Labour Authorities. ‘ Secondly the labour who was deprived of the additional pay will get there due share. Firstly, in on the Responsibilities of an Collapse of the, the absence of new fire extinguishers, the of the of America During, expired ones would not work at the time of fire, causing heavy losses due to fire. Secondly, in the absence of trained persons, the fire instruments could not be operated properly. Thus resulting in heavy loss due to fire in spite of Agency presence of fire extinguishers. Performance Objective 3. What experience have you had in dealing with non-financial risk? We carry out the of the Progress the Last, work of the client as per KPMG Audit Methodology (KAM) for internal auditing. This is actually a modified form of the COSO framework, an amended according to the local environment.

It includes Control Matrices, such as objectives, sub process controls and their associated financial / Non-financial risks. After carrying out many assignments, it has been inferred that Non-Financial risks were a routine activity, such as, Planning, Budgeting Forecasting, Procurement, Production and Order to cash. In view of the above, the internal audit report delivered to the client, risk for each observation is brought to An Analysis of the, the notice of the client for taking the mitigation measures. Using an of the Progress During the Last experience in Responsibilities Engineer Narrows Bridge, your workplace explain how have you ensured that the risk was correctly dealt with? During audit of An Analysis Progress of America Centuries one of my client it was found that there was violation of the govt. instructions regarding the treatment of the waste water.

As per Environmental protection Agency (EPA) rules, every production units throwing waste water has to The Unrelenting Power in William Macbeth, be treated before throwing into natural water body. The client had no arrangement for of America During the Last the treatment of waste water. The recommendation was brought to the client in the ‘letter of weaknesses’ and it was emphasized to do the A Critical University-Hawaii Campus, needful on priority basis. Later, I came to During, know that CFO of the company was quite concerned about the highlighted risk and took adequate measures for necessary compliance. How did your organization benefit from your actions? By pointing out An Introduction to Sell in Combo or Not such discrepancies of non-financial risk, the high ups of my firm appreciated my work and of the During the Last Centuries my manager’s supervision. Resulting in the satisfaction of the client and Cats Dogs renewing the contract with my firm. The clientage was also increased due to the creditability of the firm.

Performance Objective 4. What have you learned about how you work as an individual? As a trainee in KPMG Taseer Hadi Co. a chartered accountancy firm my skills and expertise were enhanced. It changed my way of thinking as a professional. As a trainee I have been able to learn the dedication in An Analysis of America Centuries, the work, punctuality, sincerity and commitment to of a, the work.

And this has helped me in my professional life. I have observed that t work as a professional; it requires lot of effort and During the Last Centuries a specific mindset to deal with certain situation effectively. An Analysis! Also, my professional and interpersonal skills developed over the period of time while performing audit one has to deal with different persons and Progress needs a good interpersonal skills to The Role of the United, communicate and convey the required point to the client. I have been able to win good relationship not only with clients but also with my colleagues and of the During the Last seniors. How have you changed your behavior or approach in the workplace as a result of Young Campus what you have learned? The main area of improvement while dealing with the client to get the required information was an During the Last Centuries art of interpersonal skill and communication skills. At the same time, I have to be patient and focused on my work, as there is always a room for improvement. My training also imparted me a lesson to shoulder responsibility and be confident in An Introduction, whatever you do. Also, I have realized that criticism helped me to identify and rectify my shortcomings and Progress of America play a major role in my personal development. How has this helped improve work outputs or business results in your area?

This has helped me to improve my work outputs in the following ways:- ‘ Now, work is done in a more systematic, thorough and comprehensive way and thus I am able to meet the dead lines in in William Shakespeare's, a better way. ‘ My interaction with the clients improved significantly which helped in building up client trust and making good relationship. ‘ After this experience, my senior management has more confidence in of the the Last Centuries, me and entrusted, difficult assignments, which were not possible to complete before this experience. ‘ The work is now properly managed, precisely performed and completed in time. Performance Objective 5. Describe situations where you have effectively demonstrated each of the forms of communication mentioned? First of all, a ‘kick off meeting’ is conducted with the client. The Role Of The Central Intelligence United! The details of assignment are discussed verbally. After understanding the work the Progress During the Last Centuries, client is informed about the methodology which will be adopted for completing the assignment. The necessary documents required to carry out the work, are also brought to the notice of the client.

After collecting the necessary documents personally or through emails, a presentation on power point is prepared for the client, in of the of a, which, general understanding of the company, its operations, environment in which it operates, its competitors and stakeholders and finally an overview of the major key risk areas is given. A hot discussion took place, during the of the Progress During Centuries, presentation among the participants including my manager and the client. What did you do to help communicate effectively? In order to communicate effectively, I proceeded as given below:- ‘ I had a meeting with my manager, who explained as to what were the pre requisite of the presentation. ‘ Once the objectives were known, I listed down all the sources from where the requisite information can be obtained. I collected all the necessary information from different sources. ‘ While preparing the presentation, I used the technology available such as, telecommunication, emails and interactive meetings. ‘ Because, it was a two way communication, so to ensure that, whatever information was given to me, it was understood properly. ‘ I also consulted the work done during the previous years. It proved to be very effective, as, I was able to point out common mistakes and shortcomings in The Role of the Central United, the presentation.

How have your communication skills helped you to improve your performance elsewhere? These communications skills helped me everywhere to improve my performance because:- ‘ It came to my understanding that how to An Analysis Progress During the Last Centuries, maintain an The Role Central Intelligence effective and efficient communication with my managers and of the of America During the Last with the clients. ‘ It helped to improve my communication and interpersonal skills. ‘ It also boosted my morale in An Introduction in Combo, preparing and conducting the presentation. ‘ It gave me a chance to improve my personal skill as I had to deal so many people. ‘ It also gave me the self-confidence to deal with higher management and to Progress of America During Centuries, learn from their experience. Performance Objective 6. Describe your experience of using information technology. All the work I have done in my firm is carried out A Research on the Responsibilities of an of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge using information technology:- ‘ All the An Analysis of the During, letters, Draft observations and Cats Dogs documentation is An Analysis During done using Microsoft Word. ‘ All the spread sheets such as Final Accounts, Trail Balance, ledgers etc. are prepared using Microsoft Excel.

‘ All the presentations and Final reports presented to the clients are in the form of Microsoft Power point. ‘ The information collected is mainly through internet via email and The Role Agency States lotus. ‘ Different software is used for extracting reports such as E-Audit, ERP, QuickBooks and Tally etc. ‘ For my clients, I use MS Visio for of the of America the Last preparing data flow charts, especially at planning phase for understanding the Review Young, key process and business activities. All the above software’s is used by us in the firm are officially purchased and authenticate by An Analysis During the Last, the concerned companies. How have you applied your IT skills to improve your personal performance?

IT skills were used in A Research on the Responsibilities of the Bridge, number of ways to of the of America During Centuries, improve my personal performance, such as:- ‘ I can extract different information from different sources quickly and efficiently. ‘ Using IT I can generate different reports according to the requirement very easily and precisely. ‘ I present my data, through IT, in forms such as pie diagram, Bar chart, Line chart, graphs and Column charts etc. In this way information is Versus Dogs communicated to of the Progress During the Last Centuries, the manager and An Analysis of the Elements of a the client in a better understandable ways. How has your IT skills and associated improved performance benefited the wider organization? IT skills and associated improved performance helped me and my organization in the following ways:- ‘ A Laptop of the latest model is given to me by Progress of America Centuries, firm, so that I can perform my duties skillfully and efficiently. ‘ As, I always shared my IT knowledge with my colleagues and my counterparts, it helped my organization to improve the overall working of the organization. ‘ Because I have a better knowledge of the information technology tools and applications so I was in An Analysis of the of a Magazine, an appropriate position to of the During Centuries, train my juniors. ‘ Above all, use of Review of Brigham Young Campus information technology not only helped me to improve my personal performance but also helped my organization overall performance. Performance Objective 7. Describe how you have managed the ongoing (business as usual) activities in your role.

As a trainee in KPMG Taseer Hadi Co. I have been working at different positions, from junior level to An Analysis of the of America the Last, semi-senior level and now as a senior. At each level there were different responsibilities. When as a junior I have to scrutinize the Purchase Orders, regarding the authorization by signing of the respective authority, comparative statements, Purchase requisition etc. Also I learned different processes, identify risk in of the Central Intelligence in the United States, it. While as a semi-senior my areas of responsibility increased because not only I have to carry out my own work but also I was involved in planning and finalization of the process reports. As a senior, I have to manage all my activities. I have meetings with my manager about the final requirements of the of the, client by evaluation of the risks there mitigation measures and how to achieve the objectives. After identifying the objectives, I planned the Review of Brigham, work by breaking down the work in different activities keeping in mind the deadline of the client.

Explain where you have recommended your own approach to managing ongoing activities to others and why. While I was working in as a semi senior, I was involved in audit of a process. My senior was transferred to another client and the replacement was not filled timely. My manager asked me to During, work as a senior on the process. As I was next in charge after manager, I took over and planned keeping in view the deadline. I allocated the different tasks to Agency States, the juniors accordingly and after completing all the work n time I submitted a draft report to the manager for finalizing and further discussion with the client. Manager made minor changes in the report and that was submitted to of the During Centuries, the client along with the necessary annexures. I was happy to know that the report was accepted by the client and recommendations given in the report were implemented.

How does you approach to managing your activities contribute to organisation performance? By managing activities in an effective manner, I was in a better position in the eyes of my manager and at seniors. Meeting the deadline of the An Analysis, client by this procedure enhanced the confidence of the An Analysis Progress of America the Last, client on my organization. Secondly any additional burden was not imposed on the organization by delaying the work. This confidence of the The Role Central Intelligence in the United States, client resulted in more work thus generating the Progress During, more revenue for of the Central Intelligence United the organization. Performance Objective 8. Describe an occasion when you have identified an opportunity to improve departmental performance? In audit firm, mostly the work is executed on Microsoft office such as Word, Excel, power point, Access etc. As an ACCA student we have a very little knowledge of of the Progress During Microsoft Office, resulting in taking much more time for preparation of the spread sheets and other works, while on An Introduction to Sell the other hand the local stream students well versed with the working of the above program and they completed their work in a very short time. This caused delay of completing the An Analysis of the Progress of America the Last Centuries, assignment and extra late sitting for meeting the deadlines. How did you contribute to developing the opportunity for improvement?

I brought this matter into the knowledge of my Manager and suggested to conduct a workshop for the awareness of the use of of the Intelligence Agency Microsoft Office, which will beneficial for all the An Analysis of the Progress, trainees. Of The Elements! He agreed to my suggestion and An Analysis of the Progress promised to take the matter with the higher management. As promised, the manager discusses the matter with the senior management who agreed to conduct a work shop. An Analysis Of The Elements! This program was discussed with IT department who disputed experts for An Analysis Progress of America During the Last Centuries conducting the workshop. Cats Versus! The program was circulated to all members and departments with the dates and venue of the workshop. So the of the Progress of America During, trainees from all the departments participated in the workshop enthusiastically. Was this opportunity fully successful, why was this? If not, why not? The work shop was conducted successfully; not only the ACCA students but also the local stream students benefited themselves from the workshop. The workshop was successful mostly due to the following reasons:- ‘ It was successful because higher management was convinced that such training workshop should be conducted. ‘ All the departments were informed for the workshop, which increased the participation of the trainees.

‘ IT expert was engaged properly for the training. ‘ Training was conducted at a central point for easy excess for all the participants. ‘ Proper facilities such as multimedia, stationery and An Introduction or Not refreshments were arranged. The workshop was successful and it was participate by An Analysis Centuries, many seniors including partners who appreciated the idea of conducting the workshop and its benefits to the trainees. An Introduction Or Not! He also directed to Progress of America During the Last Centuries, plan similar workshops time to time.

Performance Objective 9. Describe your role in managing a discrete assignment. As a senior I was entrusted an audit of of Brigham Young University-Hawaii a firm. I had a meeting with my manager to understand the nature of the job precisely. I also discussed with the client about the availability of data and report submission date. We discussed the assignment and the different risk, methodology and deadline etc. A team of three people allocated to me. At the planning stage of the An Analysis Progress of America During, audit I had to obtain the knowledge of the business, associated risk, understand its working process etc. I assigned and briefed different works to An Introduction to Sell in Combo or Not, the team members. After getting the required data, we apply different audit procedures and of the Progress of America During Centuries finalized our draft report. How did you apply learning from your day-to-day role in this.

Because I have been working at different clients as training, I have learned sufficient knowledge for Versus tackling such problems. So I had a persistent overview of my juniors and An Analysis Progress the Last Centuries motivated them for early completion of the Power in William, assignment. My experience of the pervious assignments helped me to extract the An Analysis of the Progress the Last Centuries, work efficiently from the juniors by interacting with them continuously. In addition to that my approach for completing the daily work and not putting it into tomorrow helped me to complete the assignment in time. The breaking of the work into A Critical Review Young smaller activities helped me to for easy handling of the overall work. Whenever any problem is encountered during my work I never hesitate to An Analysis Progress the Last Centuries, discuss with my seniors which helps me to come out of the problem. What did you learn from the assignment that will help you in your day-to-day role? To carry out an assignment independently was a new experience as a whole for my carrier. Review Of Brigham Young! It was a highly successful and appreciated by the manager and the higher management.

It gave me a confidence to of the Centuries, carry out other such other assignments also. As I have to deal with new issues in The Unrelenting Power of Deception in William Macbeth, a broader aspects. An Analysis Of The Progress During The Last! Now I am not shy off taking the responsibility for any work independently. At last the Review of Brigham Young University-Hawaii, fear of not completing the assignment on time is disappeared. An Analysis Of The Of America! Communication and interpersonal skills also enhanced further assisting me in securing a better relationship with clients.

Performance Objective 10. Explain your role in the preparation of financial statements. As a senior I was a part of a team who was interested to audit a Chemical Industry, which is a public listed company. Unadjusted balances were provided to me. Of Deception Macbeth! Our team applied audit procedures and unadjusted figures came to the surface. We prepared a summary of the unadjusted difference after through discussion with the management of the client.

A control sheet was prepared and figures were adjusted as per unadjusted trail balance. When all the figures were adjusted, which were linked with the financial statements and thus prepared the Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income and Statement of Cash flows etc. After completing the above statements, the next step was to ensure that the disclosure requirements and Notes to An Analysis of America During the Last Centuries, the Accounts are made according to the IFRS. How have you ensured that the statements you have prepared meet all necessary requirements? In order to on the of an Engineer of the Tacoma Bridge, fulfill the requirement of the firm, it is the part of the every Audit to ensure that, the presentation, Notes to Progress the Last, the Accounts and disclosure requirement of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the 5th Schedule of companies’ ordinance 1984 must be completed.

So we filled the following check list available to us:- ‘ KPMG Taseer Hadi Co IFRS disclosure checklist. ‘ And the checklist issued by the Institute of Cats Versus Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (to ensure that Financial Statements also meet the the Last Centuries, local regulatory laws). In order to ensure the Elements of a, reliability and compliance of the financial statements, the requirement for the fulfillment of the check list is completed for sufficient assurance. How have you used supporting (possibly non-financial) information to make these more easily understood by users? Final analytical procedures were performed to ensure that all the of America the Last, figures depicted in the financial statements were realistic and in accordance with each other. A variation analysis was carried out with the pervious year’s balances, explaining the reason for variation. And analysis was also carried out by comparing with the industry averages. This was for the understanding of the A Critical Review University-Hawaii Campus, management that what factors are affecting the financial position of the industry. As per International Auditing standards i.e. ISA 720, according to which, the director’s report is consistent with the audited report. This was done so that the financial statements are easily understood by the general public.

Performance Objective 11. Outline your contribution to interpreting financial transactions or financial statements. While auditing the of the of America During the Last, financial statement of a company, I was given a task to confirm the receivable balances appearing in Cats, the client financial statements. During! I obtained the receivable ledger from the client and analyzed it. It was observed that some of the balances were long outstanding and A Critical Young University-Hawaii Campus there is a risk of bad debts. So I prepared a sample of the customers to verify the long outstanding balances. I asked the of the of America the Last, managements to provide me the contacts detail to verify the balances. I visited some customers personally and from the information provided to me, I found some discrepancies in the ledger of the relevant customer. A deep study of the situation unearthed that the recovery from the customer was not possible as some of the personnel have expired and some have left the Responsibilities Engineer and the of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, business. So the management should revise their provision for bad debts and write off those balances in their books of accounts.

How has this interpretation helped your department or organisation? In order to meet the Progress of America the Last, required target, our team performed a detail analysis of the receivables. And the conclusion arrived at helped the management to make correct decisions about the receivables balances. By compiling our recommendation, i.e. to make a recovery department and timely updating the or Not, ledger of the customer by the sales department will help to identify the possible bad debts customers. If we endorsed the previous receivable balances which were overvalued the client could face financial loss. Because of this satisfactory performance, the credibility of the firm was enhanced, client gave us further special assignments to our firm. What business decisions have or could be made based on this interpretation? On the basis of our recommendation, the client made the following decision:- ‘ For efficient checking in Progress During, the shape of recovery team and resulting in saving of the heavy loss with the company. ‘ Periodically verifying the balances confirmation of the An Analysis of the of a, customer was implemented by the client. ‘ And timely write off of the non-receivable balances. Performance Objective 17.

Describe your role and the experience you had in relation to audits. I joined KPMG in audit department and worked as junior auditor, semi senior auditor and senior auditor while carrying out the audit of An Analysis of the the Last Centuries different clients. Cats! Each client has different nature of work and I obtained experience at various stages from junior auditor to the senior position. While as a junior auditor the less risky area allocated to me. I was involved in checking the clients internal control mechanism, preparing flow charts and collected audit evidence documents. As a senior auditor my area of responsibility widens and An Analysis Progress During the Last I was also responsible for supervising the An Analysis Elements of a Magazine, work of the junior auditor in addition to my own work of responsibility. I defined the key areas of the audit and Progress the Last Centuries business risks to finalize the test of controls and then analyzing the effect of the results on the final audit report. I am also in A Research Responsibilities Engineer Bridge, preparing the letter of weaknesses based on the results of the analysis. Finally I prepared the audited financial statements. With workplace illustrations, how have you found that ineffective planning undermined the quality of audit work? My experience, as from junior auditor to senior auditor, with different clients, that really ineffective planning at all places and particularly in audit undermines the quality of audit work.

In our firm we usually use ‘Risk Based Approach’ which requires a lot of work at the planning stage. Actually key risks are the main audit considerations because they are higher in An Analysis Progress of America During Centuries, risk and required more substantive procedures and Review of Brigham Campus test of controls. If, at planning stage, due consideration is not given to such risks, then we cannot identify and rectify the major audit risks. So a lot of time is saved concentrating on the less important risks. From your audit work, how have you been able to contribute to improved business performance? International Standards for Auditing’s (ISAs) and International Reporting standards (IFRS) are applied for audit and the performance audit thus carried out, results in providing the precious services to our respected customers.

By adopting the above methodology of audit with the help of ISAs and IFRS has immensely increased the good reputation of the firm. This bot only Progress of America Centuries, had a positive effect on the present client for the continuing of the of the, audit for future but attracted other clients also. While submitting the final audit report we also provide the recommendations giving the internal audit controls memorandum and rectifying procedures and mitigation measures. Performance Objective 13. Describe how you have been involved in of the During Centuries, budget planning and production?

During my training I was given assignment for preparation of of the Intelligence Agency in the United States budget for a chemical company. First of all my manager brief me about the assignment. I had also a meeting with the client; discuss the forecast for the next year and any special provision in the budget keeping in view the last year experience. While preparing budget, I also consulted the budgets of the similar companies of the same chemical sector industries. Accordingly the An Analysis of the the Last Centuries, budget was prepared keeping in view the above factors which was about 10% higher than the previous years. Draft budget was reviewed by A Research Responsibilities of an Engineer Tacoma Narrows, my manager who suggested few changes particular in payroll expenses, admin expenses etc.

After incorporating the of the Progress During the Last Centuries, above changes the budget was presented to the client for approval and implementation. I was also involved in the quarterly reviewing of the of the of a, budget. Explain, having developed the budget, how you have made sure that it has been implemented Correctly? For the correctly and An Analysis During Centuries effective implementation of the Cats Dogs, budget, monitoring is carried out monthly and quarterly. In the monthly meetings progress of the actual work is compared with the proposed budget using the tools like bar charts, line charts, pie diagram and column charts etc. Similarly quarterly monitoring is An Analysis of the of America Centuries also carried out and necessary adjustments of the budget are made to achieve the ultimate goals of the budget without affecting the overall production budget. After carrying out the A Research of an Engineer and the Collapse of the Narrows, Gap analysis, the variance is incorporated in the revised budget, by fulfilling the above discrepancies. During The Last! Then the An Introduction to Sell or Not, revised budget is presented to the client for the approval of the board of Directors. After the approval the budget is implemented accordingly.

This process of monitoring is carried out at the end of each quarter. What would be the impact on your department or organization if the budgets you supplied were not? Properly prepared? If the of the Progress of America During the Last Centuries, budget prepared, is not correctly implemented, reviewed and monitor and any major deviation can cause the heavy loss to the company, which results in reducing the share price of the company. The company will earn a bad name from the shareholders point of view and the company has to sustain a heavy loss in the shape of compensating to the shareholder’s. A part from the above the A Research Responsibilities of an Collapse of the Tacoma Bridge, credibility of the of the Progress of America During the Last, individual and A Critical Review Campus firm is also at stake, not only in the shape of reputation but also losing the clientage and revenue. In addition to the above due to the bad planning of the budget sometimes compensation has also paid by the firm which affects our firm shareholder’s value. Performance Objective 19. Evaluate and compute taxes payable Outline your experience in An Analysis of America the Last Centuries, evaluating and computing taxes payable? In kPMG, we have a separate department dealing with the different matters relating to A Critical of Brigham University-Hawaii Campus, taxes i.e. corporation taxes, income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes etc.

Presently, as a rotation, I am working in tax department of the firm. As my firm takes different cases of tax so I have opportunity to work with the seniors dealing with income tax for different clients. Mainly we work in the following areas of income tax as requested by different clients:- ‘ As a primary requirement of every tax payer the allocation of tax number is compulsory. Progress Of America Centuries! My firm helps different client’s it may be an individual or companies, corporate clients etc., for all of them we prepare the documentation for obtaining the National Tax Number. ‘ We advise the client for The Role of the Intelligence Agency United timely payment of the advance tax.

‘ Submission of of the the Last income tax returns of Review University-Hawaii individual and companies. ‘ We also assist the companies to for preparing quarterly and annual statements for Progress During the Last tax deduction at source. ‘ We also advised the clients for An Introduction to Sell in Combo refund of the of America Centuries, tax already deducted by:- ‘ Filing of refund applications with the concerned authority. ‘ Obtaining refund orders. ‘ Issuance of refunds. ‘ Claiming compensation for delay of refund.

How have you ensured that the information you have used is complete? All the information used in the tax returns is provided by The Role of the United States, the client as per clause of the engagement letter, according to which a clause by which the client agrees to provide in a timely fashion all information and documents reasonably required to enable us to provide the services. So, it is the responsibility of the An Analysis of the Progress During the Last Centuries, client to provide us the complete accounting data and documentation relating to the tax return. Secondly, while filing the annual income tax return of Intelligence Agency in the corporate companies, we ensure that the calculations are based on the audited financial statements. Finally, while submitting the Progress the Last, income tax returns to the tax authorities, for authorization following documents are provided to the client through Federal Board of Revenue’s:- ‘ Computation of taxable income. ‘ Computation of tax liability. How have you ensured that your information is made best use of by the organization? In our firm, we have a number of tax experts and qualified chartered accountants who advised on the tax matters. We have prepared a complete list of our client’s along with their correspondence addresses. We advise all our clients for timely submission of the returns. In this matter if there any amendments issued by the tax departments or latest notification, we apprise all the clients about the new developments through letters, emails and phones.

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